Santa Monica Little League Homerun Derby 2019

morning Santa Monica welcome to

beautiful Memorial Park our majors field

this morning we will have our end of

season Home Run Derby

this will be the culmination of the year

for these wonderful hitters we had our

initial Home Run Derby on opening day

the winner for that competition mr. Eric

Gonzalez he will actually be competing

again today today's Derby so we're

excited about that we'll have one of our

league ambassadors panel Armstrong on

the mound pitching to these to these

hitters and we'll have from our majors

Dodgers team Ben Sherman behind the

plate catching so the rules for today

will have three rounds the first round

will have all 12 players take ten swings

and then the second round will have the

top four players top top four players

number of home runs hit and the first

round will advance the second round

again they will get 10 swings at the

plate and then the top two players from

that second round will then advance to

the third round and they will go head to

head in the final round and the winner

will be determined on the total number

of home runs hit through the course of

the three three rounds so participating

in today's Derby from the majors pirates

we will have our current Home Run Derby

champion Eric Gonzales and Bobby munos

from our majors A's who will be playing

later today in the championship game

we'll have gusts sing and Zach mihrabs

from our majors Phillies we will have

Erin high ryx and max wholesome bird

from our majors Dodgers we will have s

Davison your and 1011

from our majors angels we will have max

Epstein and Joseph Marylander from our

majors Yankees our other team that will

be participating in the championship

game later this afternoon we will have

Matteo Vette tear and John McDonald so

those are the participants in today's

Derby the beginning started here in a

few minutes some final preparations

exciting thing about the Derby so the

winner of today's Derby will we see will

be the proud holder of the trophy the

championship trophy and then thank you

to our sponsor roasted pizza they will

be receiving a year's worth of Pizza

coupons for a year's worth of Pizza good

thing about today we've got no no breeze

blowing in off the coast so balls should

fly pretty well again our our reigning

champion Eric ins olives



here we go over there first pitch fouled

off to the back solid hit up the middle

oh that ball is flying that's our first

one out

Eric's great contact hitter chase the

high ball there we are

30 seconds in

getting a great contact on the ball just

not getting any and the lift that he

heads up ball coming in one minute in

that ball should be gone that is Eric

Gonzalez actually going to nope I off

the fence



two minutes goes pretty fast I'm telling

you when your heads up swing after swing

up there it's pretty gets pretty tiring

that's a long drive up off the fence

ten seconds good start to the good start

to the competition for out that's gonna

he's posted a good number for those boys

to chase that's for sure

now coming up from our major days

Gus Singh by the way there's been named

our all-star team again for 12 you just

saw third season as an all-star

well-deserved excellent selection coming

up to the plate all-star selection from

last year Gus Singh unfortunately Gus is

gonna be doing some travels during the

all-star season he's not able to bring

the team this year but he certainly did

have a well deserved all-star season

back in the championship game versus the


Gus will be starting off with two

minutes on the clock so here we go two

minutes for Gus to get in there and it's

yummy he can knock over the yellow line

we go warm up pitches past great at this

tries to find the player sweet spot is

gone for sure forgot one slide Center

that ball has a shot

it's good for these players to get into

rhythm Pat's good about that just

finding a shot ball has a shot

Oh high off the fence almost that one's

going for sure great job

beautiful sounds like a knuckleball

one minute left

Gus puts up number to beat now five Gus

don't kill the picture Gus


Pat might begin to


my mom runs for Gus now he's that's the

number to beat now so again

congratulations are in order to Aaron as

well for making the 11 you all-star team

a well-deserved honor for this kid

I'm certainly one of the leaders on the

Phillies this year playing a lot of

different positions

play a lot of first base behind the

plate all-around great player good kid

great add to great baseball IQ

well good shot

that's another run for ayrenn ayrenn is

now at three that's five balls foul

beauty in this this competition during

the course of the regular season players

our players are for safety reasons a

little bit of the pop taken out of bat

which is good for the players appeared

for the home run derby lifted that

regulation see a lot more ball fly


thirty seconds






for that kid we've got just recap we got

Aaron of five got Gus at five America

things are things are tightening up

again first round we have 12

participants and then the second round

will go down the top four will see how

the judges want to we have a bunch of

ties we'll see how we determine how many

players will advance in the second round

based on that second round the clock

the second round will advance

rather start to fill in here just for

