frederick coming at you with another


don't have to explain where i am

treasure island

also known as the ti i figured i'd take

a little walk around tonight

it's about 9 45

saturday night i would say about

91 92 degrees so far

kind of pleasant it's cool over here

because of the water spray

for those of you new to the channel

again my name is bro frederick

las vegas based photographer


cinematographer and part-time


we're gonna have a nice night walk

around the ti

and wherever else my feet happen to take


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our family let me give you a little

360 where we're at there is the venetian

and that as i always say in my videos is

not really a building

that's a tarp that's been up there

probably over five years the cranes have

probably been up there over five years

not sure what they're doing but they're


there's a beautiful palazzo win off in

the distance

so walking through the ti let me tell

you what i saw

i saw lots of people in the ti and i saw

one thing that uh quietly open

not too much fanfare is the tram

so the tram is now fully operational

so people taking it of course they have

the cars limited at this point

but the tram is now working and that is

great news i saw people in the bars

tons of people in the sports book

and every there was an ass in every

single seat

at the gaming tables in this place


gillies over there might take a walk in

there i'm not sure

kind of missed the siren show to be

perfectly honest i don't know how many

of you

caught it or even know about it but they

uh you know they put the kibosh on that

a few years ago

this used to be a fully staged


they used to be pirates on this ship all

the way up in the towers there

cannons were down here and that ship

would sail over

they would start throwing cannonballs

back and forth

people would fall out of this one fall

out of that one

and i think it was that one that

actually sank

you could search youtube's i have found

some videos in there

of the actual show but it's been gone

for years now

and then they decided to and this was

pre-pandemic it's been years

then they decided to go ahead and turn

this into a

uh sort of

i don't know if you call it stagment but

stagnant but it's a non-animated display

now and they

wrapped it full of leds kind of missed


you know that was a sort of a show


still beautiful though senior frogs

i've honestly never eaten in there maybe

i should go one of these days

those are the lights illuminating the


water smells absolutely clean which is

great and i say that in every video

but you kind of judge a place on how

they take care of the water

and it's clean it does not smell

and it does not smell like chlorine so

they're doing an active job of keeping

it nice

that sign is bright af and it's about

social distancing

you know like we all need to hear that

again i think we get the point

let's get close to this one




that's a big ship actually i don't know

if you can tell the scale of it but it's

pretty enormous i'd say a good

i don't know 200 feet easy


let's go have us a walk around

i think we'll head i'm not gonna go to


i don't think anyone needs to see that

cvs is right over there i can't even

imagine what they pay for rent

to be on the strip like that but i know

they definitely hose people when you go

in and buy

things there so come prepared

abc if you have a choice go to abc

they're in all the places around here


definitely tends to be cheaper than uh

the cvs's and the walgreens that are out


i got the fly cam tonight so we'll get a

little fly cam action going on

not as busy as it was last night but

then again

as you can see in the video i did of the

links thanks to everyone who watched

that video

that was a cool video but i put some of


showgirls in that video as the thumbnail

and youtube actually spanked it which i

was surprised

they said it didn't conform to community


so whoever ratted that out you suck

because they stuck up a thumbnail of my


for like three hours i'm like where are

all my views

well nobody knew what my keys were all


so i changed it meets community

standards go check that out

it's an awesome video of the lynx


and the thousands of people that were in


oh this gilly smells kind of good let's

look at gillies

i smell some good barbecue in there be

perfectly honest

all right we're not all right we're

going fly cam


high five whoa yeah yeah

vegas baby

whatever hey i don't judge

well sometimes who doesn't judge

when they say i don't judge they usually

judge him

margarita bar margarita bars got them a


everyone's smiling in a good mood see

there's a walgreens

in the venetian i've never bought a

thing in there it's probably like

18 bucks for a pack of cigarettes seven

dollars for a bottle of water i think we

are gonna cross the street this looks


let's just look over here see what's

going on

at the entrance

tons of cabs tons of ubers

like i said still early crowds are

just about showing up but let's uh hoof

across the street here

there we go

lots of people out this pat this weekend

has actually been busier

than labor day weekend

so that's kind of cool

i'm going to stay street level i'm not


oh we got a street musician here i

wonder what they got going on

no idea oh i get it yeah okay

i can't see traffic starting to pick up

see a little drama over there what's

going on ah someone got pulled over

acting stupid

somewhere now in front of

the mirage got a little love affair

going on with them right now because

they've been treating me real good

treating everyone i recommend to go over

there real good too

and there is siegfried and roy and

there's someone

doing something i don't know why

i photographed siegfried and roy in

the late 90s actually at their house

they have a beautiful estate had

in north las vegas and they actually

lived with the tigers it was kind of


i got to see them up close and personal

dead skunk and there's another place

that i'll talk about the water here


totally pristine


maybe we'll catch a quick

volcano show maybe within the next few


or so one of the few places you could

actually walk across the strip these

days is right there

i remember back in the day before all

the walkways

used to be able to walk across the

strip with a drink in your hands that

was considered


and everyone was well behaved believe it

