Inside the Telluride FACTORY and Production Line! // The American Story of Telluride: Part 2

All right guys

so as promised we are checking out every single stage of creating a telluride and

obviously a very crucial one of those is the actual manufacturing process for

This kia flew us to West Point Georgia, which is the only place in the world where Telluride is produced

Now usually cameras are not allowed inside of the facility. However, we were granted access to film many though

Not all of the steps in the manufacturing process

They would have loved to give us full access, but there is a good reason why they couldn't

Tooling and part production for both the all-new Sorento and all new Optima. We're already underway

Getting ready for the launch

Now moving beyond that little teaser we can take a look at some of the final stages of production

Once the bodies are mostly put together

Like any automotive assembly line workers are tasked with certain

Standardized jobs that they complete during the time where the vehicles move through their station

one of the things though that kia repeatedly emphasized is that

every single worker on the line has the authority and is

Encouraged to stop the entire assembly line if they encounter any quality issue

This allows them to proactively correct the problem on the spot

Meaning that issues are effectively contained until the sources are tracked down like for instance a bad batch of part

One of the things you'll see workers do is run their fingers over places where two parts meet

This is checking for certain gap tolerances, which the workers are trained to feel even millimeter differences

You also notice that as the vehicles near the end of the assembly line they are under bright lights

So that workers can more easily spot imperfections

Finally after it rolls off the assembly line for the first time

It is driven over a few bumps and gets in line to head out to the test track

Now we did actually get to ride out on the track

Which is something that every single vehicle produced at this factory will get to do in

Some factories that test ratio will be perhaps one in ten or one in twenty

But here it's 100% of the roughly 1,000 cars per day that they produce

This is what we call a steering pad, we're gonna check steering radius listen for any loose parts

Just like a figure eight like just uh, just puts the steering system all the way through the paces

Check turn signals also to turn signal cancel

Straighten back up. It's a stir bar the turn signal cancels out. Thanks

Back up a little bit right here. Check back up camera

This here's what we call shake Road is like seven different road surfaces and a

test car

Listening for any kind of bumps and shakes and rattles in the body just any kind of vibration anything out of the ordinary

is that's a verify your speedometer or is that just it's just a radar just showing you how fast you're going and what what the

Recommended speed is for this this section. Typically how fast do you go for the second normally right in here five to seven

There's a couple of spots

Where you can get up to ten right in here

This is the best part right here

The worst part

Just like with the head and the proving grounds PTSD

Right here we're checking drift pool checking courage controls markers

We check it once at 50 and check it again at 70

Is there one test that cars tend to fail more often than others are

Not really

Usually, you know during the first stages of on building a car

You know that there's still a lot of bugs and need to be worked out. You will hear a lot of vibrations and

But you know, that's normally in cars that are not sellable, right?

It's just test cars and then normally about time we make it to start a production those cars or you know

all those issues are normally figured out by the

So how many of you test drivers are there

each if there's a

25 to 30 of us, okay

Every car we build goes through this

And right now, I think we're producing right out of thousand cars a day

The most part that's it in a nutshell

And in that garage if there is about this is the track shop, but there's a lift and everything in there

They use it for inspection and that shed that we went by down there

There's also a pit in there you can drive up in there. Yep, and there's a set of steps

It goes down inspection pit. You can look at the underside of the car and everything you guys


This is the shower test. It's placing that big car washing but we're gonna go we're gonna go in with it

Normally, we don't take the car or go. Stay with the car. Yeah

We normally leave the car and it comes out, but they want y'all to experience it


There's gonna be total whiteout when we go in there. I mean the car be

Surrounded by water if there's any kind of issues but leaks

Anything it'll be detected in there cuz I mean, it's like just some of the worst rainstorm you've ever been in times ten

Those cars over there those Gordon have been through this and those cars are almost to the end of the process

They're fixin to be signed off and with no issues and then they'll go out

To be checked at this point digestion do another computer test on it

Just verify everything's good. They give it another once-over and then it goes out to vehicle processing center

