2019 Liberty Bowl #21 Navy vs. Kansas State in HD


picture-perfect afternoon for college

football Hill streets gonna be rocking

later tonight for New Year's Eve day the

decade has arrived and we've got a good

one headed your way right now

welcome to the AutoZone Liberty Bowl as

part of Capital One Bowl mania with a

great turnaround stories in college

football in 2019 with Kelly stopper Roy

fill popcorn Sisler joins us on the

sidelines in just one minute you talk

about Navy Kelly a team that is seven

and a half wins better than it was a

year ago that leads the country in

Kansas State didn't make postseason play

last season they have this year and

refers to your head coach you know

what's interesting as we talk about this

game as they describe one another really

the same way they're tough hard-nosed

and well coached and I agree with all

three of those points and they've turned

it around by emphasizing the same things

they value the football they're very

good in situational football third down

red zone on both sides of the ball and

then time--as position matters to both

of these teams we'll see how it plays

out today well for Navy time of

possession starts at quarterback with

Malcolm Perry this guy has said so many

records this season in so many different

ways he's a native of Tennessee he's

gonna have about 50 family members and

friends on hand here today both of his

parents served in the Army so he's got

the kind of background that makes sense

at the Academy and oh by the way - he's

the offensive player of the year this

season in the American Athletic

Conference and just go back to earlier

this month 17 days ago Kelly

he was so solid against army Malcolm

Perry is an electric combination of size

speed and quickness his commitment to

the quarterback position is where

everything changed at the end of last

year he's bought into the position and

that's where the evolution began moving

from just a playmaker to actually being

a consummate quarterback and that's what

this team needed and my oh my was he

amazing throughout this entire season

304 yards in the victory against the

Black Knights that erased a three-game

losing streak you see the other numbers

history could be made today only needs a

buck 17 on the ground has set the FBS

single-season record in terms of rushing

yards by a quarterback well it doesn't

just end with Malcolm Perry we flipped

the script Kansas State Skylar Thompson

a native of Missouri was the Gatorade

Player of the Year back in 2015 in that

state and in his career the little Apple

Kelly 4,000 passing yards 1000 rushing

yards so far only company in terms of

k-state quarterbacks and he's a guy that

can beat you in so many different ways

this season Skylar Thompson is truly a

dual threat quarterback but it was the

Oklahoma game that really was the

turning point maybe for this program and

certainly answered a lot of questions

for Skylar Thompson he came into this

game wondering if he could do it in a

big game if his team could do it in a

big game and it became what he told us

was the best football moment of his life

and how sweet was it at the end in the

victory formation to win a game like

that it's been a rocky road that young

man has had a really amazing season

amazing indeed we mentioned a leak

company how about the likes of Michael

Bishop L Roberson Colin Klein Skyler

Thompson's name right there amongst some

of the great quarterbacks in the history

of the big 12 well Skyler Thompson story

is one that is rich with emotion and for

more on that weekend yeah Roy football

for skyler tongs and despite loss and

tragedy earlier in his life when he was

just six years old his mother lost her

battle with stage 4 breast cancer and

then seven months earlier his

grandfather John passed away from

pancreatic cancer before his mother's

passing his mother would often tell him

to set high goals chase after them and

never give up these words have always

stuck with Skylar and now when he puts

on the jersey with Thompson scrolled

across the back he hopes that everyone

will see his passion for the game and he

plays not only for himself but for the

people that he loves the most

conversation we have with k-state

starting quarterback yesterday Lauren

thank you very much and don't think that

the presence of his mother and his

grandfather is not with him here today

Wildcats led by first-year head man

Chris Klieman when four national

championships and five seasons at North

Dakota State before arriving in a little

Apple and you see those eight wins only

Ryan de better in terms of power five

head coaches in their first year this



and for Navy can the amount to low low

year number 12 the three time American

Athletic Conference Coach of the Year

Kelley he was emotional speaking with us

yesterday for reasons we'll get into

later in our broadcast but always fun

catching up with coach Ken what a job he

has done in 2019 to turn around the

fortunes of the Naval Academy

midship and won the coin toss and have

elected to defer k-state set to receive

here at the AutoZone Liberty Bowl wacky

Bowl season already well underway we saw

Kentucky complete the comeback against

Virginia Tech just moments ago on the

belt bowl in Charlotte we believe this

games going to be quite competitive as

well these handles will pick things off

for the Midshipmen dumpling Phillip

woods back deep to receive Joshua

Youngblood the big 12 special teams

player of the season this year


in Memphis and here's Philip Brooks

thread the dollar the crease

and spud down at the 26



Scouter Thompson starting quarterback

native of Missouri just a junior so has

a lot of great football ahead in his

career and he's got some targets to

throw to his Kansas State now Jays

health at the wide receiver position and

what a difference of fresh starts makes

with Chris Klieman coming in one of the

first meetings was to give Skylar

Thompson the understanding that this is

your football team and take it and run

with it and I'll never take those keys

to the car back and Skylar Thompson has

done just that

this season Gilbert in the backfield

flanking Thompson on first down the

Wildcats will throw it and a pass is

incomplete so Nick Lehner's the

full-back the intended target it'll be

second and 10 as we take a look at our

impact players so Kansas State you

talked about it Josh Youngblood is

electric and I think the order of this

day we know how he can impact special

teams but also get him involved in the

offense and Diego foga is a fuga is a

very good linebacker that is going to

have to play well in space here today

Jordan Brown motions out on second and

long inside get straight ahead goes

Gilbert it'll be third down and short

after a gain of 8 yards but go made the

stop right on cue and forego is that guy

in the middle of the new defensive

scheme this year that is going to have

to play well in Skylar Thompson is a

truth do

for a guy we haven't seen a lot of this

year in terms of a dual threat guy but

he's going to be a guy that forego that

has to make plays out in space a lot of

times but remember k-state is about

running the ball downhill first two

teams that have been pretty good on

third down this season and I'm not quite

sure but I think I just saw a huddle on

the field just moments ago we haven't

seen a lot of that in 2019 nifty run by

Thompson that'll move to change the

drive stays alive after gate and for the

go made the stop

and one of the staples for Kansas State

and Brian Newberry the new defensive

coordinator for Navy told us this that

they live in third and short and that

sounds familiar because that's Navy's

offensive wheelhouse as well


from the 39 mason Barta in motion we've

seen Huddle's we've seen full backs

already in this one Gilbert with a

crease and another nice Pekka that's a


the bonds new transfer James Gilbert

they told us yesterday he runs violent

he did so right there and this is what a

violent efficient run looks like in

Kansas State wants to be downhill

they're balanced offensively but it's a

new type of balance

Cortney messing them the offensive

coordinator said balance to him is

balance between shotgun formation and

under the center that's a new definition

of balance offensively five-man front

contact that'll cost maybe five yards

Jacob springer crossed the line of

scrimmage illegally for offense


Nick Leonard instead moved early and

Lehner's is one of the three tight ends

we'll see today and the tight end

position just a little switch out on the

edge good recognition defensively by

Springer but the tight end position for

Kansas State is essentially an extension

of the offensive wine in that downhill

run game the football now back in Kansas

State Territory eight in the box for

Navy there goes Gilbert makes one man

miss and another

back in a tabi territory stopped at the

43 yard line by Cameron Kenley after a

gain of nine and this is what's referred

to as an ace formation double tight ends

single back to wide receivers balanced

formation you forced the defense to also

be balanced and then Skylar Thompson

manages the play at the line of

scrimmage it's check with me based on

how the defense defends that balanced

formation and then Thompson gets him in

the right play

Harry Trotter checks in for the first

time number two in white for Kansas

State on second down and six they'll

fake it to Trotter on the wheel route

wide open was ground in the passes


Skylar Thompson missed a dare Brown was

the near back in a tube accent leaking

out of the backfield and essentially

just going vertical just inside the

numbers and Skylar Thompson just needs

to set his feet and dropped the ball

into Browns wow that was a big missed

opportunity early in this one

third and six

handoff Trotter right side he'll be

stopped well short front down near the

41 yard line for go and Carruthers

combine to make the head and let's see

what Chris Klieman elects to do here

yeah just getting to that plus 40 yard

line and you wonder that Chris Klieman

may go ahead and go for it they would be

punting into it really stiff breeze

moving from our right to laughs and

that's a pretty good time in this place

on the field to go ahead and roll the

dice early so I'm for that is short five

what do you call here Kelly you try to

get tops when I think out on the edge

and you see four wide receivers spread

the field with the dual-threat

quarterback feels like a trough and

instead Thompson's going to be flushed

surveys plain said tee complete the pass

was dropped by Phillip Brooks and that

should have been six

skyler thompson was getting away from a

little bit of pressure moving to his

right ii missed opportunity we saw

Skylar Thompson missed the back once and

now Phillip Brooks simply should have

corralled this one and walked into the

endzone for a big play early for Kansas


back in Memphis you're looking one of

the most explosive players in college

football this season he's got a chance

to break records previously set by names

like Jordan Lynch Lamar Jackson 1800

plus rush yards already this season the

Offensive Player of the Year in the

American Conference Malcolm Perry

and he's going to take off it's what he

does best ripped up from behind after a

short game live gist Sullivan got there

