FOUND! Biblical Land of Nod Discovered? It's not where people think.

welcome to the evangelist Nick Garrett

channel one may find this miraculous but

with the modern tools of technology the

biblical Land of Nod mentioned as the

place East of Eden where Cain was sent

to wander after murdering his brother

has been located it's coordinates are

fifty three point eight one eight five

north and zero point seven two one five

West and is in Yorkshire England wait

what oh no sorry

here it is located on a 3,000 acre plot

north of Woburn Massachusetts um no no

here it is in Windham Maine the truth is

these three places in the modern world

are called Land of Nod

not in the Bible though is not really a

geographical place older English

translations of the Bible can give one

the impression after Cain kills his

brother Abel God curses him and sends

him to wander in the land of Eretz in

Hebrew nod but most biblical

translations prior to 93 ad were clear

that Cain was to live as a wanderer and

vagabond that is what nod meant just

listen to the way the account read in a

more modern version of the Bible Genesis

chapter 4

Adam lay with his wife Eve and she

became pregnant and gave birth to Cain

she said with the help of the Lord I

have brought forth a man later she gave

birth to his brother Abel now Abel kept

flocks and Cain worked the soil in the

course of time Cain brought some of the

fruits of the soil as an offering to the

Lord but Abel brought fat portions from

some of the firstborn of his flock the

Lord looked with favor on Abel and his

offering but on Cain and his offering he

did not look with favor

so Cain was very angry and his face was

downcast then the Lord said to Cain why

are you angry why is your face downcast

if you do what is right you will be

accepted but if you do not do what is

right sin is crouching at your door it

desires to have you but you must master


now Kane said to his brother Abel let's

go out to the field and while they were

in the field Cain attacked his brother

Abel and killed him then the Lord said

to Cain where's your brother Abel I

don't know he replied am I my brother's


the Lord said what have you done listen

your brother's blood cries out to me

from the ground now you are under a

curse and driven from the ground which

opened its mouth to receive your

brother's blood from your hand when you

work the ground it will no longer yield

its crops to you you will be a restless

wanderer on the earth Cain said to the

Lord my punishment is more than I can

bear today you're driving me from the

land and I will be hidden from your

presence I will be a restless wanderer

on the earth and whoever finds me will

kill me but the Lord said to him not so

if anyone kills Cain he will suffer

vengeance seven times over

then the Lord put a mark on Cain so no

one who found him would kill him so Cain

went out from the Lord's presence and

lived in the Land of Nod East of Eden

see it was not until Josephus wrote his

antiquities that the idea of not being a

place was founded

he wrote that Cain continued his

wickedness and nod resorting to violence

and robbery establishing weights and

measures transforming human culture from

innocence into craftiness and deceit

establishing property lines and building

a fortified city the early church

fathers both hurt and helped with their

interpretations Origen defined nod is

the land of trembling and wrote that it

symbolized the condition for all who

forsake God earlier commentators treated

it as the opposite of Eden were still

than the land of Exile for the rest of


sometimes it's described as a desert

inhabited only by ferocious beasts

Augustine later used it as a platform to

define the unconverted as dwellers of

the Land of Nod which he defined as

commotion and carnal disquietude Middle

Ages lore is pretty clear that the Land

of Nod is a place of sleep but not eight

hours on the Serta type sleep more like

eternal sleep lonely sleep mental

imprisonment lack of consciousness

modern Protestant and evangelical Bible

dictionary by Unger does attribute the

land designated as the biblical nod it

says the inhabitants of basura and bush

Eyre claim that the land between these

two cities in the Persian Gulf was the

retreat of cane this is a claim with no

evidence though in truth the only thing

we can say with certainty that fits both

literal and symbolic nod is that it is

reliant on Eden because it has to be to

the east of it opposite of it in a

different mental emotional and spiritual

state from it so what if cane yes he was

cursed but also protected by God some of

the confusion may come from the fact

that Cain became a great builder of

cities or a city while he was wandering

Eretz in nod today we use nod as a term

for those under the heavy influence of

drugs and alcohol particularly opiates

they are said to be nodding off so what

about the very common apologetic

challenges to the narrative where did

Cain's wife come from if he was the

third man first of all the idea that he

marries his direct nuclear sister is

ambiguous the only Bible to really say

this is the on line blue letter Bible

but there's no linguistic accuracy in

that statement he clearly marries after

the murder after the curse after

ordering nod he took a wife now the idea

that there is a biblical verse here that

has to be explained is false and no

other narrative would such a question be

relevant our characters are not assumed

to be the only ones living during a

narrative that neglects to specify a

timeline let me say that one more time

our characters are not assumed to be the

only ones living during a narrative that

neglects to specify a timeline of course

it's common sense that he married a

relative by descent it's hard to know

exactly what is going on after this

narrative later in Genesis 4 we get our

first main genealogy which are some of

the main overlooked keys of the Bible

but these ones show us that either

literally or symbolically the

descendants of Cain and Adam and Seth

Abel's brother born after his death are

named the same things

this must have some meaning this meaning

remains undefined to us though so we

have to look at the themes and takeaways

to know what is being said in the first

eleven chapters of Genesis in our case

the first 5:1 Humanity is given or takes

without permission the ability to

reproduce second one line of people is

in line with God the Creator in Eden the

other is outside of it not wandering

East of Eden no modern correlation to

the east of course the story though

correlates to an early Sumerian one

about the competition between the farmer

and the Shepherd in more modern parlance

the difference between agrarian and

urban societies what else

Cain defines good and evil on his own

interpreting God's reaction to his

offering as rejection compared to his

brother he felt rejection anger jealousy

resentment premeditation his irrational

murder of his brother really drives the

consequences of eating the tree of

knowledge without God's permission or

guidance Cain didn't even seem to know

the consequences only that he would

murder come to the field with me brother

afterward he is struck innately by

conscience and tries to hide his deed he

later begs God telling him the

punishment is more than he can bear the

most interesting part of this whole

thing was that Cain was guilty of

desecrating the land not murdering his

brother or rather to God it seems more

of an issue that the land was desecrated

the land cried out to God regarding

Abel's blood Cain could no longer be in

the land of Eden and had to go to the

Land of Nod or state of wandering in

different land than Eden fascinating

stuff ha talk to you all next time