iPhone 4 - How to Remove and Insert a SIM Card

if you got yourself a used iPhone 4 it

might not come with a user manual and

you might have to change the sim card

yourself on my iPhone the slot for the

SIM card is on the right side of the

display and you can barely see it

there's a tiny little hole here you can

put a paperclip or a safety pin into it

don't use a wooden toothpick that might

just break off and to get the SIM card

out you actually have to use some

pressure it's going to feel like that

safety pin is going right into the fold

circuitry but with enough pressure the

SIM card is going to pop out take out

the old SIM card and put in the new one

there's only one way to put the SIM card

into the holder so you can't go wrong

wish you the best of luck with your new