what's up everyone how are you doing it

what's up guys how are you George is

here and today I'm going to take you on

a tour on the post office vehicle or all

of the long-life vehicle so this vehicle

is built on a Chevy s10 chassi the whole

thing is built by Chevrolet

of course right here we have the

old-school sliding doors this vehicles

probably from the early 80s so we

altered the trunk and how it looks from

the back open this is where they throw

all their mail and stuff has seven

mirrors one for the back and six up

front and this is the side door slide

this is Trey they put the letters and

Mail's underneath they put other stuff

these vehicles are really old alright so

let's go inside and check it out okay so

this is steering wheel which is really

old-school stuff

seats doesn't move it bounces down

somehow turns turns like this and drops

down but I don't know how see the

shifter emergency brake oh really old

it's cool

and we're gonna stone it on just just

then just turn it to the on position I

switch for the fan she's really loud see

the cargo light switch back and this is

where the hazard flasher

she's the fuel gauge the speedometer the

coolant temperature gauge this cars

really old and really loud just turn it

on whoo


alright guys if you like this video

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it's an interested car it's really old

but it still works thank you guys for

watching I'll see you next time