Which is the big yard outside where all the cars were parked down by the track

This is about as extreme as it gets as far as like

Testing the vehicle for leaks and we do a special test like during lunch break

we'll load a car into here and

They'll stop the line while the cars right in the middle of the water and the car sitting here for a good 30 minutes

It's not gonna leak after the end, you know, you're not gonna have no leaks

Pretty pleased with how this thing is taking off too. We can't build enough days right there up here

All right, so here we are with forest our new friend

We've watched all of his videos on the internet

So it's actually really kind of cool to meet him and we finally met him at this press event

And we're kind of driving down to the Atlanta

Telluride plant and we stopped here in this

Weird little town that's why you guys. Yeah. Thank you a really cool

We found this mural both of our tell you right here, but what we want to tell you guys, he makes awesome videos

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Which is awesome and I cannot wait to see that plaque come into the night. I'm gonna go excited

While at KMMG. We also got the chance to interview some of the employees who had plenty of interesting insights to share

When it comes to tell you write

Whatever you would like at the magic moment when you said let us say man. This might be a special video

It was a good a good time for you, and he thought I'm on a good project

It has nothing to do with your bill actually

No, I have a brother in a Oklahoma City, Texas main cities between Dallas and Fort Worth. So

They came down and I was just driving a Telluride being on the launch team. I had opportunity to take well they came to visit

My sister-in-law was so she was so I think they waited for months to get the Telluride

They actually training in a BMW

And just on the side note

we've actually just been collected some data on what vehicles are coming in what sort of conquest we're getting and it's like

74 or 75 percent

Conquest as a couple people coming from another Kia vehicle and in many cases the BMW is yeah a lot of Range Rover

Yeah, you know if you come here to Range Rover you quite like to have a good warranty

So several, please my Mary when you see you tell your around town this week

it makes me feel friend about one that we built it when

Bro so we have extra sense of pride about that and prior to the bill prior to me touchdown out of the car our that

The doctor is for my normal checkup

And then when I did we have a program when a customer again

I want that and we drove it around we decided we're just gonna drive it all around in the family

And we were at the airport

my sister's come in from town and we met this couple and

There's a tell you right inside the airport and they were just looking at it and watching it

So we walks over anyone we was like we build that

They're like really amazing start asking us all kind of questions of a couple of people walked up as honest question

Everybody is really really excited, you know to get there

Well speaking of waiting and then getting your hands on it so it KMA we're not allowed to order when this our company Eastern Area

What are you going no

Well, I think that's the same here it is employees you guys can't work right now we can't order

That's a good and bad problem. Is it? Oh, that's a good bad

Yeah, because I think we all know it we captured

It seems like everybody's happy here we saw a lot of people waving at as a day

Isn't about that it is time to move up the corporate culture here. I mean, that's if it's work I understand

It is for Monday mornings. You probably not super happy to find in here, but

Everybody there. There's a positivity. What do you think that where do you think that comes from?

Before kia got here, you know

It wasn't a lot of hope, you know people were really you know

Trying to figure out what the next move is gonna be a textile mill said clothes. There was not a lot of development here

so this brought

bright light to this area

We gave everybody a sense of hope that we wanted it to work so bad that I think that's where our sense of christ l-tron

Want them to be successful and being happy and thankful and grateful that we have something here for a fresh start

It's been ten years, but it seems like yesterday

You know when you come from almost have enough

Yeah, and then you've got something and it's something good at work or thriving off of

Enthusiasm, that's why not. Just what to tell you

I think that what we experienced with the surrogate or a generation Sorento the Optima brother Nadia

Right sure, you started seeing people actually driving these cars on the high

And as far as you going to Alabama and up past Atlanta

You're going to Tennessee or that you're seeing my cars all over the place and it just brung a lot of

Excitement and joy was knowing that we do this and

To see where we're warming into the future and we're still here, but we don't feel threatened

We have someplace to be that's a lot

Well guys, that's it for our time at kmg in West Point, Georgia

Now the American story of Telluride is not over yet

we still have one more aspect left to share and that is the very beginning phases of designing and making the concept as

told by the lead designers themselves

It's definitely super interesting and you won't want to miss that video coming up next week

See you then and take care!