11 Joshua Tree Facts

welcome to comedy on desk 11 Joshua Tree

facts Joshua Tree isn't even a tree at

all it's a flowering plant and part of

the egami

Joshua trees grow between an elevation

of two and six thousand feet and are

found mainly in the Mojave Desert Joshua

trees grow 0 to 3 inches a year

depending on the amount of rainfall

compl and receives its name from the

Mormon people who said that it resembled

the Prophet Joshua as he led his flock

into the Promised Land the Joshua tree

is the largest shaaka

and was once thought to be a member of

the lily family until DNA four dozen was

it takes 60 years for a tree to mature

and grows to about 20 feet tall most

trees live to be about five hundred

years old but the oldest Joshua tree is

over a thousand the Joshua tree blooms

in the springtime sport six bell-shaped

flowers each having six creamy yellow

green feet the yucca mom is in a

symbiotic relationship with the Joshua

tree it is the only thing that

pollinates them and helps them reproduce

in turn the moth lays their larvae in

the pod allowing the

to reduce American Indians use Joshua

Tree to make baskets and sandals with it

stuff leads and roasted the seed that's

a healthy addition to their diet the

cover for you Tues Joshua tree album

takes place in the California National

Joshua Tree force it has become the most

famous Joshua Tree ever sadly it was

found cut down a few years ago we hope

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