the schedule of events for today today

we'll have the home run derby here now

and then after the home run derby 11:45

we will start triple-a championship game

which will have our triple-a Yankees

faced off against the trip like pirates

s TBS and you're at the plate again

congratulations are in order nasty

another all-star selection for the 12 u

team returning player from last year's

all-star team that balls out of here

that's one for Esty Esty was one of the

few players in the regular season to hit

one out he's got two on the board that

should be his third


three home runs for estimate

early on Oh

just short that ball is gone

Oh off the TV tower


another one just short go can it go oh

that's going that's five for us to

actually be going to st takes the lead

with six so seven home runs for us TV

senior in the in the first round he now

becomes the leader so we've got Gus now

and Aaron both with four are sorry five

and Eric looks well we'll see we're

gonna have to top four but he's hanging

on now in fourth place with it with four

home runs so our reigning home run

championship or reigning home run

champion is in jeopardy of being knocked

off of his crown so this is where it

gets exciting so now coming into place

it's max Epstein from our majors angels


again congratulations to max another one

of our all-star selections on the 12 you

team will be his first year as an

all-star certainly well-deserved had a

great season for the game max digs in

from the right side of the dish we're

off and running here we go

max had a dinger the other night playoff

round against the eggs unfortunately it

just wasn't quite enough angels ended up

losing to the A's into six that balls

going see she's got great line drive

power potential one of the kids you see

out there snagging balls big kid out

there Aaron small and Aaron actually was

our Home Run Derby champion from last

year an exciting three round exhibition

put on what's up everybody

let's go max come on let's rally

complete your kid that is two to four

max sorry max has 20 seconds let's dig

in here kid

come on now


good job next up we have our sixth


from the majors Yankees tail metier

see Matteo later on and championship

game is finished off the agenda for

today we have the Triple A championship

going on like I mentioned earlier at

11:45 and after the championship game

will obviously have trophies awarded to

the winners at that point all-star teams

and house as well as our end-of-year

League Awards I'll get back to that and

then I've got some exciting Awards to

talk about let's let's see what Matteo

can do with the plate first pitch just


okay we're trying to get into the rhythm

that's boss we've gone that's one


it's always fun to some of those balls

that get hit on out on to Olympic

we're usually surprised for those cars

that are going down the road

there's one out another one out onto

Olympic halfway in and around

solid shot

has a chance to know he's fine he's

written that ball that could be gone the

second place the competition coming to

the plate from majors pirates

Bobby muñoz

Galatians to Bobby for another all-star

season he was also selected to the 12

you team be Bobby's fourth all-star

tournament are wily veteran on the team

all right side dish you see what Bobby

can do


it's a long drive


I shot a chance to does that say fair






so once again we got

SD Vegas in Europe was seven Lina

competition got Matteo vent here at six

and you've got Gus Singh at five and

Aaron hirings at five so next up we have

Zach Miriam's at the plate

Zach's come to us from the majors A's

and Zach we will obviously see the

Mexican later this afternoon and are in

our majors championship game

take it inside


it's up baby buddy heads up so


heads up that ball is a shot caught it



60 seconds left on the clock


it's two for Zach that ball is a shot

against the fence


good job


so now coming to the plate from our

majors Dodgers 1011

Dodgers lost a heartbreaker the other

night here at Memorial Field TVA's

semifinal round

playoffs tell you two runs are supplied

by homerun by Teddy right centerfield

the Dodgers tried amount to come back

but the a just were too much for them

that night

here goes

that balls gone that is one for teddy


Paul can be gone

by offense


that ball should be going

halfway through the way

see if Teddy can rally here towards the


can you go on go yeah that's fine that

is fine for Teddy sighs see if you can

get one more and move into sole

possession of time with Matteo for

second place teddy

so see if that's enough to get him into

the second round

got a lot of players out there from our

different levels of play outfield

shagging balls for us today which is

awesome you will have to see this some

of the other men on some of the other

memorial fields right now we've got a

couple coach pitch games going on t-ball

games going on it's just a lot of

excitement going on

fun day championship Saturday one of

those awesome days future plans for

Memorial Park are at the skate park for

those parents out there who'd like to

view it oh all right

come out the batter's John McDonald

again from our Yankees or major Yankees


let's go John let's get it going


a hard time getting going he will though

got a lot of pirates kicked out a lot

higher right field

60-seconds oh she's around come on John

