Location of the Prostate Gland Dr Prem

the prostate gland sits below the

bladder and produce a seminal fluid by

way of diagram let's look at this

picture of a male the male organs this

is the left kidney and the right kidney

they produce urine that's passed through

these little yellow tubes down to the

bladder where we store the urine and

then we pass it through the urethra the

prostate sits like a little doughnut

structure just under the gland it

contributes to seminal fluid this is a

further view showing the prostate gland

here just sitting under the bladder on a

side view we've got a picture here

showing a tube in the bladder called a

urinary catheter therefore we pass urine

from the neck of the bladder through the

prostate gland all the way down the

urethra from this diagram you can also

see how we examine the prostate we place

a finger through the back passage and we

can feel the back of the prostate gland