From Giants to Jets: Morphing MetLife Stadium

we're here at MetLife Stadium in East

Rutherford New Jersey it is the only

stadium to house two NFL teams the New

York Giants and the New York Jets it is

a one-of-a-kind facility that undergoes

a change over 15 to 20 times a year from

the in zones to the flag pole banners

even to the merchandise just so both

teams can call it home and we have an

all-access pass to show you how it's

done first let me throw some numbers at

you 2.1 million that is the square

footage of MetLife Stadium 1,100 now

that's the number of manual elements

that need to be changed each time mm

that's how many pounds each of the 80

Trey's ways that make up the endzone and

18 to 26 the number of people it

physically takes to go from blue to

green and back again sometimes as little

as 12 hours today we're going from

Giants to Jets all right now and you're

the man who figured out how to make all

of this happen

right now we're changing the in zones

how long is this whole process take

typically on a standard changeover it

takes two eight-hour days to change out

the end zones and all the Associated

signage what are these made of it

they're putting down well they're

actually trays that were fabricated by

field turf it's a it's the actual field

turf but it's kind of like cut into

puzzle pieces and they're placed

individually each end zone is 40 trays

each one weighs close to 2,000 pounds

times 40 so it's a certain amount of

manpower down now what's the trickiest

part I've seen them sort of taking

another piece of equipment and kind of

pushing in

each of the trays it's just to get them

to fits correctly is that the hardest

part yeah exactly I mean once you get to

the end you could be off a few inches so

that tray puller is kind of adjusting

them as they go and then when they get

to the end you'll know if they're off

now when I'm kicking here stuff has been

what is this it's coming up here that's

rubber and sand that's a mixture of

rubber and sand in it's the infill we

call it it's kind of ground-up tires

he's grounded it is ground of tires and

it kind of you know mimics what dirt is

like on a natural grass be unnatural

this is your map of madness right how it

all happened

this is our puzzle that we put together

each week so you can see each one of our

end zones is labeled and each one of the

trays is numbered no logo anymore that

way no logo anymore used to be Giants

and Jets Pacific it was a little too

risky yeah to be changing that 50-yard

line from week to week so we decided to

install an NFL shield which is inlaid

and we don't have trays at the finish

so Mike all these New York Giants

banners they have to all come down

that's correct

how many are there all over the stadium

we've got about 200 over all that will

change good news is that we don't need

really tall ladders we have this that's

correct this is our Jeanie and we're

going up in it I can see Russia from my

house what do you think guys good right

so Mike you guys could make it

easy on yourselves and just use neutral

lighting you have to have blue lighting

and Craig green lighting that's correct

we alternate back and forth for every

Jets home game in giant all right let's

swap them

so it looks like you've got filters that

you change so blues on here now you got

green right in our case here I thought

what we in putting into the trace here

all right that just shines up on the

building that's correct

all right illuminates it what we call

the louvers that are that will shine all

the way through the top

I'm always finishing before you what's

up with that mine I got to get more

practice here I tell ya work on I got to

work on it you were just the pros pearl


so Jay we're hearing the biggest

merchandise store and all of this has to

switch today from Giants to Jets as well

how large is this place

it's 9600 square feet now is it all a

matter of people hand taking it in and

out or if you got some secrets well

there's a few tricks to the operation

like for instance these walls all spin

I'm not picking favorites though Oh Jay

got this in Giants

let's check in that drawer right here so

I can switch on game day - what about

all this lighting I mean this is like

definitely a giant's vibe you guys can't

go in and change out all the bulbs well

no we have we just push the button and

it goes to green for Jess

just goes to green absolutely fade to

green so it looks like you have this all

mapped out by zone for the changeover

correct we have maps for both the Giants

wall wrap in the Jets wall wrap

currently we're gonna be putting up the

Jets wall wrap in the northwest corner

and um you're gonna help me do it I'm

happy to do so but I have one question

before we do the entire stadium is sort

of neutral in tone the seats are grey is

that intentional so that you can pop any

team in here that is intentional and you

can put a college team in here if you

have to absolutely all right so you want

me to help absolutely

oh I have to get my jacket off here I

don't think Sanchez and Tebow like this

color anyway let's go so you guys are

just passing these banners with cable


correct I just store each of the Giants

Jets and that's it you just bring them

out each week so we do 25 pieces for

each team and we set them up from week

to week some leftover popcorn from the

Bruce Springsteen concert you want some

I'll huddle for a minute Alan so there

are these all these little things that

go into the changeover that I would have

thought up for instance the fabric

softener why do you use that

well when the static electricity gets

high on the field the rubber gets in

your shoes the rubber sticks to your


we put fabric softener down in the field

so we're not trash on the field you just

like take a big leaf blower and blow it

all off um usually pan and broom some

employees with pan and brooms walking

around picking up the bridge so this is

a big change for how it used to be for

the Jets when they played over in giant

stadium I mean they're they just sort of

look painted in zones they painted the

end zones and put a few banners up but

this is truly 50 50 jets home Giants

home most like a big difference for them

just psychologically when they play oh

absolutely and I think it it rolls over

from their management down to their

players that this is their home as well

Super Bowl is coming here in 2014 and

there will be a big change over then but

that gives me plenty of time to practice

you ready I don't know if I am so close