first stopped up in just three yards

over 40% of call drop back passes or

play-action passes turn into Malcolm

Perry rods and we can see it there and I

think it's a combination of things first

of all Malcolm Perry is an electric

runner with the football but he also is

careful with the football and so he

doesn't want to throw the ball into

harm's way Jamel Carruthers joins it in

the backfield

on second down two brothers gets the

head dog driven backwards after a gain

of two Daquan patton got there first so

we take a look at our impact players

Kelly Jamal brothers is one of those

impact players more speed at the

full-back position and Wyatt Huber is a

disruptive guy off the edge and he's

going to have to have a huge impact

today and Elijah Sullivan maybe we'll

have a career day in tackles in his

middle linebacker position

the most efficient teams in the country

on third down Kansas State the best in

the nation on third down defense here's

the pitch close to the line again it'll

come down to this bond that should be a

nine to move the chains a gain of five

the Navy drive stays alive Kansas State

defensive coordinator Scaasi Scotty

Hazleton told us that he wants this to

become a pitch game and this is the true

triple option dive inside quarterback

Perry gets to the edge and then is that

a pitch or is it a key the more the ball

goes through the edge in a pitch

situation Kansas State is very very

comfortable with that type of process

Keanu Cordell mock a cow picks up five

as the navy drive continues now implies

territory from the 48 inside give

running the triple option no game Wyeth

Hubert first team all things well

performer with the tackle so what we'll

show today is we see right there Navy

has just off the hook good rushing the

football and Kansas State is very good

at defending the run game so good on

good in that situation but it isn't

always a triple option for Navy a lot of

times will not the parry it's a two-way

option high probability of the

quarterback Perry keeping the ball in

his hands

in the backfield pre wide receiver

formation for Navy and on second down

Perry's going to be flesh finds a crease

and makes something out of nothing it'll

be third and manageable

Jordan mini with a tackle Android gain

of five so the pass game for Navy is

first of all few and far between but

think of this you have the ultimate play

call you have the possibility of one

receiver open and Malcolm Perry can find

that open receiver that you also have

the defense that responds in to pass

coverage and then has to come out of

that and try to corral whether the most

electric runners with the football after

that and that's well compare


Perry will take to the air on third down

and the pass will be reeled in Michael

Cooper will move the chains in the Navy

Drive stays alive Lance Robinson in

coverage and it's almost always going to

be some form to man-to-man coverage on

the back end just a simple hook route by

Michael Cooper throwing a little outside

but Cooper keeps his eyes on it and

snatches it whoa

Navy's been more efficient in the

passing game this year with Perry and

also the addition of Billy Ray sets been

from Hawaii Kelly has basically served

as the passing game coordinator for the

midship in this season bring a little of

that run and shoot that Hawaii is

running poorly


second possession of the game we're

already halfway through the first Perry

stays alive makes a man bassinet goes


down and Kansas State has this defended

perfectly outside of the fact that you

have to try to tackle meThe compari in

space it is a matter of just drawn it up

on a greased board having a hat on a hat

you have to get number ten to the ground

he's electric book with his feet boy and

also he's faster than most people on the

field back to his native state here in

Tennessee grew up just north of



in this area Carruthers is quickly

bottled up Kelley he's got a chance to

to play at the next level and his

commitment to our nation's armed forces

could be delayed as a result of that

potentially yeah that Brule has just

changed just a few months ago actually

allowing the active-duty part of Malcolm

Perry to start later if he has a chance

to play in the NFL

by the tribe Perry's one went for 25 at

was stucked at the line

it'll be third and goal from the 8 and

with Greenland to charge that time with

what Navy likes to do offensively they

have the ultimate kind of drive finish

and scheme their third in the country in

the red zone they score touchdowns 83%

of the time

but it's because you have a new best



on every bro


third and goal Navy's gonna utilize your

time out baby

their first of a half 5/16 to go in the

first quarter big play coming up

floats and high school marching bands

from around the country third down and

goal coming up in a scoreless contest

here at the AutoZone Liberty Bowl

Carothers in the backfield he'll get the

pitch can he get to the edge

dripping down at the fact it'll be

fourth and goal from the four Denzel

Goolsbee got their first Kelly and the

thing to notice is how quickly Kansas

State was able to get the ball out of

Malcolm Perry's hands and that's gonna

be the order of the day from now all the

way through the last second get the ball

to the edge it was more of a speed load

option simply going isolate the in men

on the line of scrimmage and Perry makes

the decision to pitch it and the pitch

receiver actually has a


mr. Hisham nickels


the left hash right across the line

split the pipes Navy draws first blood

they're in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl

three nothing our score 426 to go here

in the first postseason

her offseason message board Twitter

fodder I've never been there I should

visit sometime quickly whenever you do

make sure that it happens in a very fast

fashion sounds good quick start for Navy

three nothing our score 426 to go here

in the first quarter of the AutoZone

Liberty Bowl Kelly Stouffer

Loyd Philpott Lauren sisal or on hand

though pooch the kickoff and a fair

catch made at the 29 well don't forget

coming up not to do with his numbers so

far this season Wildcats take over the

handoff right side and that's a couple

as Cameron Kinley made the stop after a

short game so Jordan Brown picks up two

yards let's see what Kansas State can do

on its second possession in Kansas State

certainly is built around the concept of

kind of fun Lee to third and manageable

converting and moving the chains we

talked about it Roy at the top that time

a position matters greatly to both of

these teams here today

a lot of people wondered would Chris

Klieman FCS brand of championship

football work in the big 12 the answer

was a resounding gas as knowles goes

around the left side for a short game i

think chris klieman was exactly the hit

coach following bill snyder than kansas

state needed i think the things that

chris klieman did in north dakota stayed

and was obviously incredibly successful

translate really well to the way that

you have to play football in Manhattan

Kansas third and six big play for the

Wildcats last thing you want to do is go

three and out after giving up a score to

Navy may not get the football back on

midway through the third quarter

k-state will utilize a timeout

3:11 ago here in our first quarter

thinking about the big 12 don't forget

now on ESPN plus is a must has pretty

good and so a lot of people wondered you

win those titles there how does that

translate into the FBS ranks inside the

power five the answer is so far you see

the eight wins most by a first-year head

coach in k-state history it's worked out

pretty well and let's see what happens

here today yeah just a different

approach altogether than what coach Bill

Snyder built his program around and so

far so good

Brown in the backfield

Thompson will change the play

dalton's shown in motion that's his

favorite target on third down pocket

collapses Thompson a try to buy some

time he cannot sack back of the 29 yard

line Jackson Perkins got there this is

Navy's new defensive scheme in a

nutshell there's a lot of pre snap

movement defensively by Navy they don't

want the offense to be able to take a

good picture before the snap and then

there's a lot of post snap movement as

well and Kansas State with that veteran

offensive line couldn't figure it out

and in the end

Skylar Thompson was swallowed up the

second team all-big 12 punter Devin

ankle will sit it away from his own 19

fair catch made by when at the 24 and

Navy will take over right there and we

mentioned Malcolm Perry on the verge of

setting several records the Navy offense

also close to establishing some new

highs for head coach Ken the Amato low

low and right now just 159 more rushing

yards will set the all-time

single-season record and Malcolm Perry

just 84 short breaking the record held

by Jordan Lynch the former Northern

Illinois quarterback and it certainly

has been that type of year for Ken

Niumatalolo going from 3 and 10 in 2018

to 10 and to have a chance to win 11

games and the commitment that was made

to this senior class by their head coach

after last season when the senior class

looked him in the eye and said coach

we have to do to win and I think they

figured it out

Perry keeps it dives across the 34 a

gain of six Sullivan the tackle one of

the things that Kenny on motto Lolo told

us it was a commitment to Malcolm Perry

as a quarterback but a commitment that

Malcolm Perry had to make at that

quarterback position as well and once

Malcolm Perry committed to being a

quarterback remember he came in as a

quarterback was moved to running back

was moved back to quarterback and then

was benched last season and lo and

behold now we have this an electric

quarterback playing this offense they

pitch mokka paiya stacked up to the line

he'll gain a yard

Daquan Patton didn't sell Goosby got

there Lawrence sizzler has lost our me

last season coach Jasper told Malcolm

Perry you're going to be our quarterback

and from that day forward a lot change

Perry went to work developing his skill

set watching and studying film more

intently and he's really progressed from

being just that athletic player to a

more cerebral quarterback

and that air force loss was a

bloodletting thirty five to seven and

the offense for Navy did essentially

nothing Malcolm Perry found himself as a

running back the next week running the

option twisting and turning his way for

a first down as ferry and the drive

continues for Navy the thing about that

time is Nia montolo Lowe said that it

wasn't actually fair in hindsight to

Malcolm Perry they were trying to kind

of shoehorn Perry into an offensive

approach that really didn't work more

physical once they decided that hey

what's the best skill set of that player

let's get him out in space and then they

blew the doors off of all kinds of

offensive records especially obviously

in the rush game this year


and just go back to that victory against


and Perry 304 rushing yards by himself

bottled up here after a gain of one and

he told us after that game stay lined up

in victory formation he actually had

tears in his eyes and messed up the

cadence as they tried to close that

contest out but he was emotional his

teammates were emotional Ken the Amato

Lolo was as well

