The DISASTROUS Monday Night Football Game at Shea Stadium | Vikings at Jets (1979)

on September 21st 1970 the NFL did

something that would change the future

of the sport forever on that day the New

York Jets visited the Cleveland Browns

in the very first ever Monday Night

Football game I made a video a while ago

about how Monday Night Football almost

never happened and how the creation of

this saved ABC if you won't check that

out quickly Monday Night Football became

an American institution and one of the

biggest events each week on the sporting

calendar during football season and for

the first nine years of Monday Night


oddly enough the Jets never hosted a

game they played on Monday Night

Football seven times from 1970 to 76 and

they were the road team all seven times

in 1977 and 1978 they didn't get any

nationally televised game probably

because both times they went three and

11 the year before but in 1978 the Jets

improved to a respectable eight and

eight record and with that they not only

got back on the monday night football

scene but they got something they never

had before for the first time ever the

Jets were gonna host a Monday night

football game Shea Stadium under the

lights against the Minnesota Vikings

this was a disaster and that's putting

it mildly I'm not talking about the Jets

performance on the field they defeated

the Vikings 14 to 7 they forced seven

Viking turnovers including four

interceptions from quarterback Tommy

Cramer and they picked up 183 rushing

yards but off the field let's just say

things got very rowdy and this is the

story behind the first ever Jets hold

Monday night game and how it got really

ugly really quickly to start off

security at sporting events today is way

tighter than it was back in the 70s I

mean multiple videos about that if you

want to check it out one of them

involves a man who robbed a concession

stand at gunpoint at Riverfront Stadium

for the AFC divisional round matchup

between the Bengals and the bills and

successfully ran away with over $10,000

and another one involves a man who

successfully climbed the fence and got

into Super Bowl 18 at Tampa stadium with

a gun fun stuff back then it seemed

fairly easy to be able to smuggle stuff

into a game and man did Jets fans do

that here to the surprise of nobody

many fans smell of alcohol including

beer bottles and liquor

alcohol made its way onto the field

along look at this touchdown that

Richard Todd scored at the beginning of

the game that's a beer shower if I've

ever seen one keep in mind that because

of the late start time a lot of fans

were already drunk

there weren't local taverns before had

so many fans weren't even in their seats

by the time this touchdown was score and

later on fans through these cans and

bottles onto the field many of which

were broken but alcohol wasn't the only

thing being smuggled into the stadium

fans brought in roman candles and

firecrackers one fan threw a firecracker

onto the field barely missing the

Vikings huddle unfortunately very little

surviving footage of this game exists

security caught the man though but he

refused to leave resulting in a

fistfight so bad and so large that

thirty people got injured and 15 of them

got sent to the hospital by the end of

the game there were hundreds of fans who

had climbed over the railings and were

standing on the sidelines waiting to

storm the field some fans even stormed

the field during the game and after the

game's final play after verjus Owens

intercepted Kramer's pass the team just

ran to the tongue for their own safety

since the fans were storming the field

one of the nurses on duty said that she

never saw anything like this it was the

worst I've seen in the two years I've

worked here another security officer

who'd worked at Shea for ten years

backed up that statement saying that it

was even worse than when the Mets won

the 1969 World Series and has one fan

put it it was a Monday night and

everyone knew they were on TV

people were all juiced up in more ways

than one their largest crowd of the

season with over 54,000 fans packed into

the stadium was considered a borderline

vicious one by The Associated Press but

the behavior of the fans being described

as a new low even from New York

surprisingly enough this didn't stop the

NFL from going back to Shea Stadium the

following year for a Monday night game

between the Jets and the Dolphins which

the Jets won 17 to 14 without any

incident but the very first home money

night game in Jets history which was ten

years in the making was an absolute


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