Expectation vs. Reality | NOT What You See on INSTAGRAM 😂Thai Lantern Festival (Part 2)

my fireballs falling out of the sky



we are so excited to be your doing this

magical time where they're celebrating

the lantern but our preparation for the

festival actually started yesterday

hello welcome to my classroom b- now we

have our Catania we are about to head

into the old city to join the

festivities probably the most beautiful

ceremony that I've ever seen but we're

having extreme FOMO


you can just see all the lanterns

originating from one place so there's

just like a herd of people walking down

this road in the direction of where all

the lanterns are taking off I feel like

a parade it's absolutely beautiful the

atmosphere is fantastic everybody's

happy everybody's in the road even

though the roads not going to fix their



this is beautiful chaos and I think

ukulele festival I pictured this really

light serene moment where everybody's

being really quiet and letting off their

lanterns but instead it's just chaos in

the streets and there's people that

don't realize that you need to hold your

lantern long enough break the light fill

up with hot air to go up so they let it

go too early and then there's fire

crashing down on people's heads the old

crowds are jealous like watch out watch

out it's in like ten different languages

and it's just constant you think

eventually you would start to like

fizzle out like everyone would have lit

that lantern and let it go but like four

hours the sky has just been filled with

lamb chops


oh my gosh

it's so much fun there's just fire balls

falling out of the sky there's carnage

all over the ground from lanterns that

have gone out and just falling back down

to earth so much more exciting than I

thought it was gonna be I'm secretly

cheering for like all in the crash


I'm not anybody hey Jan how do you feel

you send a flaming fireball at people's


I would say it is now somewhere in this

is supposedly on my fifth or sixth time

that it gets more and more scary every

every year because there's so much

pressure involved like if this doesn't

go up well my years are looking good so

much unnecessary pressure but we have

fun things there I just take it so

seriously even the gay lit it's like oh

it's not lighting toilet paper and

kerosene yeah you can see it's an

ultimate appeal so I do the switcheroo

right yeah okay can you help me no no

it was all going on to the flame pbbt I


I don't know what to do anymore bro what

you taught me three what you think him

I'm thinking I'm gonna help you grab the

top okay we're gonna move to what each

grab on its side on the top gonna be a

good you don't say that there's a bit

windy now you know okay I feel much

better now

this is so I'm sorry over to make no


it's like a spa life insurance how do I

believe in this anyway now all the hot

guys go oh well I'm not too bothered

secretly I'm feeling so much pressure

right now let's try to flip it over I

must take it down to the ground ready

keep it out of the way but as soon as

the wing comes it just puffs those want

to decide

it's so much harder than it looks

I don't like not having fun let it go

like I'm gonna walk

it's okay okay okay okay

back down to the ground back out to the

ground was held up its belong is Lanza

relief in the history it's kind of go

was trying I feel like our lights going

out already

get on the ground too long why


it's going up

come on


toilet paper that was in the middle that

was catching on fire was burnt up by the

time we actually let it go up and do it

here yeah we're never sorry

now I'm gonna have a good year so we've

learned from my mistakes let me know be

confident and let go early ready just

let it go



bye to wait till the letter stop

I need a drink

so this is the thing about Lloyd guitar

and the lantern festival is yes the

lanterns are incredible and beautiful

and fun and crazy but this is a reason

why I love this festival the Lloyd

Patong the tie part of this festival we

just look how beautiful this is

if there's no fire yeah I'm we can the



the idea is you make a guitar it's a

hundred percent natural made from family

all the things that you saw when we made

them in the classroom but there is a few

things that you have to add at the last

minute which is your incense some human

hair right from the top of your head and

the whole idea is is that in Buddhism

they believe water is blessing

so by putting in your baton


so time people believe that by including

this baton downriver that's perfect

with your hair with your fingernails and

a little bit of money you're taking away

you're sending away downstream bad

energy bad cop from the year four and

you are wishing for good luck is good

fortune and good karma to come down the


it is overlooked because of the lanterns

and the craziness but this is why I love

and then I pulled out when updates gray

hairs I never want my gray hair and

we're completing our curtain house have

a lot of hair and actually large - I saw

guys downstream collecting all of these

tongs we look how many coupons are

flowing down here it's been like this in

the sunset and every single one has 10

bar 20 bar maybe a thousand bar I mean

at this serious ball right here yeah of

course I would never do that

so 20 bar goes into mine



Oh Eddie has fun I could it be advisor

I find my fingernails inside you don't

leave me much to work with here

the key is don't fall in the river



like if you think of each one of these

there's some more times as a person like

that the person who has trouble like the

same troubles that all these other

people are going through


on fire dragon go get another one

it landed it never happened


and a hot girl that I've liked for a

while so something's going