after a resounding victory against the

Black Knights 31 to 7:15 in the books

here at the AutoZone Liberty Bowl 2nd


coming up State Sugar Bowl will conclude

things on New Year's Day let's see if

Georgia can find its offense again

because it's been mis yeah Jake Fromm we

were in there earlier in the year and

Jake Fromm was speaking well of that

receiving group but that white receiving

group in Georgia just never really

showed up consistently this year as we

welcome you back here in Memphis the

start of our second quarter some laundry

on the field

I'll start that's another area of this

game that Navy and or Kansas they just

aren't penalized very often David for T

the guilty party Malcolm Perry has a

chance to smash a record set by Jordan

Lynch and join Lamar Jackson's one of

the top rushing quarterbacks in college

football history 1,500 on the ground 20

rushing touchdowns in a single campaign

impressive is there you kid me man once

that young man committed to the position

it's been absolutely lights out on

second and 14 Oprah

and flings that pass incomplete late

flag on the field will check the penalty

heavy pressure from Daquan patent that

time at his will linebacker spot for

k-state and this appears to be pass

interference when you get navy behind

the sticks and down in distance second

and 14 the last thing that you want to

do is at Kansas State defenses bail him

out with the pass interference

that wasn't accurately thrown the

coverage was great a little panic at the

end led to that pass interference call

Mike a cow as the penalty was assessed

on wild AAV I thought that the Kansas

State defender arrived a little bit

early second and 29 the triple option

doesn't exactly have an answer for this

unless your quarterback does Malcolm


let's see if the magician can go back to


we'll pitch it my case Califano duck

lodges sullivan led the charge for the


that's Kansas State defense fruit in the

center they don't really have any alpha

dogs on that defense it's really

distribution and production across the

board that defensive line they'll have

some more than fine 20s and tackles and

they all have pressure numbers they have

four defenders in the back seven that

have 50 tackles or more and that was sue

Chris Klieman was at North Dakota State

it was a group effort defensively game

in and game out and you saw Scottie

Hazleton defensive play color for the

Wildcats very good year and his first

campaign in Manhattan trade - Sean

Reggie Walker stopped maybe dead in its

tracks right down the Shipman

Kelly just 59 yards on the ground so far

yet leading by three and that really is

the template to get Navy's offense off

the field is get him behind the chains

make them count on the pass game and

typically that doesn't in real well

this games had a old-school throwback

feel to it so far very physical at the

line of scrimmage


Owen white checks in 43 yards per punt

this season he'll turn it over

beautifully here driving Brooks back

leathers 34 netting all the convoy there

he goes Brooks


yes he can touchdown cats


the 66-yard - to pay dirt and k-state

with its firstly great

Kansas State defense leads to a back to

pot that leads to a huge special teams

play by Kansas State Philip Brooks takes

it to the house this particular time but

whether it's Josh Youngblood or Malik

Noel's another staple in the way Chris

Klieman intends to build this program in


Blake Lynch's extra point is good and

our new score with 13 Kansas State

grabbing its first lead at 7 to 3 and

Phillip Brooks with the honors for the

big 12 for the



just in a sense and a lot of specialty

plays of turn games for Kansas State

dick McClellan wearing number four this

afternoon we'll kick it on the fair

catch made at the two by Warren speaking

of - two more bowl games tomorrow for

you starting one Eastern Iowa State but

a good start would be beating Alabama

Clemson man something to say about a

potential dynasty run as well just had

to sneak that one in there's Ryan

Mitchell makes it catch for gain of five


it's amazing to me in the national

championship game two weeks from

yesterday I guess Dabo Swinney gets to

play the underdog card for the time in

his career they haven't lost a game

forever today and coach Rania's writing


underdog car no doubt about that and

they should be an underdog - given how


LSU played against Oklahoma of course

quick toss by Kaku per second reception

how to move the chains ahead to the 41

yard line

that's a gain of 11 and that was the

area of the game once melt got it it's

not a staple who maybe wants to be

four-man front for the Wildcats on first

and 10

and out of the gun Perry straight drop

back and I pass Pat it down well that's

the other part of it Perry in the pocket

is five nine and there aren't a lot of

throwing lanes four five nine

quarterbacks in the pocket Perry wants

to get rid of the ball quickly and then

the defensive end and Duke just gets up

and bats that ball down freshman from

Atlanta to lead Duke did I just see

maybe throw the ball three times in a

row I mean they're operating straight

gun straight drop back


Barry rips it out and sandwich between

three different k-state defenders

McPherson and Goolsby made sure stop

them for a short gain of three and you

said it's sandwich Kansas State

defensively the game plan is to box

Perry in and then have pressure that

kind of dense that line of scrimmage and

that's a really good example of it Perry

his so electric out on the edge in space

he makes defenders look foolish not that

time defensively for Kansas day four

receiver formation there goes Perry can

he get to the line to gain he cannot

stop the midfield by Sullivan it'll be

fourth and one from the 50 and tell me

what do you do here if your candy Amitha

Lola without hesitation

Kim niyama - Lola goes for they go for

it on fourth down anyway I mean and a

lot of times the third down call is

affected by the fact that niyama Tolono

has already told Ivan Jasper's offensive

coordinator this is two down territory

we're seeing it right here

first of all defensively Kansas State

has too little fog channel

eleven players of the box Perry left

side Malcolm parents gonna be tripped up

ball comes out late stopped at the 26 by

Walter deal and that was a shoestring

away from being a touchdown

well Navy lives in short down yardage

situations and that's what we see here

the offensive lines used to it but the

defenders all of those extra hats to the

line of scrimmage and then there's

nothing beyond that

and Perry almost took that one to the

endzone he tiptoed through the line of

scrimmage through all of that carnage

and then found a way to almost score a

touchdown late pitch here mile spouse

can't get to the action down he goes

Sullivan again who's been extremely

active in this first half and we talked

about it

Elijah Solomon is one of those impact

players the middle linebacker playing

the triple option sometimes as upwards

of 20 tackles you have to skate inside

fullback to outside to the pitch you

stand stay a half a little behind but

when the pitch shows up outside that

middle linebacker has to arrive as well

I love it when you drop a new

new terminology on me half a hole behind

oh yeah go you can use that sometime


breaking open towards the action on the

ground that fell touchdown Navy back in


mock a cow brings him to touchdown on a

beautiful pass from Perry it's easy for

the defense to lose running backs in the

pass game because of all of the bells

and whistles on the back end the K cow

is going to just release right up the

field and that's the part of the game

that melka Perry is so much better at is

reading defenses but also throwing the

appropriate pass that we saw right there

Nichols on for the extra point

flag on the field and likely offsides

coming against k-state


so the place dropped the point is good

all sides defense number two that

penalty is declined


so the Junior slop back keone Cordell ma

cacao scores the first touchdown of the

season the junior from Hawaii's Malcolm

berry drops the dime like it's his job

he's been doing it all season long for

the Academy kids you going this holiday

season I don't know what will

Naval Academy thirsty at 75 yards

scoring drive and eight plays and guess

what they're throwing the pill around

the day right I mean this has been fun

to watch yeah he plays for runs but also

for passes Mackay cow catching that last

pass in the end zone but you talk about

balance that isn't something that Navy

typically associates with their style of

play it's all on the ground and it's a

lot of times Malcolm Perry but that was

tremendous came out throwing three

passes in a row to start that Drive


ask Malcolm Perry what would you tell

yourself three years ago after you burst

on the scene the Armed Forces bull

against Louisiana Tech with a touchdown

on your only touch of the game he said

you know what I tell myself take

ownership at the quarterback position

and become selfless earlier in my career

here's young one the big 12 Special

Teams Player of the Year sit down after

a short return on the kickoff as we take

a look back our great clips Drive recap

Navy throwing the football and they came

out throwing it three in a row the first

one to Mitchell the second one to Cooper

in Bock a cow catching the touchdown

pass and Perry in the middle almost

taking it into

and that was a forked one hip coach

kidding me about the logo chooses to go

for it that's not highly unusual finish

the drive through the air on the other

hand is unusual for Navy six-man front

and the first completion now for Skylar

Thompson as he's one for four and

that'll be a gain of six yards on first

down of the first grab for Dalton shown

and we anticipated this type of game

kind of back and forth violent run game

electric runs by Malcolm Perry we didn't

anticipate as much of the pass game by

Navy but now you would think that you

see k-state settling into their

offensive game plan a little bit more

right now Gilbert in the backfield

play-action on second and short that'll

move the sticks first down for Kansas

State close to midfield as the drive

continues springer the stop after a gain

of 14 yards malik doles makes his 23rd

catch of the season and an important

thing that Skylar Thompson pointed out

yesterday when we met with him is in the

two losses that Navy has against Memphis

and Notre Dame the offense had success

through the air and I think that's what

we're gonna see right now Kansas State

probing the pass game just a little bit

more than they have up to this point


maybe showing different looks right

before the snap as advertised

Thompson delivers on target that's a

gain of 11 and now yet they'll say

that's a gram as nose makes his second

reception Carruthers applied the

pressure this is where Skylar Thompson I

think has improved so much Roy the

subtle movement the pocket manipulation

to get the football off there's pressure

by Navy that's now Navy's middle name

defensively and then he gets whacked in

the sternum does Thompson but gets the

ball aha that's all really really good

stuff so Thompson started the game over

threes completed his last three passion

attempts Kansas State now from the Navy

39 is going to utilize a timeout cats

