Apple AirPods Mic vs EarBuds Mic - Audio Quality Test


what's up guys Andy here with another

episode of tap lab today we're gonna be

unboxing the Apple earpods these have

been around for a while but I just got

them so we're gonna test them out so

it's basically two things in particular

I want to see which is how easy are they

to connect to your devices and how good

is the audio quality compared to that of

the mic on a traditional pair of Apple

headphones so let's go ahead and open

these things up BAM so it says turn on

Bluetooth connect earbuds start

listening okay so let's go ahead and

pull these things out there's an L for

left ear and an R for right ear put them

in they fit pretty good generally these

fit well in my ears game so this is

pretty nice okay so I did them on my

phone that easy you just pop it open it

automatically connects now I'm gonna try

and do it on my computer cuz I want to

use these on my computer as well so I

think it already detected them let's pop

it open maybe I need a click on this hmm

earbuds connect are they out why didn't

I get a notification says they're on I'm

just gonna open up Spotify real quick

play something they're working okay cool

so they work for audio they allow me to

hear stuff

so now let's test out the microphone on

these versus a traditional pair of

headphones breath thank you

so I opened up quick time to do an audio

recording with these and it won't let me

record longer than one second technology

one second are you kidding me that's

really frustrating if I can't just like

record on my computer maybe I need to do

something else I don't know but here is

the audio from the air pods how does it


does it sound any good hopefully it

sounds good there's that little test now

let's switch to the mic from a

traditional pair of earbuds and here is

the mic from a traditional pair of ear

buds Apple earbuds Apple headphones how

does it sound

does this one sound any good see this is

kind of weird because this is the mic

and it depends like where it's at for

how it sounds probably does this sound

better than the ear the ear the air pods

the ear pods

what do they called which one sounds

better let me know down in the comments

what you think and there you have it a

quick little review a little test on the

Apple earpods air air buds seriously

what are these call air pods

Apple earpods it kind of sucks that they

didn't work for a recording audio right

away on the computer but maybe that's

something I can figure out I hope you

found this video helpful be sure to drop

a comment down below if you have any

questions and I'll try and answer those

also be sure to subscribe to the channel

for daily videos on social media mobile

apps technology stuff like that thank

you guys for watching I'll catch you

next time