Where Is The “G SPOT?”

okay so let's look at the head of the

clitoris is located just under the hood

okay the clitoral hood and you can

stimulate the directly that way

okay the g-spot who is the portion where

the clitoris on the inside okay

rattles the vagina okay most of your

clitoris is internal it's about four

inches across

okay this great big organ in your body

that literally it's only job is to

orgasm that's great so if you put your

fingers inside the vagina look at this

person laying on their back right and

you're going about inch and a half two

inches in and you curve your fingers up

like this and you're being like that

mm-hmm that actually is banging the

g-spot we was banging the clitoris from

the inside where it straddles that

vagina okay so the purpose of this

puppet one is to teach you where the

head of the is right but to to

teach you where the g-spot is it feels

kind of rigid so they stick your finger

just inside right there with you yeah

that's the g-spot so in earth fill it on

yourself you'll feel that okay now I

want you to be a penis take two fingers

and go down into the vagina okay did you

feel the g-spot

no no angle is totally not penetration

not really not penetration the vast

majority of women will never orgasm

through penetration and this is why okay

when we are fetuses also in around the

whales okay

everybody starts out with a click right

then about fifty percent of the

population that elongates and becomes a

penis okay head of the penis most

sensitive part the body or has four

thousand nerve ending

that's why it feels good we're headed

the clip most sensitive part of the body

8,000 nerve endings mice as much in a

much smaller package metals for pleasure

right genitals are organs that orgasm

right your vagina can't do that

literally does not orgasm now some women

think their vision is for Gaza me

because they feel their vagina doing

this right what they're actually feeling

is the clitoris spasming and pushing

down on that vaginal okay so again sex

is the stimulation of genitals for

pleasure where your genital is your clip

so if no one's stimulating your clip

you're not actually having sex you're

just letting someone jackoff inside of

you that's crazy

the vast majority of women will not

orgasm through penetration hmm they

orgasm through the stimulation of their

tourists either via the g-spot more the

head or it has legs that go underneath

the labia minora so you can stimulate it

via the labia minora that's crazy but

here's the thing I have a lot of women

who come and meet with me because

they're not orgasm aided touch everyone

can't orgasm okay so your lips are very

your breath mm-hmm your inner thigh

along here mm-hmm

those are good areas to do for play

we're gonna sustainment late those are

raja de snow okay okay

for about 15-20 minutes okay what that

does is it releases oxytocin in your

body that preps the clip for sex okay

and then we want to go to the clip but

when I make sure that we're spending at

least sixty to eighty percent of the

time that we're having sex on the

that's crazy if you go on a heterosexual

hookup you have an eleven percent chance

of orgasming then if you want to last

beyond hookup you have a ninety three

percent chance of bullet women orgasm a

guy's crazy

the only difference is lack of penis

their focus

exclusively on the clip not on the penis

so historically historically black men

have been hyper sexualized in our

culture it's been used as justification

for slavery lynching all kinds of things

oh we got to protect those pure white

women from those black men who can't

control their sexuality right but in

reality it was white men that were

raping black women black men didn't have

access to white women right but we

equate virility with penis size and so

there's this myth in our culture that

black men have bigger penises because

we're hyper sexualized hmm it's totally

not true but if you look at madnes all

of their marketing is towards people who

are african-american because they get

more they charge significantly more for

them at them they're super thick they

feel like having sex with a garbage bag

and they're not more effective but black

men because their insecurity because of

our culture we think that this is their

only option right when it's just racist

nation man art stereotype just

having small penises yeah I'm also not

true this started at the time of the

Vietnam War what at the depth of the

justifications that we used for invading

Vietnam was that their men were too

effeminate that they needed our manly

culture to my animals right and so we

equate masculinity with penis size so

Asians are stereotyped just having small

not true those Karina size does not

follow race that's great

good I'm Debbie one those people yeah I

believe that's crazy yeah