with halfway through our second quarter

here in Memphis good wood brewing the

AutoZone Liberty Bowl three-point



and we welcome me back to the AutoZone

Liberty Bowl as part of Capital One Bowl

mania Beale Street will be rocking later

tonight here on New Year's Eve

one of the final countless football

games of the decade and don't forget

inside the college football playoff now

streaming on the SPN Plus episode two

actually premieres today following the

day surrounding last Saturday's

semi-final games as LSU and Clemson

punch their ticket to the national

championship in less than two weeks down

in the Big Easy and how much fun is that

going to be

Joe Perot Trevor Lawrence etn Edwards he

layers now healthy it's going to be a

lot of fun a lot of fun here at the

Liberty Bowl as well first in 10 from

the 39 for Kansas State

Kelly Stoffer Lauren Sisler Lloyd

Philpott Wildcats keep it on the ground

and a gain of three on first down four

go with the tackle and Skylar Thompson

what a comeback story this has been at

least you look at the numbers the

metrics all suggests he's had a great

year but so much to unpack with the

junior signal column from Independence

Missouri and it really all started with

the fresh start that Skylar Thompson got

when Chris Klieman took the job they

have a prior relationship Klieman

actually recruited Thompson out of high

school to North Dakota State and it

ended up that they're together again and

it makes a difference in a quarterbacks

life when you're told that you have the

keys to the offense right checks it at

running back for the first time those

makes his third reception on this

possession and that'll move the chains

as we can get once again with Lauren

yeah and Kelly when you talk about he

was given the key so to speak he said it

really changed his entire outlook he

told us that because Coach Klieman

believed in him he was able to focus on

becoming a better leader for this

football team and not always having to

look over his shoulder and wonder if

he's going to lose his starting job it's

been a tremendous confidence boost for

him and for the entire team knowing he's

their guy under center and that's the

right word confidence you need that as a

quarterback in this coaching staff put

their trust in Skylar Thompson Wright

will get his first touch and the

bruising back times ahead for a short

gain of one Carruthers with the tackle

and Lauren what you talked about once

you're not using all of your energy to

fight and or keep the starting job is

you get to work on the little

intricacies of playing the position and

that's where Skylar Thompson is now and

it's a final place to be you learn the

offense better you could be a better

leader and right now Kansas State seen

all of that out of that young man

Gilbert back in it running back out of

the I Thompson's going to be flush and

the dump-off Pass will pick up a couple

of he third down and short upcoming as

Evan Fineman limits that to a short gain

and there you see the Thompson family

his father Brad it's been an incredible

season for Skyler and company that upset

victory against Oklahoma ran to his Dam

after that game he said I saw tears in

his eyes it's the first time that I've

seen him cry an emotional moment has

resonated with him ever since

so after Logan long picked up four it'll

be third and five for the Wildcats on

the Jets wait Philip Brooks score the

touchdown on the puck return moments ago

stopped short here it'll be fourth and

one jacob springer got there and I would

think Coach Klieman would probably go

for it right here right now what you see

is Kansas State's getting a really good

fit up front on the offensive line of

scrimmage some gnarly nasty pitch runs

up for all senior starters great deal of

communication and why not go forward and

port them warm right here after Kansas


Wildcats vote for one on fourth down so

far today


and a timeout called by Kansas State

that'll be their final timeout


three-point game for twenty three to go

and a fast moving first half here in

Memphis back against Virginia Tech

should be a lot of fun sit yeah to the

Rose Bowl back here in Memphis

fourth and one for Kansas stayed out of

the timeout

Gilbert flanking Thompson in the


sit in the box for Navy Gilbert let's I

only needed a yard and this is going to

be close they're gonna give him the spot

the drive continues Chrome Barney met

him right there in the hole in Gilbert

won that one-on-one battle and at the

end of the day I think Chris Klieman was

confident in this they didn't need a

whole lot you have a veteran offensive

line and they communicates so well and

there's very little leakage and that's

what you needed short yardage situations

a hat on the hat just don't allow quick

penetration and typically you can

convert right there in Kansas there Trey

Blake leads our ACC veteran officiating

crew this afternoon and for the first

time we will have a additional look by

Joe Ryder and the replay booth it was

interesting during that timeout there

was a little gamesmanship going on

Blake Lynch the kicker from Kansas State

was out warming up on the field as if he

was going to kick a field goal as we

take a look at the replay to see if

indeed Gilbert did make the line to gain

and I'm not exactly sure certainly

didn't make a good three quarters to a

full yard passed the line to gain but

remember the standard always is

indisputable video evidence and I'm just

not sure from those first two angles it

appeared he was stopped short of the 18

yard line which was the line to gain to

get the first down question is to your

point is that indisputable video

evidence based off the angle yeah that's

the key is the is the angle unless you

have a camera that's looking right down

on the line to game

it's very difficult in short yardage

situations to reverse how it was called

on the field originally and I think

that's probably what we're gonna get

this should be a great look at it I

think this is a call stands situation

and kidney Amata lo-lo's certainly

thought his defense prevailed right

there what do you think the calls going

to stand because there's not enough

video evidence to overturn it


that gamesmanship was interesting

because Blake Lynch was out warming up

and the effect that has is that Navy's

looking out to see what some package

they put in or they kick in at ogle or

not and wench gave the impression that

he was staying on the field to kick at

the last minute he left I told our

producer during that break Robert damned

ski there's a better chance of me

kicking a field goal than Blake Lynch I

knew they were gonna go for it

you used to kick field goals right it

was pretty efficient back in the day for

the first down here's Gilbert

and no letting laying there he is sit

backwards he's gonna lose half a yard

remember how this drive started Schuyler

Thompson thrown the football and I think

that's exactly what Kansas State has to

continue to do and furthermore kids

gather Thompson out on the ads right now

it's tough sledding up inside to some

extent even though that's who Kansas

State is offensively level play the

drive up coming nice hair Cromartie

playing from that Raider position in the

Navy defense in attack boat in this

first half bottled up Gilbert that last

play Jordan Brown the new running back

for the Wildcats

clean pocket for Thompson has all day

and stepped out of bounds I believe

before releasing the pass it'll be third

long Navy doing a great job in coverage

Navy's new defensive identity is a lot

of pre snap movement give pressure on

the football don't allow the quarterback

to take a quality picture before the

snap but coverage really wasn't in that

description but that was really good

coverage by navy that tuck officially

ruled an incomplete pass Kelly although

that second look appeared as if he threw

it from out of bounds I think you're

right it looked like that right foot of

skyler thompson might have been out of

bounds before he released a football

third down and 11

this might be the replay booth two

coming in to take a look


and can the Amato lo-lo's suggesting the

same thing to this veteran crew and the

difference would be a loss of 5 to 6

yards it's a throwing down nonetheless

into the red zone but it may be from a

different starting point that's back

near the 21 yard line

a loss of about two to three more yards

in a game like this football they say is

a game of inches but in particular

triple option time of possession game

like we're seeing today it may mean a

little bit more yeah and in this game

you need to really finish well in the

red zone

we saw Kansas State's defense bow up and

hold Navy to a field goal originally

early in the first quarter and can Chris

Klieman understands to beat Navy you

have to beat him at their own game you

have to be really good in situational

football convert third downs extend

drives and then get sevens instead of

threes in the red zone

so the first-ever meeting between these

two schools has been a good one so far

by the way how cool are those uniforms

that navies were - - fantastic

we noticed that as soon as we arrived at

the stadium Kelly staffer Roy Philpott

here in the booth Lauren Sisler on the

sidelines here at Liberty Bowl Memorial

Stadium may be trying to win its 11th

game of the season that would tie the

mark for victories in a single campaign

and Chris Klieman doing a fantastic job

in Manhattan taking over for Bill Snyder

which as anybody could understand is not

easy to do further review


would be third down if it's winning one

you are alive please reset the game


it's a 248 248 on the game clock the

replay booth has been crushing it so far

this this game and I emphasize that

because they're basically agreeing with

us and that's always a good buy right it

usually is usually I shouldn't say

always usually third and 13

coaching two and a half to play here at

the Liberty Bowl an exciting first half

Brown the running back here comes

pressure Thompson escapes throws it into

the turf and he was lucky wasn't set by

a lawn - near the 30-yard line

head coach Ken Niumatalolo went looking

for something new defensively in the

offseason and this is in Brian Newberry

brings in a scheme that really is

creating a niche at the Naval Academy

it's a lot of bells and whistles before

the snap creating indecision in the

blocking scheme whether it's run or pass

protection that's the result of it we

just saw on that part 39 yard field goal

attempt by blake ledge is good and just

like that we're tied at 10


when you play Navy

it's about TDS and not threes but

they've traded a couple of kilos so

forth so far so good

well don't forget we mentioned it

earlier commenting on Brit Venables even

though those numbers are completely


well the mad scientists will go back

into the laboratory in Clemson South

Carolina and try to conjure up something

that just slows down LSU's off it's

because really nobody has done that the

entire year to your point what a great

matchup Joe Brady passing game

coordinator Brent Venables defensive

coordinator it's gonna be sad when you

win all those games in a row and you

still get to play the that car

first down for Navy Midshipmen with two

timeouts remaining and the inside gill

