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hydrosphere friends do you know

something if you view a planet Earth

from the space it looks blue as major

part of the Earth's surface is covered

with water and this is the reason why

Earth is known as water planet or blue

planet and this abundance of water is

what distinguishes Earth from other

planets of our solar system let's know

some more things about this interesting

feature of our earth that is that

hydrosphere we all know all the water on

the surface below the ground and

surrounding the earth comes under

hydrosphere we can also see water in

different forms like in rivers seas

oceans snow drain glaciers ice caps etc

here if we observe water is present in

solid form in glaciers snow and ice caps

whereas it exists in liquid form in

rivers seas oceans and rainfall now can

water be present in gaseous state

friends we all have seen the steam

coming out from the boiling water

this steam is water in its gaseous state

so we can say water exists in all three

states of matter solid liquid and gas

now if we look at the distribution of

water in different forms on earth 71% of

her earth is covered with water and the

remaining 29% is land

and around 97% of this water even seas

and oceans and so we call this water as

marine water or saline water as it has

more amount of dissolved salts and so

it's not fit for drinking and the

remaining 3% is freshwater you recall it

as fresh water because the dissolved

salt content is very less and that is

the reason why it is fit for drinking

and of the total fresh water major part

is locked in glaciers and ice caps

followed by underground water and just a

small amount is located in rivers and

lakes so we can compare this small

portion of water which is available for

drinking with the total water available

on the earth and this is the reason why

we must put efforts in conserving water

here I remember the lines from the

rhymes of ancient marina water water

everywhere but not a drop to drink it

stands true completely in case of a

planet Earth as we have seen just now

that a washed majority of a road surface

is covered by water but only a small

portion of it is fit for drinking water

plays a crucial role in survival of

living organisms on earth where there is

water there is life it is not just the

earth that is majorly covered with water

but do you know water makes up

approximately 70% of human's body weight

an average person could live without

food for nearly a month but it would

just be difficult for us to survive even

for a week without water that's how

important water is to human life so to

know more details about hydrosphere

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