10 Cheapest States to Buy a Home in America

What is going on everyone? I hope you are all doing well. In the last couple of months

we have done lists about getting land, where to get free land, where to retire,

places that will actually pay you to move, today I thought we should look at

the most affordable States to buy land. When we did the free videos everyone

said nothing's free there's always the hoops got to jump through

there is but really even if you're buying land there's hoops to jump

through I figure if this video does good we'll do each state more in-depth but

moving on so how do you decide what makes a state affordable well it's it's

math you use the following metrics effective property tax rate median

listing price median listing price per square foot median home value and

average closing costs you give all those numbers to someone that knows their way

around a calculator in this case her name is Suki and you come up with a list

slapping money down for mortgage is a major investment for most Americans

sometimes the upfront cost might deter potential buyers from pulling the

trigger on their dream home that can leave a lot of Americans wondering where

it's possible to purchase a home with less cash upfront nobody wants to work

three jobs sell plasma and test pharmaceuticals just to get the

downpayment you show up to sign the papers your real estate agent broker is

there you're tired you look like a zombie your right eye and left nipple or

itching it's not a good sight so what states are the most affordable to live

what most considerate the American Dream you've got to start with

number ten Ohio do you like football do you like cold weather

do you like major cities that have serious inner city problems if you

answered yes to all those move to Cleveland or Cincinnati if you like the

first two but could really do without the third part the city park moved to

rural Ohio besides the inexpensive housing Ohio is

a good family type state with a low cost living the rural parts of Ohio were hit

pretty hard by the opioid crisis a couple years back but they're doing a

great job now coming out of it the handful of people I know from Ohio have

all expressed their one main hatred for this state election years Ohio is one of

those states that gets out of control when it comes to election season the

residents are bombarded with ads reporters campaign workers candidates

people begging you to put a sign on your lawn and then attend a town hall type

thing they said it's insane they said it's irritating and a lot of them try

and go on vacation during that time of the year every four years or whatever it

is the median list price in Ohio is a hundred and eighty thousand dollars now

that's the average the city's that's gonna be higher but when you get to

rural Ohio you're probably looking at somewhere around a hundred and twenty

thousand for a decent house that may actually have some land on it the median

list price is about a hundred and ten thousand the average effective property

rate is one point five four not bad

number nine south carolina once you get outside of Myrtle Beach and Charleston

South Carolina becomes extremely affordable I mean a serious price drop

like Mercedes to a Yugo type of price difference remember the Yugo God that

was a horrible car my friend had won the only car I've ever seen where the

air-conditioning actually broke on you couldn't turn it off and that was like

the only powerful thing in that car we'd wear jackets to drive around in that car

in August in West Texas it sucked if you like to fish you'll

like South Carolina in states like Texas you have people with gun racks in the

back window of their truck South Carolina people have fishing poles in

their trunk or the back window of their truck everyone knows the best fishing

hole in South Carolina they're all over the state everyone's got their own

greatest fishing holes it's kind of weird anyway the cool thing about South

Carolina real estate is you don't need to live in the sticks to get a good

price for a home they have great suburbs that are very affordable like I've said

before they do make their barbecue sauce out of mustard so if you can get past

that you're in good shape in South Carolina it's really good barbecue by

the way just so you should know definitely try it

median home price in South Carolina is $250,000 not bad median list price per

square foot is a hundred and thirty 125 the average effective property tax is

0.55 percent so that's pretty good

number eight Missouri I don't think I have or whatever recommend anyone moving

to Missouri maybe my cousin sex wife it's very rare you hear anyone talking

good about Missouri there's really only two times someone might-- when they're

discussing low cost of housing and maybe they're 65 years or older and you

mentioned Branson Missouri they'll talk all day about it Branson Missouri calls

itself alive music capital of the world okay maybe they are but it's sort of

easy to pull off when you're only booking acts that once played the Merv

Griffin Show but you can't deny it's cheap to get a house in Missouri the

average closing costs in the state comes in around two thousand six hundred

seventy one dollars that's the third lowest amount for this metric overall

the show-me-state has one of the lowest median listing price --is across all

states analyzed at $193,000 the effective property tax rate is 0.95

percent not bad

number seven Kentucky the Bluegrass State has a lot of land you can get on

the cheap even in most of the cities it's pretty reasonable compared to other

major cities in the country and yes I'm sure it's gotten out of control and the

prices have gone through the roof over the last decade here's a secret so as

every other semi desirable city in the country that's just how the world works

prices go up the people in Kentucky love a good time they love basketball and the

Kentucky Derby which is more like a religious pilgrimage to them I have a

friend who's from a place called Winchester Kentucky which just outside

of Lexington he told me there are only three people that don't go to the

Kentucky Derby at least one time in their life animal lovers poor people and

drug fiends we know them as addicts he calls them fiends it's just his way

matter no Kentucky comes in seventh and has the fourth lowest average closing

cost in the study at 2681 dollars it also has the eighth lowest median

listing price per square foot at 118 96 defective property tax in Kentucky is

0.85 percent and if you're planning any long-term thing like owning the house

forever and leaving it to your kids or something like that you should do little

reading on the Kentucky inheritance laws that's just a piece of advice from your

old pal Briggs

number six Indiana Indiana is not for everyone but the people who do like it

there don't mind letting me know where I should place my opinions if opinions

actually took a solid form of let's say an eggplant they didn't appreciate it

when I published the findings from the condoms dot-com study I don't know

what's a study they added things up anyway in the study they said that

Indiana orders more extra-small condoms than any other state in the Union I've

talked about this before in a past video obviously that's why they're complaining

