If These 15 Unbelievable Moments Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe It #2

there are so many unbelievable things

happening on camera

every day that we felt we had to make

another video just to show you the

truly crazy scenes

we have captured and discovered since

the last video

if you ever think that life is sometimes

boring try to remember

things you will see in the next 20

minutes as a reminder that

incredible moments are happening all the


from the man who has made one of the

planet's deadliest and most ferocious


into his best friend to the surfer

riding the world's biggest wife

we are here to tell you if these 15

unbelievable moments were not filmed

no one would believe it

number 15 man is friends with crocodile

when considering a new pet the most

common characteristics that we search


usually include being fluffy and cute or

perhaps well disciplined and protective

normally having the ability and

temperament to tear you into tiny shreds

of flesh and bone would be considered

something of a downside to a pet

for this reason pet crocodiles are not

very common

however in costa rica a man named chito

came across an injured 15 foot long

crocodile who had been shot by a farmer

chito felt he could not just leave the

crocodile laying there in pain

and so he decided to bring him home he

named the crocodile pancho

and then began to nurse him back to

health chido said

i just wanted him to feel that someone

loved him

that not all humans are bad cheeto

however did not want to be selfish

so once his crocodile friend was

recovered he brought him back to the


where he belongs only pancho did not

want to be left there

and he followed his new friend home they

have now lived together

for 20 years and even swim and play in

the same pool together

quite an amazing pair of friends before

we go on

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number 14 surfing the biggest wave in

the world

the sport of surfing originated in the

polynesian culture

of the pacific ocean it was first

observed in the 18th century

by british sailors and by the 19th

century polynesian princes who had

attended british schools began to

demonstrate their surfing skills

off the coast of california in the early

20th century

the sport began to gain more popularity

among californians

as i'm sure most of you know already it

basically involves balancing

on a piece of wood and riding a breaking


the important word here is wave it does

not say anything about riding a


through a tsunami but that is exactly

what sebastian steudner did

of nunberg germany who did in 2018 at

the surfing spot known as saint nazare

in portugal this is just an immense wall

of water

and the rush must be incredible only the

bravest and most skilled surfers would

ever dare to attempt surfing waves this

enormous it's a shame he was not wearing

a gopro

so we can see what it was like in first


but still you can get an idea from these

images shot from the coast

this was an entry in the 28th big wave

of the year contest

and it's hard to imagine that they could

get much bigger than this

number 13. dolphin jumps into boat

dolphins are extremely playful creatures

and even in the wild

they seem to enjoy entertaining human

beings as we can see here

several tourist boats are out in what

seems to be the waters off the coast of

mexico and these guests are enjoying

the sight of playful dolphins leaping

out of the water sometimes alone and

sometimes even in groups

these fantastic sea mammals are some of

the most intelligent species in the


but even they can screw things up

sometimes and this one dolphin in

particular goes for a big leap out of

the water


and ends up landing right in the boat

the people sat

at the front of the boat who seem to

include some young teenagers are quite

panicked by the sudden appearance of a


and so they back away we should not

forget that dolphins do have quite sharp

teeth and are very strong

however one man jumps in and takes

charge of the situation

knowing exactly what to do to keep the

dolphin calm putting wet towels on its

head so it does not

dry out and so it is not panicked by all

the commotion going on around

then he calls for some other strong men

to come in and help him

lift the dolphin over the side of the

boat and safely back into the water

nice work and quite an incredible

experience for the people who were

on those boats number 12

bird freezes in the sky there are many

theories today which

suggest that life and the universe may

just be part of some kind of video game

which is being played by a form of

higher intelligence

many of these ideas were expressed in

the 1990s film the matrix

often when something extremely strange

happens we describe it as being a glitch

in the matrix

one recent example from early 2020 is

this scene which was captured by

different observers including the local

colombian police

in mid-air above everybody's head

there's a bird that seems to have simply

stopped in mid-flight

a wing is still raised as though about

to beat

it is like when you are playing an

online game but with a slow internet


in the past this kind of event would

undoubtedly have been considered

some sort of religious omen people had

until really the beginning of the 21st

century is that no one would believe you

if you did not have any proof

now however with literally dozens of

people all filming the same thing

strange events like this must be taken

more seriously

how is this bird defying gravity and


is there a rational explanation it is

far from the only report

of this kind of thing if you have a good

theory on this

let us know in the comments number 11.

