How To Fix Gboard Google Keyboard Disappear Keyboard has stop working

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like okay guys let me see and in this

video I'm gonna be talking about is that

there's a problem that I came across

with this fall I'm going to show you

what a problem is the keyboard is not

working if we go into what's up for some

reason we can't use the keyboard to type

in anyway so I'm gonna use them on the

street to be one talking about so I want

to connect to my Wi-Fi yeah and if you

can see here it is telling meet up to

speak when I go ahead and I top to speak

nothing is happening and the funny thing

about it is that we can't do anything we

can put in our pants or we can't do the

text-to-speech and also we can't change

the keyboard I'm gonna go into language

and input where the keyboard option is

and as you can see here keyboard input

method or voice typing right when I go

here I wanna change the keyboard nothing

is happening here there isn't any other

options that are here that we can choose

their own in one option so my thing is I

don't know how this problem occurred but

I'm thinking probably it happened during

some sort of update that wasn't done

successfully or something like that so

right now this forints

soldering the useless because we cannot

do any type in whatsoever but I'm gonna

go and see if I can send

a text message this is what I'm gonna do

to see if I can send a text message here

I'm gonna try to do so okay so let me go

ahead go into the new button here hello

hello so here we can see that it is

working in the message area and it's not

trying to detect what I'm saying which

is very cool this is a cool feature

so one saying is that we need a Google

keyboard and to be honest I should have

been able to just rectify this in just

going in to language and import

and paren keyboard I should have some

other options here

the fastest way I'm gonna do to fix this

method is that I'm gonna turn the phone

off and I'm gonna install a keyboard as

and I'm gonna install the Google

keyboard so we can use the keyboard so

I'm gonna go ahead and install a Google

app I have the keyboard original Google

apk up in on this SD card so I'm gonna

use this SD card to install the Google

keyboard and this is basically a

shortcut I'm gonna be using

just eliminate the whole idea of

resetting this phone are doing over the

phone system this is a simple way of

solving this issue I could have done

loaded up directly from the phone but I

cannot get to put in my wireless

password it's not going in it's not even

going in the text-to-speech isn't

working the only thing that it is

working on so far is the message the

text message it's not working in

whatsapp it is not working properly so

if it happens that you come across this

problem this is a way of resolving this

issue for those of you who are

experiencing this problem our similar

problem you can comment down below and

also let me know what's happening and

let me know what's going on with your

phone and the problem you're

experiencing so here the first thing

would have to do here we would have to

go to settings and we would need to take

off the security option here in security

so we can install unknown application so

I'm gonna go now to the file manager on

this phone here I can see internal

storage and here is the SD card I'm

gonna be looking for the chip board up

and you can see it right here

chip board the Google keyboard I'm gonna

go ahead and I'm gonna open this

application the apt for the G board

Google keyboard

I'm gonna go install these up and

hopefully they should solve the problem

with our phone with our keyboard not

working on the other hand if it happens

that that setting is disabled you can go

into language and input and put on your

keyboard settings but for this phone it

is not showing up it is not there I

don't know what happened

some here doing a quick simple solution

in solving this issue so I'm just

waiting for this to finish install so we

are done here I'm gonna greater than

open so now you can see that reboot

keyboard settings showing up in the

phone I'm just gonna go back and see

where that take me to I'm gonna be doing

I'm gonna come out and I'm gonna go into

settings language and input and now I'm

gonna go to current keyboard yeah and

now you can see that keyboard is showing

up it was not showing before so I'm

gonna choose keyboard it was not showing

before I'm gonna choose keyboard this

one here so I'm gonna take off the

automatic voice typing and I'm gonna put

the clip on you John already this should

be a permanent software I have no idea

how it came off or what had happened but

my theory is that maybe for some reason

it came off while it was updated to

reset your device

to factory mode like when you just

purchase it but I would see that this is

the easiest way of getting by doing this

I happen to use this app that I

downloaded on my computer to solve this

problem which is more easier we could

not have download it directly on the

phone due to the problem that we can put

in our wireless password so this is a

quick fix here and I do hope that this

video was helpful to do the few who are

certain to remedy this problem that

you're experiencing

I'm lens and again I would like you guys

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comments and questions comment down

below I try my best to help you this is

what I used to hook up my SD cards to my

computer it's a SD adapter this is what

I use to download the Google keyboard

keyboard and I don't know the apk loaded

it on this SD card put the SD card in

and install the keyboard I'm gonna show

you what you need to do after you finish

doing all of this it's very important to

take off the security setting which is

the unknown up

feature install settings that we put on

in order to install this third-party app

that's how it would register if it

didn't install from one other software

like Play Store so we need to go into

security and now we need to just take

off unknown sources so if it happens

that you don't want to leave unknown

sources on because for some reason you

can't download an app that could just

don't do with multiple apps on your

device and you wouldn't want that to

happen because there are a lot of

different absolutely

you don't load one up and that would

just don't do multiple of itself so to

eliminate a problem tip of unknown

sources they will stick to Play Store a

little stick in playing the game safe so

again ambulance I hope that this video

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