I don't care how small they grow their eggplants in Indiana their housing is

cheap and it's worth a look the average closing cost in Indiana is about two

thousand six hundred fifty-five dollars that's the second lowest overall Indiana

is also one of the best states for homeowners in 2019 that's a future list

coming up really soon actually it has an average listing price of one hundred

ninety five thousand dollars the Hoosier state's effective property tax is point

eight four by comparison the average effective property tax across all states

was one point one one percent so it's pretty good number there

number five Oklahoma if you don't mind living in a state that uses a racial

slur for one of its nicknames Oklahoma maybe for you Oklahoma's most often

called the sooner state but it also has two other nicknames one is the native

state which is fine the next one not so much the land of the red man yeah that's

a thing how'd that one slip by Oklahoma isn't terribly crowded in or outside the

cities and more the rural parts of the state land gets dirt cheap Oklahoma

median home value is about forty nine thousand dollars the second lowest

figure on this list for that metric Oklahoma also has the fifth lowest

average cost for closing at two thousand seven hundred and twenty the effect of

property tax in Oklahoma is only 0.89% like I said Oklahoma it's really cheap

to get into a home or buy some land there you just got a deal with you're

living in Oklahoma and it is not for everyone that's true for every state in

every city but I really mean it when it comes to Oklahoma I mean I still get

angry emails from people defending the honor of Tulsa when I did a video a

couple months back why I've been to Tulsa there's nothing there to defend

the thumbnail for that video is a dude taking nap while resting his head on a

catfish nobody's ever complained they complain about everything else but

apparently that's okay

number four Mississippi and here we have Mississippi a couple videos back we sat

with our mouse Gabe as we found out Mississippi wasn't the bottom of the

barrel in a category that was shocking enough but even more alarming it was

education they weren't even in the bottom ten they actually have one of the

better education ratings in the country who saw that one coming Mississippi

takes the fourth place on this list of the top ten cheapest states to buy a

home the median listing price per square foot in Mississippi is only $95

that's the lowest in this study for that metric Mississippi's overall listing

price is in the top 5 also it's a hundred and eighty nine thousand that's

pretty freakin low the effective property tax in Mississippi again is

really low at point seven eight percent good job Mississippi

number three Alabama Alabama like others on this list fall into the poorest

states list and a few other negative columns this is why the land is so cheap

not a bunch of people are aching to live there they suck as bad as Mississippi

but they don't have the education score to lean on they do have billboards

letting people know that it's not okay to date close relatives not even kidding

about that mentioned it on a video in the past they actually have billboards

telling you it's not okay to you know hook up with a first cousin and whatnot

Alabama has a lot going for it I mean once you get past those billboards you

know including the University of Alabama Mobile Bay amazing history good people

and really cheap land the yellowhammer state ranks third with the second lowest

effective tax rate on this list with 0.4 zero percent the state has the fourth

lowest median listing price per square foot at one hundred and three point

three eight the median home price in Alabama is two hundred and nineteen

thousand dollars they have small towns where you could get a move-in-ready home

for about sixty thousand dollars yeah that's real

number two Arkansas transitioning into Arkansas we learned that it can get

cheaper than Alabama I know it's hard to believe but it's actually a thing

Arkansas is one of the poorest states in the Union which normally translates to

cheaper everything when people can't afford to buy things that are on sale

it's hard to sell them anything that's considered a premium item you know

that's why they aren't selling many Rolexes in Little Rock not selling much

dental insurance either I always see people from Little Rock or missing some

teeth or something like that and they're always sunburnt it's like they don't

believe in sunscreen or skin care here it's really strange so I will say a

couple things about Arkansas up in the northwest part of the state it's almost

not Arkansas the Fayetteville Springdale Rodgers area I should really say it's

not like the rest of Arkansas they really need to become their own state

until that happens the statewide cost of living housing should be kind of low the

good part of Arkansas is being brought down by the bad part of Arkansas and

that's just because most the rest of the state is really sort of sketchy at best

Arkansas homes are the second lowest median listing price in the entire list

with $169,900 is the average listing price the effective property tax in

Arkansas is point six one percent not bad

and number one West Virginia if you like the outdoors good decent people a

laid-back lifestyle and the world's best community radio station WTS q and

Charleston moved to West Virginia while you're there say hi to my Ross morning

DJ and dummy collector West Virginia has had a rough go at it the last decade or

so it was hit hard with lots of coal mining jobs the opioid crisis just

wrecked the state but it's working its way back up it's on the upswing now so

now's the time to buy in West Virginia it is a beautiful state and I don't

think it's gonna be the cheapest state for many more years

forget all the jokes the rumors the recent history West Virginia is a great

state especially around the state capital Charleston West Virginia has a

median home listing price of a hundred and sixty seven thousand dollars that is

cheap the effective property tax rate in the state of West Virginia is point five

seven percent still extra cheap West Virginia is easily the cheapest place to

buy a home land whatever you want in the United States give it a look alright so

that is my cheapest States to buy property in the United States hope you

guys enjoyed it hope you got some information out of it this one was

really about information I hope it helps someone buy a home I just bought a new

home second home I guess now that we've had and it's a process and if you can

get any help like low taxes low closing costs it makes a big difference don't be

afraid of the process just pull the trigger and do it what's the worst thing

to do tell you know when you try again six months later anyway thanks for

watching don't forget all the links below give it a big thumbs up tell me

what you thought if you liked this series we'll break down the states

individually even closer and I can get into the counties and stuff like that if

you want leave me a comment about that everybody have a great day be nice to

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