here we are independents all there is

the Rising Sun chair letting us up on

the second floor of Independence Hall

today people who are going up here have

no idea how rare and how privileged of

an opportunity this is to go up these

steps and go to the second floor of

Independence Hall

they only have this open for 30 days a


this is a view of Philadelphia from


the state of Pennsylvania from 1790 to

1800 the state capitol was Independence

Hall so all the state business when the

federal government was here took place

in this building the second floor

so they have maps

New Hampshire and doing how many times

many times take out this window

second-floor window of Independence over

this map here we we had a big fight the

state of Pennsylvania would stay that

Maryland about the cutoff point where

Pennsylvania began when Maryland again

and this is one of the maps tool here

was used as a surveyor for the

mason-dixon I think that's what a park

ranger last week this is for the

mason-dixon line and it was also used

figuring out what part was Pennsylvania

which part was Maryland there's a

picture of William Penn wearing a suit

of armor

thing about Independence Hall is the

British occupied Independence Hall in

1777 I think it was so a lot of the

furniture is an original most of the

furniture was burned this was the

general council chamber

George the third a great for areas King

George this was like the Governor's

Council is for people for working with

the governor would come here in this

room these are the stairs that go up to

the top of the bell tower and it says

that the bell tower was designed by

Robert Strickland and Strickland is the

guy who also did the second bank of the

United States

I think national mechanics that Bari did

that too there's not many original

things here

their supplies

and I found out that if you want to come

to the second floor of Independence Hall

you can do that in February most likely

just one week days as Matt

this is the only place with original

flooring from the original the original

building and you can see that here there

is a possibility of George wash it

stepped in these woods

that's my trip to the second floor of

Independence all right

all right that's it make sure you hit

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you later Turtles