let's get something going here kid

John's definitely favoring that right

side in the field here 30 seconds left

on the clock 30 seconds let's get one

out of here kid

fifteen seconds left on the clock balls

flying all around up there all that

balls go on good job

wait a hang tough not enough does it

stay fair ah all right good job

the top four batters so apparently we

don't armeteo Aaron absolutely going

around here so Vanson in the second

round st basin your Mateo that's here 10

11 and we have a tie for 4th between Gus

and air see how the how officials are

gonna play this one out

so we have a tie the people that move on

Gus Aaron st Teddy Mateo

so this round for round two we're gonna

round this one minute one minute total

so how many runs you get this wrong you

add up to your last round accumulative

school he's getting dancing into this

after the second round with a cumulative

total going into the third and final

round so

so as we're waiting for this second

round to start

just to kind of give you an update on

what's going on for the for the rest of

the day except we got the major the

awards we will have you wanna go talk to

cumulative yeah thank you


top to advance and like I said total

runs add it up any one minute on the

show you got gosh here we go on second

round and so the second round like I

said we're gonna go ahead we'll have the

top top five actually because we had a

God starts us off just short

have a chance that one's going furnace

there's tea for good - for Gus

so we're gonna go one minute just around

the first round with two minutes this

round we're cutting in half in one

minute see what these players can do

- gosh with - in that second round gives

him a total of seven right now he's tied

with our leader st base in your so we'll

see what happens we balance to see what

the rest of these players do

oh hey here comes Teddy Teddy had six

fingers in that first round as he steps

to the plate

teddie gun with a more casual look today

he's got the long pants going on with

the t-shirt

that balls going 140

30 seconds left for teddy

see if he's got any gas left in the tank

gonna have a shot to the fence that ball

is going super teddy teddy is awkward -

Teddy takes the legal thing this total

is 8 runs next up is he's starting off

with Simon Rutz all right here's our

leader s devious and you are going into

the second round see if he can add to

his total of 7 that ball has a shot


it's up everybody


thirty seconds on the clock Paul's going


that balls going





so we got a st leading so far in round

two with nine

we've got Gus with seven sorry we got

Teddy with eight and Gus was seven so

fortunately Gus gets a so and then

Matteo right now has six coming up to

the plate

first hit just like the last round


thirty seconds left on the clock




right now it's got to get four or five

to advance for for Tizen for second five

ties them for first six puts them in the

lead see what Eric can do from the left

side of the dish will be our final go

visit your opinion

Aaron might see what he's got going on

second round see what he can do

definitely has to pop in the bat we saw

in the first round

that balls going back back back and that

is out of here Oh question back that's

gone get one more that balls going to

the final round


big round from Aaron five home runs in

that second round that's uh that's some

pressure right there

so here we go advancing to our third

round before we get there just want to

finish off so this afternoon after the

triple a game we have some nice Awards

be handed out number one we'll have our


Kofi award which will go to our our 12

year old we have been named by the

majors managers selected by the majors

manager sort of this the Santa Monica

Little League citizen of the Year awards

a great offer we also have the Mike

white award that's for our volunteer of

the year and then lastly we'll have our

president worn by our president Jason

chairman his choice on on a well

deserved recipient of that award as well

so here we go

third and final around with Matteo both

players enter the final round with 10 so

we're ty going in so winner a winner of

this round takes off at ball nope

that ball is going safe fair


- to permit ale 30 seconds left on the

clock have a chance another one



Aaron will be starting up with ten home

runs okay up to the plate comes Aaron

hirings Aaron will beat horde to win

this final round didn't have as much

rest he's coming out he was the last

last participant in the second round so

he definitely had not had him didn't

have as much rest as a potato coming in

see if that fiction has an effect on his

performance in this last round ball has

a chance



Gambas foul see if he's got one more

o'clock that's a shopping

boom that should be the winner right

there guys congratulations to all of our

participants what an exciting exciting

home run derby so that's going to do it

for the home run derby for 2019 so we're

gonna go ahead and next up we'll have

our triple-a championship game ciarán so

happy celebrating with the rest of his

friends and participants in the derbies

and congratulations tall and thanks

again to Pat Armstrong for a great great

arm on the mound what a wonderful

volunteer we have at our disposal in

Santa Monica thank you guys and we'll

see it a bit for the triple-a

championship thank you