Search hidden 'T' found in the Trick Shot Loading Screen - Fortnite Battle Royale

hello everybody I'm in the little wood

also known as Martin welcome back to the

channel and welcome back to fortnight so

you've got a head I hope and completed

at least eight of the trickshot

challenges from this week's set once

you've done that you'll get this loading

screen right here now what you're

looking for is the secret letter T so if

you have a little zoom in here okay

maybe more than a little but you can see

in the bridge in the background you can

find the letter T now there have been a

few people saying that it's on the

southern end of the bridge but I don't

think it is because you can see the

crisscross on the front face so I guess

we'll have a look right so let's have a

little wander over and go down there and

also really quickly on the way down

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the bridge you're looking for is right

about here so yeah people seem

conflicted on whether it's the North or

the southern end either way it's this

exact bridge so it makes it is I'm gonna

be you're right about here just by the

water or if you get to the northern end

where you've got the hammer crate and

you can have a little looking right here

and that is that one as well in terms of

the map location you're looking inside

of the grid c and v and it's kind of on

the eastern end of that but of course

the weeping woods is right there go a

little bit northwest of the tallest

building and you've basically got it

right about there so there you are

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