nets four yards many the stop against

Carruthers and certainly a hurry up to

minute situation Navy doesn't actually

live here very often but they can go

fast when they want to

play-action Terry drops back DPS trooper

wide-open couldn't sail he'll take off

and be stopped short of the line to gain

by Wyatt Huber that's a gain of Forbin

Michael Cooper number three was

streaking wide open to the same yeah

right down the hatch and you're right

kind of plays that passing game


conservatively if he doesn't see it

clearly he doesn't throw the football so

Navy will call a timeout third and two

upcoming less than two to play in our

first half it's already been a crazy day

of postseason football we saw the belt

bowl Kentucky and Virginia Tech came

down to the wire the 31 to 33 ler in

Charlotte and now Scotty Hazleton will

talk things over here with his star

linebacker Elijah Sullivan who already

has more than seven stops in these first

two quarters how good is coach Hayes is

beard right there

beard game I told him yesterday I seen

you since she left Laramie it remains as

strong as ever he had no question that

is a good beard and his defenses played

really well against it incredibly an

electric quarterback in Mill compari

thus far today out of the timeout third

and two

two others stepped up driven backwards

he's going to lose a yard trade as Jean

got there first the senior the option

for Navy starts with the fall back in

Kansas State knows that Navy appears to

be getting ready to at least the emotion

to run on a fourth down play

let's do jump first Hubert was in the

neutral zone

it's who went first and I think it was

Wyatt Hubert that jumped in and caused


correction number 56

Wyatt Hubert goes down inside from his

defensive in position and just gets

drawn off sides by the hardcamp I'm

comparing he's been one of the

additional coaches on the field and the

weeks leading up to this bowl game face

the option almost every week in high

school he told us off the Karem Cooper

makes the catch for a gain of about five

well that's just a lack of discipline

because even Kim niyama to Lolo I don't

think is going for it right there as we

see Malcolm Perry throwing from inside

the pocket and once again the five nine

quarterback getting the ball tipped that

was Reggie Walker on second down Terry

spun backwards by Sullivan pick up three

yards his time continues to wind down

under a minute now another timeout will

be called the last two bounce-back

programs this season to bounce back

quarterbacks you see their numbers

Thompson got off to a slow start but he

started to warm up on that last


the atop s'en was a better passer on

that last drive in Perry throwing the

football five of six we know he's

electric with the ball in his hands on

the ground it's gonna come down to these

two guys at the end of this game we

thought it would be tight and it has

been and the two quarterbacks will

decide who's gonna win this game today

maybe 3 of 7 on third down

Thompson was given the keys to the

Kansas State offense the second that

Chris Klieman arrived on campus really

changed his outlook I'm not even sure if

he would be at Kansas State

that climate not arrived and said what

he said on third set

Reggie Walker tempt to pass two downs

ago now records a sack to thwart this

Navy Drive here Scottie Hazleton

bringing pressure on that down in

distance right there man the man on the


adding hats to get after the quarterback

it's all about being disruptive

defensively whether you're playing the

spread hurry up throw the ball type of

offense or the triple option the more

you can pressure the guy with the

football obviously the better you're

playing defense now Kelly both teams out

of timeouts so Navy allowing the clock

to wind down tied at 10 and I would

imagine they will take delay of game

penalty then punt it away on fourth down

entertaining first half just about in

the books what we expected and Chris

Klieman told us yesterday it's a

possession game they're gonna keep it

we're gonna keep it they're really built

the same they look different but they're

built the same they play football the

same they come it they value the

football they take care of it time of

possession matters and so it's really

meeting each other at their own game

here's the ever dangerous Phillip Brooks

already returned 166 yards to the house

earlier today and you got to think Owen

why it's going to be instructed to kick

it out of bounds

and he does so three seconds remaining

see if Coach Klieman elects to allow

Skylar Thompson to run around a little

bit try to make something happen throw

the football in the air you can either

get it a huge play or potentially a

penalty and get another crack at it but

it looks very much like Kansas State is

happy what tend to tend to go into the

locker room I just think about what we

saw yesterday at the end of the Western

Kentucky Western Michigan game Hail Mary

into the end zone penalty flag thrown

and a field goal wanted for Western

Kentucky entertaining first half in the

books here in Memphis at the AutoZone

Liberty Bowl Chris Klieman plays with

his club start we're tied at 10 Navy and

Kansas State will sit you to reach Davis

for the briseida's bids halftime report

coming up right after these messages

and then still let it loose a little bit

allow Skylar Thompson to throw the

football they have an advantage wide

receivers on Navy secondary Kelly


Roy Philpott Lauren Sessler here with

you ozone Liberty Bowl they be set to

receive our second half kickoff and the

fair catch they just inside the tents we

check in with Lauren for the first time

talking to coach Klieman going into the

locker room he says he really likes the

way the defense is executing they really

understand the speed of the game on

offense inside the football not

executing as well as he would like them

to he said they really got to shore up

their protection create some explosive

plays create something that I'm here in

the second half what Lauren just talked

about the speed of the game with Coach

Klieman referenced is so important you

can't really anticipate the execution

that Navy does in that triple option and

Kansas State adjusted to it from the

get-go in this game

maybe's got a chance to win 11 games

this season that would ties

single-season record with a victory

today on the option ahead to the 30

it'll make it second and five as Mitty

stops the ball carrier and I would think

at an AV offensively we're gonna see

more of the true triple option I think

Kansas State has proven that they can


Malcolm Terry and more of the two-way

option game which is quarterback centric

more triple option out of the Navy in

the second half now less than a hundred

yards on the ground in the first two

quarters by Monta Ellis a fly on the

five-yard penalty second down is it just

me or the Griff's Mike giving us about

every third word I think maybe there was

some hangang on Beale Street late

yesterday perhaps I don't know I was

hoping that my ears were cutting out

like that I'm blaming it on the bike to

game that's featured fullbacks Huddle's

defense physicality

fantastic way to end the college

football decade right here on ESPN Terry

escapes he's got a first down a lot more

then the plush territory

Navy setting up shop on its opening

possession as Sullivan ushered him out

of bounds

five out of ten poll passes turn into

this type of Malcolm Perry outside the

design of the concept play where one of

the most electric quarterbacks in the

country actually college football

players in the country gets outside and

plays like that and you can see right

there the twenty first game a hundred

yards second-most in school history

twenty nine on that last carry

from the 46

and a gain of 4 is Jamel Carruthers is

stopped by Sullivan who now has nine

tackles today and we have to keep in

mind that Jamel Carruthers can make

Navy's offense different much more speed

at that battering ram fullback type of

position and we haven't seen a lot of


Kansas State knows the triple option

starts with establishing the full-back

and then moving to the edges so Kansas

did did a great job of corralling

Carruthers in that first game the

Carruthers actually has been clocked

faster than Malcolm Perry right side

that's a first down in history is made

as Malcolm Perry moves the chains he was

tackled by Denzel Goolsbee but a new

single-season rushing record has been

established as Malcolm Perry already

over a hundred yards in this game today

passing Jordan Lynch all-time four

quarterbacks on the ground in a single

season Kelly we talked about maybe

Milken Perry had somewhat of a quiet

first half could you have a quiet 100

yards it seems impossible but I think

Kansas State prevented Malcolm Perry

four from taking over the game in that

first timeout their first big shipment

will utilize a timeout will step aside

1208 to go in our third quarter we're

still tied at ten


back at the AutoZone Liberty Bowl we're

tied at 10

Kelly stopper Roy Philpott Lauren Sisler

history made as we went out to that last

break Malcolm Perry a navy quarterback

now has established a new single-season

record 1923 rushing yards eclipsing the

former mark set by Jordan Lynch the

Northern Illinois quarterback in 2013

nobody has been more effective on the

ground at the quarterback position Kelly

it's always a pleasure when you get to

watch history being made and what an

electric runner with the football

quickness in speed that's a tough

combination to find in one human being

but 19 on the ground already today for

Perry and Counting he had 304 against

army 17 days ago flush locate a yard

here there is a flag on the field at the

17 yard line is Wayne Jones stop tearing

Candia montolo told us this week know

what I was thinking the Perry not

playing quarterback last year they were

three in ten as a result Lance Robert

Robertson down below on chance Warren

chance Ward's just trying to get

vertical and obviously Robinson reaches

out and grabs him it was holding instead

of pass interference because Malcolm

Perry never threw the football numbers

through the air been quite impressive

this afternoon as well for Malcolm Perry

the kidney of Matsumoto and told us that

wasn't one of his finest moments when he

moved Malcolm Perry from running back to

quarterback in then back to running back

once again but it was that beat down by

air force last year when the offensive

essentially nothing and the irony in

that game is afterwards it was the

valuation are we too one-dimensional

because the quarterback does everything

with our offense well it's hard to

imagine now

having less of an impact in this game

than what we've seen this entire year

Nelson Smith in the backfield he'll get

the handoff straight ahead for the a gap

back to the line of scrimmage and not

much more trade to shop bouncing up down

I don't mind an offense being one to

mention all of that dimension is Malcolm

here I'm not exactly sure what that

evaluation meant but I think the main

thing is that they discovered that they

were just trying to plug no comparing

into the walk wrong approach too much

physical running inside not in the

electricity outside

Perry while the option got to the adds

back to down hard Wayne Jones the full

