Search the letter 'M' in Dusty Divot – LOCATION WEEK 4 CHALLENGE Fortnite Season 7

yo what's going on guys my name is gato

and welcome back to this new video and

this is basically like a stays free for

a challenge where we gotta go and search

the letter M in dusty David so yeah I'm

gonna show you guys the exact location

of where you guys gotta go and complete

this challenge we have two guys in you

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time there's a really tough phone and

challenge I'm gonna show you guys the

exact locations and everything so for

this challenge launch a game and head

over to dusty David okay just jump from

above us and follow this gameplay which

is going on the background right now

blinded us to David there's gonna be a

small room over there just yeah just

walk it inside that door and look here

right but this has got to be the exact

mini-map location where you guys gotta

come and collect this you know letter M

from the city but guys this make sure

you guys follow the spirit map because

and that's it if it is like a lot of

treats so yeah don't get confused and

there we go we got the new letter M in

that's it David if this video helps you

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every time there's a four day challenge

I'll always help you guys out with that

and yeah I think this challenge also has

a stage for which could be the last one

if you want to know the location for

that then check out this video which is

showing up on the screen right now and

you guys can know the location for that

well my name is guru and I'll be

catching guys on my next video so till

then good bye and every day