or not in spite of that

shout out dolphins i see you back there


venetian looking real nice tonight

moon looking real nice tonight i don't

know if i can capture that

it looks good


i think we're about 10 minutes from the


don't know if we're gonna get in on that

take a look at the mirage we have

openings coming up

we have park mgm stay tuned for that

i got permission to do a lot of filming

uninhibited filming there

so that's exciting that is on the 29th

10 a.m

if anyone's checking in give me a holler

maybe i'll come say hello and

on the 8th of october we have

the well there's a lot of presents over


on the 8th of october we have planet

hollywood opening

now planet hollywood is excuse me

smoke in the air planet hollywood

is opening their casino

seven days a week 24 7 but they're only


they're only taking reservations for

weekends thursday

through sunday until they're assured

that they have enough demand

which i'm sure will hit that mark within

i don't know a week or two because a

couple of the casinos have done that


yeah say hello

free hugs

people actually stopping them for their

free hugs that's cool

spreading some brotherly love

yeah everyone's lined up here for the

show so if you

make a reservation over at uh

planet hollywood i'd like to know about

that too so again that's on the 8th at

10 a.m

and i will be there for their grand


and probably take a walk through miracle

mile see how they're doing haven't been

there in a while

i'm always open to saying hello to


so don't be shy if you also happen to


a uh youtube channel

i don't mind doing a collab either you

know providing you have

at least you know a reasonable amount of

viewers i don't have an

enormous amount of viewers but if it's

just you and your mom

you know i might just say hello but if

you got a decent

amount of subscribers as do i we could

do a collab

i think we're going to turn around here

let's take a look at the mirage

do a little flip around there we go



ladies this is one of like the only food


that i've ever seen out here on the


they're rocking some tacos and i'll tell

you it smells

absolutely freaking delicious

but i don't know where they've been

you know so it's a little suspect to me


it is what it is so we're gonna go a

little higher right now



see if we can catch the crowd

that sounds like a ferrari to me not the


tell you something hey say something

about vegas

most of the luxury cars you see here

regardless of the plates are rented one

of the little known secrets

got a little something something going

on here

we're probably gonna miss this show

there's another video

i will put up a card right there

i did a full glorious 4k of this show

which was pretty amazing and i must

admit it's probably the best one

on youtube

and thank you for everyone who shouts

out my video quality

and then again i am a professional


so i'm definitely using that to my

advantage no doubt

let's do a little fly cam action over

the strip


on our way back to the ti



i might do a little buffalo slot machine

when i get in there

i saw that one of those that was in the

absolute perfect

location i did a video on how to pick

the perfect slot machine

and i saw one that met all the criteria

so i might just go check that out i

haven't played here in

months since they opened actually

opening day

and there's a video for that too



all right here we go we'll fly cam in

the strip again


slide past his pole



everybody being all respectful of the no




don't do what i do


i'm a trained professional

it's funny we used to call the ti the ti

before they called themselves the ti

the locals hey where you're heading

tonight after i head up to the ti

see what's going on now they call

themselves a ti

i like to think i had something to do

with that shout out t.i

c.i has always been good to me i got a

gaming story about the ti

everyone always asked me about to tell

them some gaming stories

i got two crazy stories from that place

but i'm going to save that for another

video probably an episode hey

bro frederick if you have any

suggestions for

hey bro frederick my weekly

q a show where you get to pick the topic


put it in the comments below not a

question not like why is the best burger

joint in town type of thing you know

if you have an actual topic that we

could talk about for at least 10 minutes

i'd definitely be down with that

she's still singing word of caution

they've stopped most of them

but if you see the bigger demonstrations

on the strip

you know uh uh acrobats and

you know gymnasts and all that type of


just be cautious about your surroundings


back in the day before they really put

the kibosh on that

they used to be prime locations for


and yes pickpockets do exist they're in

your town they're also in my town

so just be cautious of that anywhere

where there's gathering

because of some type of street


just be cautious that's all i'm saying


still a line waiting to get into the

margarita bar

let me see if we could do some bobbing

and weaving

all right i think we can bob and weave


so i'm gonna go head inside

and see what else is going on because

the place is just starting to wake up

i don't like coming out too late you

know i do actually


this is a good time this is a good uh


for what's going on there's people out

here at 9

10 o'clock then it's doing pretty good

and i'll post the numbers for tourism

that we had

over the past month in a couple of days

to give you an idea of the recovery and

the recovery is going well

it's just week over week day after day


so that is absolutely amazing so we're

back where we started

don't want to make this video too long

so let's take a pause right here and i

want to thank everyone

for coming along for this little walk

if you have any suggestions for things

you want to see places you want me to go

i'd be more than happy to do that for


local around town whatever the case may


i'll make that happen and right now i'm

gonna flash up the

nine percent word of the day you drop

that in the comments let me know you

stuck around to the end of the video

again most appreciated join that nine

percent club

i'm gonna start doing some giveaways i'm

working with a couple of sponsors to

make that happen

can't speak too soon the ink has not yet

been dried but it is

definitely happening and on that note

for frederick out