head of steam and Kyle ball got their

short game and just watched the speed

and athleticism coming from the inside

out the Kansas State that's how you have

to defend Malcolm Perry that half a hole

behind concept is you chase the

quarterback from the inside outside and

then speed has to kind of feather the

play and then you swallow up the

quarterback 37


- real estate left towards the end zone

tents for sex


all this second half's going to be a lot

of fun the last time out it was the Navy

special in Philadelphia against Army and

this is that version except without the

toy this time it's just a walk in by

Warren on the reverse same concept ones

who run the other against the army was a

pass he shan't Nichols on for the point

after in our new score 10 15 remaining

in our third quarter 17 to 10 the Naval

Academy not in front of Kansas State's

of trickeration

for our first points of our second half

as chance Warren scores his second

touchdown of the season

like that I think well said so many of

these postseason contests giving back to

their communities Malcolm Perry

orchestrating another Navy touchdown

drive on their first possession of the

third quarter

here comes Malik Knowles with one man to

mate and he can't do it as he stopped at

the 40

Kansas State without standing field

position the star Nets first drive of

the third quarter well the big special

teams play in the first half was

delivered by Philip parks and now Malik

knows he's healthier now than he was

just a few games ago and that's one

source of speed that the big 12 is going

to see in Kansas State's offense next


it's Malik knows it's Josh Youngblood

and it's good books that's going to be

infused into the design of what Kansas

State does offensively in 2020 that

return covering 52 yards Gilbert on

first down off left tackle will pick up

a couple so think about Phillip Brooks

to your point 66 yard punt return for a

touchdown earlier we saw nulls from 52

yards out there and Joshua Youngblood

big 12 special teams player of the year

this season for k-state yeah and I would

think we would see Youngblood in this

game here soon I think by design you can

build touches to your playmakers and

Kansas State has to do that offensively

here in the second half


free man front for the Midshipmen now

make it four on second and seven shown

has it one yard short of a first down

Carruthers stopped them

oh he talked about Skylar Thompson

getting the keys to this offense meeting

number one with Chris Klieman well this

is where you prove that offensively as a

staff with Skylar Thompson allowed this

game to be put on his back in the past

game in the second half and get get it


that's what it's going to take for

Kansas State here Barta the full-back

Gilbert doubting the eye


straight ahead

knee to the yard and this comes down to

the spot Springer in Pittman stop them

right and the line to gain Kelly and

it's gonna bring up fourth down

the Kansas states not opposed to going

under center that's what they did

Thurman to be balanced is between gun

formations and under the center puts

Tyler Thompson under the center and

quarterback sneak right here seven in

the box for Davey all at the line of


Thompson straight ahead the secondary

search may have got him there let's see

and a late flag on the field

he had to reach the 30 and I think

they're gonna give him a spot


and the penalty coming well after the

play ended

but there are some unpleasant trees that

take place in quarterback snakes and

someone got offended by it the play is

the recent line the game for first down

after the play will be first down well

Tyler Mitchell is the right guard for

Kansas State one of those seniors that

played a lot of football but lost his

cool on this play and you can see down

in the bottom of that massive humanity

things are said and places are grabbed

that aren't allowed in most walks of

life and that's what happened right

there with Tyler Mitchell that was


you saw the a gopher go kind of grimace

backwards for a moment maybe

highlighting your poi grimace indeed it

will be a first down the ball moves

backwards and summons a snap Thompson

jumps all over

way back in Kansas State Territory at

the 35-yard line it almost looked like

Thompson wasn't ready for the snap and

then when the gun snap is off the frame

of the body of the quarterback that one

was high and it was hot and I don't

think Thompson knew it was coming

so Kelly after picking up the first down

Kansas State then he loses 33 yards on a

penalty and a snap that went right past

Thompson out of second and 28 sound to


the left side run Jordan Brown sent out

past the 40 by Paul Carruthers and I'm

not sure Skylar Thompson knew the ball

was coming when it did Skylar was

definitely looking other places that

right hand going out I think was to tell

the center that I have more to say to

get our offense in the right play and

that's about the time the the high heart

one came off to the left you call the

five seniors up front for Kansas State

at gnarlie bunch earlier that was a

gnarly ill-timed snap right there

13:24 Thompson with time now escapes

pops out near the 41 hey let's see who

chucked on it

Kansas State lucky to get the football

back and you talk about a possession

that started so promising Lee it ends in

catastrophe for the Wildcats

defensive coordinator Brian Newberry

likes to move pieces before the snap and

you can see this ball comes out late




I didn't see the number of that defender

but what a disastrous play after

converted on third and short

and you end up in fourth and forever and

that was Diego forego he's on the wrong

end of that penalty just moments ago

literally Garrett Wynn calls for the

fair catch Navy takes over after a 44

yard punt and a penalty flag on the

field way back at the 39 so we'll keep

it right here check the penalty

during the kick holding receiving team

number 22 10-yard penalty first now


Travis Brandt reserved slot back with

the infraction timeout on the field

people let's look back at today's punch


brought to you by Chipotle ticket away

Roy Malcolm Perry 29 yards to get things

started for Navy then the

record-breaking run now the new

single-season rushing record holder at

the cornerback position the end or

putting a VBAC on top 17 to 10 a fun

start if you're a fan of the Midshipmen

to begin in this second half and we'll

see if this can continue is now Navy's

backed up all the way at its own 12 yard


well this is where Navy tends to take

over games they have a scoring drive

takes the starts out of the defense the

opposing offense pits the dip bit on the

drive and Kansas State's defense is back

out there quickly five-man front working

against the vaunted triple option

Carruthers mcduck Perry he escapes back

to the line of scrimmage and not much

more Wyatt Huber first team

all-conference performer around the big

12 of the tackle typically today when

Kansas State has had trouble defensively

it's Malcolm Perry in the pass game that

turns into Malcolm Perry impromptu

running the football out of that pass

game that's what Kansas State has had

issues with that times

Karrie under center on second and nine

here comes the option there goes the

pitch that'll be a first down for Davi

finding ways to create drives mock a cow

with a first down carry true triple

option fake dive inside they take the

dive Perry gets to the edge does he keep

it does he pitch in Kansas State wants

to make this a pitch game but you have

to defend the pitch when Malcolm Perry

gets out to the edge and indeed pitches

the ball away


more of the option than a big gainer for

the Academy nearside run close the

plunge territory stopped at midfield

the Navy in business once again as Jimmy

Williams picks up a gain of 27 and it's

the pitch out on the edge once again

this wasn't the triple option it's

called the load option there is no dive

component to that play it's Malcolm

Perry getting to the edge does he keep

it or does he pitch it to CJ Williams in

this case Scotty Hazleton told us

yesterday it's like the options

following me around I was up in Wyoming

we would see it with Air Force and now

here the bowl game at Kansas State

trying to make it a pitch game they're

doing that right now trail by a

touchdown however pairing scape one

tackler stop to the 49 by Hubert wide

Hugh Byrne chasing that play down from

the backside and Hubert is disruptive

whether you run at him from that edge

position or in this case he has the

speed to chase Perry down from the


Navy now has established a new school

record for rushing yards on this drive

production has been tremendous they

share Malcolm Perry a big reason why

spun down after a gain of eight Byway

Jones we hear a lot about the jump Cod

Malcolm Perry has something that I would

describe his almost a skip car actually

he plants his foot skips to the right in

this case and then kids on field pretty

interesting to watch 32 upcoming how

does his game translate to the next

level potentially because he has

aspirations of playing at the NFL

imagine that dude is a slot receiver at

the next level you kidding me teach him

how to run rounds find space and then

he's dynamic after he has the football

in his hands


on third down they'll toss it out first

down for Davey and a punishing finish at

the 30-yard line

miles spells with authority that time

way Jones on the wrong end of that

collision so Navy has shown the

willingness to get out on the edge in

the second half this is called the

rocket tots first time we've seen it

this year the true pitch outside

initially berry reverses out and then

gives the ball to fells and then wowed

his vows deliver the blow good running

backs dish out punishment at the end of

runs and that's what it looks like


Bell stays on the field on 511 175

pounds of them flag on the field as

Perry escapes makes another man mess

it'll be first down and goal pending the

penalty yeah this is all coming back on

a holding penalty right at the point of


holding offense in the 71 2 yard penalty

from the previous spot replay first down

Billy Honaker the right tackle actually

held the defender that probably did

figure significantly into Malcolm Perry

actually getting free

it's the counter play you show pitch

triple option to one side and Penry

reverses back has two offensive linemen

pulling from the right to the left and

Honaker ends up getting called for the

hole that don't forget about wildcard

weekend it is all mode first and 20

after that holding penalty this is the

way that Kansas State needs to get off

the field

berry settles in


Carothers stop at the 41 by Daniel Green

and just kind of thinking ahead on this

drive this certainly has the feel of a

four down territory with kidney Amato

Lola behind the sticks if you can get

into fourth and somewhat manageable

kidney amount of all may look to go for



second and eighteen time winding down to

the third


on the design back when he's tripped up

in the backfield by Colleen dude

cailli do did a tremendous job of being

disciplined in staying home Duke is the

outside defender to the left side and

you have to be disciplined against mouth

appeared because he may show up again

even though he started the opposite

direction from dude

Navy won three games a year ago