octopus sticks to diver's back

octopus is an important part of italian


but this one particular octopus is

perhaps unaware that it has attached


like a backpack to an italian diver

named roberto

luckily for the octopus roberto seems to

have no intention of taking it home and

cooking it

on the contrary roberto was trying his

hardest to convince the octopus to let

go of his back so he can throw him back

into the sea

after diving into the torre del greco

near naples italy roberto climbed back

onto his friend giuseppe's boat only to

discover he was not alone

octopus are some of the most fascinating

creatures in the sea

with their unusual eight legs huge

brains and short lifespans

normally they do not like to be out of

the water for very long but in this case


seems to have found an octopus who is

determined to spend some time with him

on the boat rather than helping his

friend giuseppe seems to find roberto's

predicament hilarious

the suckers on the octopus's tentacles

are extremely powerful

and in the end giuseppe has to use a bit

of force

to pull the octopus off his friend's

back he seems to be okay after his long

journey out of sea though

number 10 man walking along the street

with a flame throwing shed on his head

are you tired of seeing almost everybody

wearing beats by dre

and wishing that you could have

something just a little different

something unique even perhaps you have

considered some

other brands of headphones but even

those don't have that special something

that you're looking for how about a

miniature shed placed over your head

which also breathes fire and pounds


to anyone in the surrounding area i

think it's fair to say that

this guy had a personal sound system

that is unlike any other


this mix of part dragon parts skrillex

part allotment is surely designed to

become a major success

and during the confinement of 2020 when

going to a nightclub has almost become a

distant memory

recreating that experience all by

yourself as you walk home from work

would give us something that we've all

been missing

from our lives in recent months the only

question is

how hot is it in there exactly maybe not

where i went on summer days

number nine big plane flying over

another big plane what exactly is the

definition of too close for comfort

i think that this whole video might be a

pretty decent representation of that


imagine waking up halfway through your

flight and looking out the window

and realizing that you could make eye

contact with the pilots of another jumbo


that's how close these aeroplanes are

flying to each other

if you've ever wondered how airplanes

are filmed flying in the sky

for commercials then this is the answer

from another aeroplane that is flying

incredibly close to it

one possible benefit of flying

aeroplanes this close to one another

is that if you were sat next to someone

obnoxious you might be able to just step

outside take a walk across the wing and

join the

other plane and hey who knows instead of

flying to that work conference in iowa

you might end up on a beautiful

caribbean island

or something but how creepy is it having

the pilot of another aeroplane

stare at you like this number 8

man with zero gravity effect gravity was


discovered in the ancient world of

greece rome

and india but it wasn't until an italian

named galileo

dropped an apple from the leaning tower

of pisa and the englishman named newton

published his mathematical theory on


that we really began to understand how

it works basically it's a set of

universal laws of attraction which mean

that stuff falls to the ground

only nobody seems to have told this guy

about isaac newton

because he's just going ahead and

ignoring gravity and

doing his own thing hanging horizontally

from a street lamp

is he superman how is he able to do this

the guy has more strength in his arms

than most people have in their legs

and it's not just hanging around he can

do when it comes to defying gravity

he can push himself up between two

chairs and even jump over a woman

using his arms one thing is for sure

this guy must spend a lot of time at the

gym doing the upper body machines

probably making everybody else wait for

hours while he does

eight thousand reps number seven russian

police stop

traffic to help duck family cross the

road if you were to ask a lot of people

who are the greatest animal lovers in

the world

i'm sure that the russian police force

would be a very common answer

but it goes to show that we should never

rely on preconceptions because these

russian cops

clearly care a great deal about these

baby ducks and their mother

in fact they are so concerned for the

duck family that they have decided to

hold up a whole lane of traffic

to ensure the ducks can make their

crossing and safety

while the russian motorists seem to be

understanding the self-discipline in the


that is nothing compared to the

discipline of these ducks who walk in

perfect formation

across the road before making their way

down presumably in the direction of a

local pond

as she crosses the mother duck seems to

even give a kind of nod of


and thanks to the police who have helped

her and her babies on this day

if everybody was this thoughtful about

animals the world would be a much cooler


number six trees falling on the road

in this video we see a scene which looks

like it might be from

some kind of apocalyptic horror movie

a car makes its way along a tree-lined

road there is no other traffic coming in

either direction it seems

the weather is not good and you begin to

get a sense that something bad is about

to happen

but the driver carries on finally we get

to the first sight of what is to come

it seems like a tree has fallen down

onto the road quite

recently the driver slows a little bit

and then suddenly we see one tree just


beginning to fall

the passenger in the car begins to sound

