North Rim - Grand Canyon in Depth Episode 7

We hear from visitors all the time

about how they come to the North Rim

over and over again.

It’s one of those touchstone places.

And, when you think of all the reasons

why we have National Parks,

the North Rim is the quintessential

example of everything that makes parks special.

You have incredible scenic beauty,

You have naturally functioning ecosystems.

You have wildlife,

but more importantly

there's something about the North Rim that

just invokes that sense of solitude and serenity.

This is a place that invites you to slow down,

to ponder,

to feel your own innate creativity

and to just fall in love with landscape.

It’s a place that worms your way

into your heart and never leaves.

We have a lot of artists and photographers,

and writers, and poets

that make their way to the North Rim

over and over again

in search of that solitude

and that inspiration and the beauty

that this place provides.

Even some of our former employees

have went on to become very

famous writers, people like

Edward Abbey.

Here on the North Rim,

he was a fire lookout for four seasons

and he manned the fire tower.

But, more importantly he wrote here,

and found a lot of inspiration in this landscape.

You haven’t fully experienced

Grand Canyon until you come

to the North Rim.

The South Rim is beautiful,

there's a lot of stuff going on there

but - I don’t think you

have the full sense - of the drama

and the beauty and

the scope of Grand Canyon

until you make your way up to this

high mountain plateau

and see the rim from these forests.

Grand Canyon is at her most majestic

when you see her from the North Rim.

Every season here has a character

and a feel to it,

and a rhythm to it.

It’s that thing that brings you back

over, and over, and over again.

Is those connections

to not only the place,

but the natural rhythms of this place.

Perhaps the best thing to do at

the North Rim

is to watch the cycles of the sun

as it rises in the morning

and sets in the evening.

And it has a profound effect on people

and their experiences.

Sunrises are quiet,

they are almost reverent,

hardly anybody is talking.

And, then you go down for sunset

and there's chatter

and the clicking of cameras

and the oohs and awes

and the excitement that ensues from

watching this spectacular, natural show.

And, as the sun begins to go down

towards the horizon

we get incredible alpenglow

within the canyon

and the colors within the rocks

take on an edge to them that is

difficult to describe.

There is nothing like a sunset on the North Rim.

National Parks were set aside

to preserve incredible scenic landscapes

for future generations.

When you come to the North Rim

you get to step into that vision

and experience if first hand.

And, we get to have this opportunity

because the people who were here before us

took the time

to be good stewards of this place,

to care for it

and preserve it for our experience.

And now, as we look to the future,

we have the opportunity to do the same.

To care for this place,

to preserve it as it is, so that someday,

our children, and their children after them,

and their children after them

can come here and have

this same incredible experience

in this remarkable place

known as - the North Rim.