so in this video I'm gonna talk about

what the hypodermis is to begin with the

hypodermis is not a part of true skin so

remember we talked about skin is

actually technically considered only the

epidermis and the dermis and so

therefore the hypodermis which is under

the dermis so it's essentially like down

here if the dermis is here the

hypodermis is down there and the

hypodermis is not a part of true skin

and so the hypodermis is mostly adipose

tissue which is fat and it has a lot

more areolar tissue than the dermis and

so because the hypodermis has a lot of


it helps pad the body so it essentially

provides some padding and cushion for

the body and so the subcutaneous fat

allows for a thermal insulation and it

also provides an energy reservoir

because remember fat has a lot of energy

and in addition it keeps you warmer so

it insulates your body the hypodermis

also helps your skin bind to the rest of

your body so the hypodermis is

essentially the layer that's between

your skin and other organs and probably

the most important thing about the

hypodermis is that it's often the target

of subcutaneous injections so for

example when you get shots from your

doctors they generally give you a shot

into the hypodermis because the

hypodermis is highly vascularized

and so that means it just has a lot of

blood vessels and therefore it absorbs

drugs pretty quickly and one thing I

kind of forgot to mention is that the

hypodermis is often referred to as

subcutaneous tissue and so here you see

it's labeled as subcutaneous tissue

instead of the hypodermis and sometimes

it's also called a hypo derm

swell so there's a bunch of names for

the hypodermis and finally one last

thing I want to mention is that in

general women have more subdued

is fat than men and then infants and

elderly people have less subcutaneous

fat than other people and therefore

they're gonna be a little more sensitive

to cold and so that pretty much sums it

up for the hypodermis thanks for

watching this video I hope you liked it

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