concerned and the driver quickly selects

reverse gear

the car up from the block throat ahead

but after the first tree falls

another one comes down and then another

and another closer and closer to the car

and you can see just how strong the

impact of the fallen trees are

as they destroyed the crash barrier and

caused the car to shake

finally the inevitable happens and a

tree hits the car

but it seems to have missed causing any

serious damage or injury

the driver even uses the windshield

wiper to try and brush off a branch

miraculously the heavy trunks fall

either side of the car

and you can hear the surprisingly calm

voices of the russian passengers

who all seem to be okay a seriously

lucky escape

number five first 172 foot world record

high dive

rick winters if you are afraid of fights

then i'm afraid this video could be a

difficult one for you to watch

back in 1983 high diver rick winters

made what was billed

as an attempt at the highest ever dive

from a diving platform

i'm not sure how it could ever be

classified as an attempt

if you jump off you have succeeded it

would be a cold-hearted committee

that would disqualify winters if he had

for example died or

landed in a belly flop as far as i'm

concerned the difficult part is not the

landing but the jumping off when you are


feet above the ground just falls oh he's

got to hold it he's moving a little too


the video tells us that winters was

wearing three layers

of swim trunks but it does not say why

perhaps i will leave that

to your imagination winters then

overrides pretty much

every human instinct and makes this

enormous dive and it is a success

in spite of this one of the judges at

least is pretty unimpressed

giving it a mess 6.5 score i'd like to

see him try jumping from that height

it's a 10 out of 10 for me number four

skydiver luke ikins jumps 25 000 feet

without parachute

if 172 feet seemed high then how about

25 000 feet you might say that skydiving

is in some ways a little easier because

when you arrive back on earth you will

have been floating quite gently down

with a parachute for some time unlike

the high diver who hits the water at a


intense speed however skydiver luke


decided to make a jump from 25 000 ft

without using a parachute the american

seen here in a green suit began his dive

in formation

with three other skydivers but they all

eventually pulled the cord to release

their parachutes

luke however just carried on falling

this was not a suicide mission

just a world record attempt that

requires balls of steel

and some extremely accurate aim to make

sure that he hit that net

and didn't land 10 feet either side of



he's in i'm sure i don't need to explain

to you what the consequences would have


if he had missed it's great to see that

luke is wearing a safety helmet

and doing all he can to help promote


in the sport of skydiving number three

most dangerous cycling there is an

ancient myth in great britain

which says that the scottish are the

only people on earth who do not have to

obey the laws of physics and here the


denny mccaskill seems to be proving that

his scottish blood laughs in the face of

things like gravity

dany rides his mountain bike literally

up a mountain taking the narrowest of


and going places where any normal person

would never even dream of walking

he straps his gopro onto his head and we

can see what he sees

as he looks down from his bicycle at

sheer drops

along a cliff face either side of him

with jagged rocks below

one slip here would surely result in his

death and yet with incredible skill and

confidence he is able to conquer this

terrifying terrain

when the rocky path comes to an end dany

just edges up

on one wheel and jumps the gap it's

almost painful to watch

but this bike is in the hands of a true


number two the real spider-man

dressing up as spider-man is a pretty

classic costume whether it's halloween

a bachelor party or in fact your own

wedding it's easy to look like a cool


with this all in one outfit that is so

iconic and

recognizable what about actually being

able to move through life

like the real spider-man this guy seems

to have mastered the art

climbing buildings climbing trees riding

his bicycle

and of course running away from the cops

when they show up

is his name peter parker there is no

video yet available of him slinging

spider webs around from his wrists

just yet but surely it's just a matter

of time and a little bit more

radioactive waste on his breakfast

cereal every morning

before he is able to literally become a

real spider-man

number 1. largest human mattress


the guinness book of world records was

founded back in the 1950s with the idea

of becoming a reference book

for people who had broken world records

in all kinds of things

the book itself in fact is a world

record holder as the best-selling

copyrighted book of all time

however after nearly 70 years of

record-breaking activities

it's possible they are running out of

fresh ideas that did not stop this

electronics company

making an attempt to break the world

record for longest human mattress


one thousand two hundred participants

mainly it seemed slightly overweight

middle-aged men

lined up next to a mattress and waited

their turn to be

knocked down it seems like being given

the responsibility of standing at

one of the corners is the hardest part

especially as it seems to require you

being hit

directly in the face by the mattress in

front of you still

in less than 14 minutes these heroes had

managed to break the world record in


shall we say particular discipline

congratulations to them all i guess

that about wraps us up for this video

what kind of ridiculous world records

would you like to break

have you ever caught anything

unbelievable on camera let us know in

the comments below

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