Midshipmen have claimed ten victories

already this year looking for number 11

that would tie another school record can

they get there

Kansas State will have something to say

about it Wildcats trailing by a

touchdown 15 minutes to go and a back

and forth affair here in Memphis don't



the Sun beginning to set along the banks

of the mighty Mississippi here in

Memphis Tennessee the AutoZone Liberty

Bowl one possession game third down and

22 to start our fourth quarter Kelly


Lauren Sisler Boyd Philpott 15 to go

Malcolm Perry wants to throw Eddie well

incomplete had a man open under through

his intended target and that could have

been a big gainer instead it's fourth in

a country mile yeah you're exactly right

Malcolm Perry gets outside the tackle

box and just doesn't really get his feet

in the proper position to clean complete

this pass Kansas stated drop coverage

there was certainly a miscommunication

mock a cow the intended receiver as

Phillip Brooks drifts back to receive

this navy puck



very busy afternoon and now evening of

college football and I'll filter over

into tomorrow on New Year's Day it'll be

first in 10 from the 20 News to it and I

think more people will call it 2020 as

opposed to 2020 but I said not quite

sure that's why it sounded strange a

thing perhaps they'll fake the jet sweep

the Youngblood is Thompson Bowles's way

ahead for a gain of two he was stopped

by forego I need to see more

Skylar Thompson both in the pass game

and the dual threat quarterback zone

read type of run game

Skylar Thompson can win this game for

Kansas State Wildcats with just 126

yards of total offense

as big 12 versus the American clash the

AutoZone Liberty Bowl


play action for Thompson will scamper

ahead for a quality pickup stopped at

the 26

byph ago and Thompson can get things

done with his feet he doesn't

necessarily look as good doing it as say

a Malcolm Barry but at times he's

productive with plays just like that

third down and four I feel like it's a

really really important third down for

Kansas State offense hasn't done much on

the defense found the way on that last

drive to get off the field

Wildcats just 1 of 7 on third down

blown snap Hildy flax they're gonna back

about five more yards

snap it fracture offense number 79

five-yard penalty

third now I'm not exactly sure what the

miscommunication is here you can see the

ball move slightly and that's the second

time the high hard one to the left that

resulted in the loss of yardage on a

previous drive in the net hesitation on

the snap right there you can feel the

pressure mounting on this Kansas State


maybe trying to force another three it

out here's Thompson

to run for it and he would not get there

tripped up in the twenty five by Jacob

Springer well at the Academy they call

it get six they're looking for three

announced they're looking for all kinds

of different ways to get the football

back to the offense and a three and out

it's one of the keys for Navy this


yeah they get six is a combination of

three announced turnovers and four town

stops and Navy's probability of winning

goes up greatly actually they know this

year when they get at least six of a

combination of those categories ankle

take the Kansas State bounce and be

whistled dead near the 11 yard line

the all-big 12 punter feeling good after

a punt of 64 yards bridge connecting

Tennessee and Arkansas across the

Mississippi in a one possession game at

the AutoZone Liberty Bowl Kelly Stouffer

Roy Philpott Lauren Sisler so glad you

could join us happy new year and away we

go for our final 12 16 on this New

Year's Eve

maybe has the ball on its own 11 yard

line with a seven-point advantage


Perry keeps it double team brought down

spun backwards finally after a short


Elijah Sullivan active in the first half

makes a tackle there

you can't defend the triple option

better than Kansas State does right here

you take away the pullback you feather

the triple option to the outside and

then you crushed the quarterback milk

compari with multiple hats and that's

exactly what Kansas State did

defensively right there

that was Sullivan Walker Jones and a

wave of light you've missed at least

three hats that were there as well


ok Kalyn motion Perry keeps it goes

Perry can they catch him sent out at the

30 huge line by Malcolm Perry the mid

line option you have to go back dive and

then the quarterback steps up then that

void if they defend the fullback well

and you don't want to leave that much

room with Malcolm Perry a gain of 59

yards Kelly he has a hundred and

eighty-six for the game


and movement at the line really is the

beauty of the option just one man to the

wrong position one man has his eyes in

the wrong place and it's a 60-yard run

yeah that's one of the things that the

triple option is meant to do is to force

the defense to be so focused on their

assignment that they're actually two

things that can happen one they're out

of place or two they're a little bit

slow because of overthinking it and

certainly they were severing grass for

time out on the field

10:40 to go here in Memphis as we step

aside she was a nice story that a lot of

people talked about about a week ago and

Malcolm Perry in a game that has seen it

so many records fall kind of like what

we expected witness tonight at Times

Square with the ball dropping to

celebrate 2020 he's got a chance to

eclipse 2,000 rushing yards and a single

season here this evening the late pitch

Mike a cow gonna be bottled up after a

gain of 2 maybe 3 Daquan Patton and

Elisha Sullivan greeted him rudely that


when you get there the feeling that this

is an essential drive for Kansas State

defensively down by seven a little over

ten minutes laughs Kansas State

offensively may only get the ball at the

outside two more times you have to keep

this a one possession game and you

wonder his Navy already in four down

territory Perry after reversing his

field there he comes Malcolm Perry

third and short upcoming take one patent

ushered him out of bounds

he makes it look so easy when you're

that fast and that quick I think he

feels it's easy but that was the counter

play again you give the impression that

you're running triple option to the left

the quarterback Perry reverses to

offensive lineman polling from left to

right and leads the quarterback around

the edge it only takes one defender

stumbling Doron McPherson was that

defender and that allowed Perry to get


very five yards away from 200

here tonight

stop short of the line to gain it would

be for down trade to shot able to bring

down Malcolm Perry dead in his tracks

and now this is interesting

kidney of Mata Lola loves to go for it

on fourth down because his offense is

built to do that fourth in short but a

field goal makes this a two possession

game and may close the door on Kansas


he has a reliable field goal kicker

bashad Nichols

maybe trying to draw them outside you're

exactly right - now Malcolm Perry's

giving the impression he's changing the

ploy he's not time out maybe to believe

a field goal attempt coming up after

this timeout okay Reese back in Memphis

fourth down upcoming for Navy the

Midshipmen leading Kansas State by a


Bijan Nichols 11 for 15 he's perfect so

far today this effort from 38 yards out

just inside the left hash a chance to

make it a two-possession game


on the way with plenty of distance and

it pushed it wide left and Kansas State

defense comes up with a big stop the

nickels push this outside left from the

get-go it really was never within the

left up right and Kansas State had a

block coming from Nicholls this right

side and I don't know if that factored

into the kickers thinking at all but

that ball was out left from the

beginning a little bit of contact at the

very end there was a little contact and

a lot of acting as Nichols stepped on

the defender Kansas State takes over

Thompson flings it Knowles has it that's

a gain of eight yards on first down

I think it was the right decision by Ken

diamante Lola to try to get this to a

two-possession game but Nichols kids did

not come through officially a gain of

nine second and short that missed field

goal changes the complexion of this game

in every single facet if you think about

it and a first down carry down to the 37

as we check in with let's go Thompson

has become such a better leader this

year the confidence that Chris Klieman

instilled in that young man from the

get-go shows up in moments like that

after brown picked up seven first and

ten for Kansas State with new life

backside pressure Thompson fouled

why can't get rails a 10 in punch

territory and the drive continues how

about that toss yeah the touch on this

pass Bachmann was underneath this

receiver and the touch to get it right

over the top of the defender that was a

really really good touch pass and one of

the most difficult passes to make as a

quarterback it's a gain of 15 yards

Thompson has completed eight of his last

nine passes after starting over three


it'll change the play here back to the

air heaves one date gels open they'll be

first down and goal Kansas State

don't say that Kevin Brennan that time

in the Wildcats suddenly in business a

single my safety and manda man all over

the board and Gil gets by Brennan and

the Honorable I believe by Skylar

Thompson led to this matchup you see it

you have a play that you can get to it

if you have the confidence and the keys

to the car you can go ahead and have the

freedom to get there and all of those

things happen for Skylar Thompson right

there Thompson warming up his senior

running back James Gilbert joins him in

the backfield on first and goal he'll

get the hand out towards the end zone

and stop just inside the 1 and I do

believe James Gilbert ends up just a

little bit short it's where a body part

is down when the ball and where the ball

is at that point I think the half yard


quarterback sneak time I believe for

Skylar Thompson once again

that senior Laden offensive wanting

needs to get pavlovas low and get a

Porsche all five starters playing their

final game here tonight upfront

Thompson straight ahead and through a

mass of humanity I'm not sure if he got

there no signal yet and now it's

touchdown Kansas State

Jackson Pittman the nose guard at 300

pounds made this very difficult it

didn't seem like there was a whole lot

of movement I brought the replay booth

with that a question has taken a further

look at this but the push by Gilbert at

the end which is legal at this point in

time and I'm not exactly sure it's will

be difficult once again to reverse

something you can't see

blank Lynch on for the all-important

point after we're we've got some work

left to be done here at the AutoZone

Liberty Bowl tied at 17

Kelly stopper Roy Philpott and Loren

senseless Navy will take over at

inventions and guys we've got to score

again we have to reset we've worked too

hard for this I've got you let's go

Lauren remember how this season unfolded

when conference play started Kansas

State lost their first two games to

Oklahoma State and then Baylor and it

was down to Thompson that stood in front

of the team before the TCU game and said

you guys can count on me to get it done

and it continues on in this game right

