Mesosphere - Video Learning -

the mesosphere is the layer of the

Earth's atmosphere that is directly

above the stratopause and directly below

the mesopause in the mesosphere

temperature decreases as the altitude

increases the upper boundary of the

mesosphere is the mesopause which can be

the coldest naturally occurring place on

earth with temperatures below 130 K the

exact upper and lower boundaries of the

mesosphere vary with latitude and with

season but the lower boundary of the

mesosphere is usually located at heights

of about 50 kilometers above the Earth's

surface and the mesopause is usually at

heights near 100 kilometers except at

middle and high latitudes in summer

where it descends to heights of about 85

kilometres the stratosphere mesosphere

and lowest part of the thermosphere

collectively referred to as the middle

atmosphere which spans heights from

approximately 10 kilometers to 100

kilometers the mesopause at an altitude

of 80 - separates the mesosphere from

the thermosphere the second outermost

layer of the Earth's atmosphere this is

also around the same altitude as the

turbo Plus below which different

chemical species are well-mixed due to

turbulent eddies above this level of the

atmosphere becomes non-uniform the scale

heights of different chemical species

differ by their molecular masses within

the mesosphere temperature decreases

with increasing height this is due to

decreasing solar heating and increasing

cooling by co2 radiative emission the

top of the mesosphere called the

mesopause is the coldest part of Earth's

atmosphere temperatures in the upper

mesosphere fall as low as minus 100 C

varying according to latitude and season

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