How to Map the Menu Button on a Amazon Fire Remote on Any Android

hello and welcome to my channel you may

have noticed that the Amazons fire menu

button does not function outside of the

Amazon product line that is because

Google didn't include it in their

firmware updates so we're going to have

to go in dissect it manually but don't

worry it's easy as 1-2-3


the button that I'm actually referring

to is this one and this one

both of these are Bluetooth remotes and

they will connect to any Android device

as long as it's the first generation

right now we're going to go into solid

Explorer I think this is a better one

now because ES File Explorer is now

loaded with bloat software unless you're

using a pro version ok so right now we

will go into the root and we're going to

scroll down to system user key layouts

and we're gonna scroll all the way down

to the bottom it's like the fourth one

from the bottom is going to be the

vendor 1949 product 0 4 0 1 and you want

to click on it when you click on it you

want to open it up with the text editor

of your the one that you're using if you

use an exe file explorer' is going to

see the ESR right here text editor and

you'll also see a different logo of the

ES File Explorer you can also choose

always so as you notice that is not here

we have the back button home button and

right here between this and the media

rewind we want to add in the other

button so on this one we can just

automatically start typing and we're

good to go if you're using ES File

Explorer you want to go into the top

right corner click here and you'll see

edit because if you don't do that you

won't be able to edit the file but on

solid explorer you can just immediately

start typing so we want to add in key

139 because that is the button code and

we want to add in menu all caps and that

is it other than you want to save it and

you're done

you got a checkmark grant it done if

you're an ES File Explorer you can just

click this arrow and when you click it

you'll get a box that comes up when you

get the box that comes up you want to

just click Save yes

choose yes but on this one you just

click the Save button and you're good to


and if you want to double-check once you

exit out you can just click back on it

and you should still see it there and

which it is once you do that restart

your system test it and you should be

good to go give me a thumbs up subscribe

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