now and Dave inside keV stopped at the

line trade to Jean the tackle of Jamel


not only did Kansas State beat TCU the

next day after Thompson's speech to the

team but they went on then to upset

Oklahoma the following weekend that

young man's career has changed with the

arrival of Chris Klieman

on second down late pitch farside it'll

be third and manageable CJ Williams his

second carry of the night he was stopped

by McPherson a lot of play management at

the line of scrimmage by Malcolm Perry

right there and ultimately it ended up

in a true triple option to the left side

and Kansas State defensively has

typically defended that triple option

really well in this game this has to be

met the pair attack right on third and

three game on the line

at the thing show

straight ad Carruthers needed to get to

the 35 and he just made it Daquan time

to stop them that'll move the sticks and

that fullback position is somewhat of a

temperature taker you go ahead and run

the fullback certainly in a short

yardage situation but it also takes the

temperature the defense to make sure the

defense is still defending that fullback

dive parry rips it out keeps it spins

his way ahead for a gain of nine maybe

10 Patton stopped him again

fans Dover 200 rushing yards six times

that's happened in his Navy career

that's a new school record I mean it

just doesn't stop with that young man

so Kelly time winds down approaching

three to play Navy's out of timeouts and

Scotty Hazleton trying to figure out a

way to get his offense back on the field

and as the defensive play caller for the


easier said than done


three-man front for k-state and two

others stopped at the line I don't think

you got there Daniel Green certainly did

and it should bring up third down well

if ever you designed an offense to be

really sure gets Navy's offense in this

auction concept with an electric

quarterback in bearer

no receivers in this formation eleven in

the box for Kansas State

they need a stop here can they get it

they cannot Malcolm Perry scoots ahead

for a gain of two maybe three it's so

difficult for a defense when Malcolm

Perry starts to work along the line of

scrimmage at any point they're knowing

the line to gain he can just plan his

left foot and get upfield and that's

what he does to extend this drive for


less than two minutes to go there at the

AutoZone Liberty Bowl Perry wants to

throw it here comes the pressure

Perry escapes back to the line of no

more Daquan patent active in this fourth

quarter brought him down to the turn


and the senior from Cedar Park Texas

having himself bite a final game

berry on second down tripped up in the

plus territory stopped at the 46

dashan and Goolsby stopped them after a

gain of seven now an injured Kansas

State player and this is the time in the

game where you start to see defenders

starting to wear down to some extent I'm

out so this basically equates to a free

timeout for the Naval Academy as DeSean

is tended to on the field and you can

feel the pressure this triple-option

offense puts you under yeah I mean think

of that when you when you're a play call

or offensive lay you you want to call a

good play well you have three different

options every play if you're Navy I

would take you back to earlier in this

fourth quarter in Navy with an

opportunity to go ahead by two scores be

Shane Nichols from 38 yards out just

inside the left hash hooked it left

Kansas State then takes the ensuing

possession right down the field it ties

up at 17 so this also factors into

kidney Amata lo-lo's thinking on this

possession at the end of regulation for

nickels you're going to have to get well

inside perhaps the 25-yard line to give

him a realistic chance to win the game

yeah that that's a good point and on

that Miss by Nichols Kansas State had a

block set up coming from Nicholas's

right side and I know that kickers are

aware of those things where the block

attempt is going to come from and he

just left it left from the beginning



fifty-five seconds remaining

- rather shredded third down and no

running room that time patent and Hubert

stopped him dead in his tracks it'll be

fourth down and kidney bottle Olo says

it right there let's go for it yeah

let's go for it and maybe even let the

clock run to some extent if you don't

get it at least there are less seconds

for Skylar Thompson to work

on a trick play


talking about digging deep into the

playbook he did at that time for a gay

the 41 Navy special all over again

the pitch and the eventual pass off of

that pitch

less than 20 seconds remaining maybe out

of timeouts

Perry's gonna have to quickly spike it

to set up a game-winning field goal at

Ted Dan he will


that was almost disastrous because it

looked to me like there was some

indecision by Malcolm Perry of whether

they had a timeout or not and then Ken

Niumatalolo was literally running down

the sideline to let them know that you

have to get up and quit on the play

clock what a play call and a clutch

moment here at the AutoZone Liberty Bowl

it'll set up BGN nickels 1 for 2 tonight

a freshman from Texas let's hit the

game-winner from 23 yards out we just

never know in bowl season we we expected

a good one we expected a really close

one two teams that kind of resemble one

another even though they get to the

basics slightly differently and that's

exactly what happened what was going to

happen on that previous play before

Kansas State's timeout is Kansas State

was sending up the block to the white

side of the field and the significance

of that is the block was the opposite

side last time and Nichols felt that and

pushed the ball away from the attempt

that block and you wonder here because

you have to kick from the right hash to

the left right in to where Kansas

State's gonna be bringing that pressure


five seconds remaining here's Nichols

timeout Kansas State their second of the

half 30 sexual angel the second of the

half I can assume that Chris Klieman

will use his third of the half here


I would like to wait a little bit longer

if you're gonna ice the kicker though

let him get all girded up ready to kick

the ball and then call the timeout if

you call it too early I think it's

insignificant what a game this has

turned out to be Navy three and ten a

season ago ten and two coming into this

contest tonight and Skylar Thompson it's

been so impressive this year for Kansas


it's just wishing for an overtime

miracle tonight yeah remember against

Oklahoma that onside kick attempt he

said he couldn't even watch it he just

had to wait for his teammates to show

that they were going to celebrate


and as you correctly predicted Chris

Klieman in Kansas State this was snapped

in which the snapper should do a nickel

should go ahead and kick the football

you get it freebie did some of the

nerves out to some extent he hit a

practice run at it

India Monta Lolo told us earlier this

week he knew back in January this team

had an opportunity to be special do you

think he realistically thought way back

then that this team could tie a single

season record for victories with 11

having lost 10 at games a year ago got a

chance to do it right here


while cats out of timeouts five seconds



fish and nickels tick on the way Navy

grabs the lead as time expires and the

Liberty Bowl there might be a couple of

seconds to get put back on this clock

it looks like the officials are trying

to keep both teams on the sidelines


and nickels just drives this right down

Broadway that was true from the


two seconds will be put back on the


can the Amato Lola could barely watch it

in fact he couldn't and Bijan nickels

after missing from 38 yards out earlier

in the quarter lot better after that

make yeah the true freshman meets

redemption that's that's always a good


well at least we're going to see a

kickoff in some level of shenanigans I

would assume by

the receiving team of Kansas State well

think back to earlier in this game

Knowles reeled off the 52 yard kickoff

return Phillip Brooks had a 66 yard punt

return for a touchdown

Joshua Youngblood just happens to be the

big 12 special teams player of the year

as well for Kansas State it would be a

pretty decent way to go into 20 22

seconds remaining


and this one will roll out of bounds so

the clock will stay with the two ticks

of the clock left on it and now Kansas

State will have an opportunity to try to

heave one deep well the theme will be

the Chanel Mouse nicotine excuse me the

ball we spun it in a 35 yard line so

yours now 35 yard line

Skylar Thompson doesn't have the arm

strength to throw this into the end zone

as a prototypical Hail Mary so you will

see some version of some laterals or

Skylar Thompson running around trying to

give his guys time to get down the field

Navis deepest defender back at the

20-yard line and the crosser shoveled

down to the turf and that's going to do

it from 3 and 10 to 11 and to Navy

defeats Kansas State in the AutoZone

Liberty Bowl 20 to 17




what a performance by Malcolm Perry 213

yards on the ground 57 more through the

air as we take a look at today's Capital

One player of the game and you know it's

gonna go to number 10 Kelly yeah

fittingly so and we talked about Malcolm

Perry at the top and in the middle and

then at the end it was going to be

Malcolm Perry time and that's exactly

what we've seen and when that young man

kick committed to the quarterback

position it's been lights out literally

every sense

can the Amato Lolo told us this week

this has been his most satisfying season

as a head coach 10 victories now 11

after this evening

now sweet it is a grandfather now

completing his 12th season in Annapolis

what a brand he is built and redemption

in 2019 after what occurred a year ago

in a a man that was willing to kind of

revisit some basics he's an emotional

man but an incredibly loyal man as well

and had to make some tough decisions

lawrence Isler has Ken the Amato logo

right now

coach an emotional win for you guys

three and tennis season ago and now you

come out here 11 wins this season and

the winners now have the AutoZone

Liberty Bowl what does this win mean to

you guys just everything for seniors

really happy for them great kids are

going to go out and serve our country

now but couldn't be more happy for them

just happy for three years one of those

seniors Malcolm Perry described his

performance tonight

well he's such a tough kid don't be

confused by size he's as tough as they

get you said in January this was going

to be a very special football team now

after it's all said and done how special

is this football team is this hard to

explain I'm just really happy for them

all the hard work everything that

they've done not just had before seniors

thank you so much coach thank you one of

the great traditions in college football

the singing of the Navy alma mater an

invitation of the opposing team as well

in Kansas State




for our director Ben Johnson our

producer Rob Adamski for Kelly staffer

at Lauren Sisler here in Memphis

Tennessee I'm Boyd Philpott telling you

goodnight and Happy New Year

as the Naval Academy finds away against

Kansas stayed out of the big 12 our

final score once again

22:17 Navy finishes its season at 11 and

2 good night everybody and Happy New