A Look Inside the Animal Humane Society

happy going out the door with his new

name bogey congratulations it's a great

day for bogey he's going to his new home

in Northfield with Sonia I met him he

was adorable I felt out some paperwork

and now he's mine but let's back up a


her day actually started at 7:00 in the

morning this morning we decided to get

him my fiancee and I did literally at 7

o'clock this morning and then drove up

here got here 11:15 waited outside and

that's a typical day at the animal

Humane Society in Golden Valley they

open weekdays at noon and usually

there's a line outside for would-be pet

owners waiting to find their new furry

family member from there the process is

fairly simple we have a great customer

service staff they'll walk around they

have their iPads where they can bring up

different information the whole history

of the pet that we have at least and

inform the potential adopters just what

we know about that animal as Zach Nugent

explains you may be surprised

adoption is just one of many services

they offer children will come in for

storytime once a month and we have

summer camps and camps during the school

year when schools on break really

looking to educate younger generations

get them interested in animals in animal

welfare they also have on an off-site

training in addition to pet supplies and

even a helpline one of our big things is

a pet helpline that is staffed and we

will answer questions that anyone has

about a pet whether it is you know I

have a training question or we're having

an issue with behavior or you know we're

getting a divorce what do we do with the

animal and we take in about 30,000 calls

each year so back to bogie once he walks

out that door it doesn't mean goodbye to

the animal Humane Society they'll

continue to be a resource in whatever

way they can