Tyree Elaine | Planned Parenthood | Laugh Factory Stand Up Comedy

oh my gosh I don't feel well please

forgive me and my good Conner's writers

insurance has not kicked in quite yet

okay I'm gonna be honest I didn't print

the paperwork out and fill all that [ __ ]

out look like they raise these anyway

and now I'm like calling it and when I

say I have met a cow when I said I don't

give a [ __ ]

I've been sick since last week Wednesday

I called on oh don't [ __ ] it today I

called this morning the lady answered

the phone and said yeah the doctors out

of the office all winter

what is your summer 20/20 looking like

no [ __ ] what is your summer 20/20

looking like and my dumb ass I'm looking

in the calendar like well it doesn't

look like summer 20/20 you said I

started to say what it's looking like

I'm gonna have to keep this baby because

y'all wanna be irresponsible as adults

this is not God's will y'all are demonic

that's not it that's not the steps he

ordered for my life this is not kind of

mickey mouse operation is this so I had

to visit Planned Parenthood please yo yo

Kleenex before you just [ __ ] show up

because there's okay so Planned

Parenthood right the one in Santa Monica

all the Asians go that's the good one

that's the goal like listen look look at

your Yelp reviews don't [ __ ] like

don't be afraid to Yelp so I thought

they were all like that nothing no so

there is a Planned Parenthood on Vermont

and if any clinic ever needed to be

bound is this one not because not

because of what

I do but [ __ ] they talk to you so this

is how the lady at the Planned

Parenthood decided waiting at the

Planned Parenthood was reading my chart

back to me through bulletproof glass

read the review I'm not [ __ ] lying

this all she read my chart back to me

through bulletproof glass with several

different parties

can we talk about this in the back it's

just I don't think everybody in the

waiting room needs to know my business

but yes yes I am work yes on the charts

and what accurate results Oh what I got

going on that wasn't even the worst part

we get in the exam room this is how the

lady is talking to me in the exam room

okay so let me tell you what the smell

is I said you want to close the door

first gear it's wide open and so am I

and I don't think everybody in the

hallway needs to know what the smell is

but but seriously what is the smell

because I thought my brakes went out I

set the car three different pet boys

before I realize I don't think this has

anything to do with the car