'The Goldbergs' Hot Set! A Backstage Tour with Haley Orrantia

what is that concoction it's mac and

cheese and locals for that's a way to do

it hey guys I'm Haley room antia I play

Erica Goldberg on ABC show the Goldbergs

and I am going to show you around the

set today so come with me this is the

basement you know I'm not quite sure

what child would be allowed to have a

toy this large but that's that's Adam

for you the real Adam Goldberg has a ton

of toys in his office about this size

but I think one thing that we play with

the most down here in between scenes

would be this typewriter because it

makes a really fun sound oh yeah and

this is secretly the stairs that lead to

nowhere so even though it looks like

you're gonna go upstairs it's just a

wall kind of crappy whatever we have to

do a scene where we run up and down the

stairs we can't go anywhere we just have

to sit there until the rest of the scene

is done moving on let's go to the school

I'm not sure how we're gonna get there

up here let's go over here we've filmed

scenes down here with Jeff and the whole

family really and one that I will never

forget because it was so awful was when

we had to do a scene with the car and it

was raining and I was really mad at

Murray and so I'd get out of the car and

slam the door but they had me sitting on

a pillow so I was higher up for camera

so when I got out of the car the pillow

got stuck in between the door and the

seat so when I slammed it and walked

away I hit my knee so hard that we had

to cut so I was like bawling and we had

to have a medic come in so it's kind of

a dark place for me in here

every scene that we film has to do with

the school is in this hallway I had to

do one scene that was really really

funny where I all I had to do is pull

down Troy's pants and walk away don't

know why that's the limit comes to mind

but it is and then in this room is where

we film a ton of different schoolroom

scenes you've got the desks going on but

at times whenever we have to transition

it from a school room to like the music

room they just move all this stuff out

and put in a bunch of music stuff thank

you guys for coming to set 22 I got to

go now but I'll talk to you later hey

guys so now we're on stage 21 and this

is my favorite part of the entire set

crafty and right now we have our

farewell cake which is kind of sad but

also really adorable at the same time hi

Lou say hi to the camera

oh ah so this is where the cast sits in

between scenes this is a really great

place where we get to hang out and just

chill as a cast and go over our lines

before each scene and Wendy actually has

the coolest chair out of every one of us

she decided that these were way too

uncomfortable so she got hers and put

her name on it we actually are not

allowed to sit in her chair anymore

because the rest of the cast has started

using it so much that we ended up

breaking it they ended up buying us one

very similar that the cast can just use

whenever because of it that's all we had

for this section

adesh I'm Jim Bruni how are you have you

seen our cake yet one it's great

two-fifty oh say hi to the camera this

is Sean he plays Adam on the show hello

we're hanging out we're showing him the


get back to work kid hey this is good to


hey guys so now we're in the upstairs

part of the main house on set 21 so I'm

going to take you into the bedrooms so

this is the master bedroom I think one

of the funniest things in this room is

the table that George Segal sleeps on in

between scenes and yes he sleeps

facedown so this is Erica's bedroom I

would say it's not anything like my

bedroom and realize it's way too pink

for me my favorite scene we've filmed in

here was during the New Kids on the

Block episode when I had to play ninth

grade Erica with full braces glasses and

frizzy hair and make a video telling the

new kids on the block how much I love

them very fun I take naps in here

sometimes don't tell production this is

the kitchen so much has happened here

lots of fun scenes with things viewing

out everywhere as you can see we just

had somewhat of a cake cupcakes fight

put it against the wall what happens

here the kitchen

this is the den you've got a Maurice

famous lounge chair that he's always in

this couch which can actually sit the

entire family if we really wanted to

because it's so gigantic I think my

favorite scene filming down here was

when 1d and I had to do a Jazzercise

situation in this area she did it a lot

better than I did but I think she had

more experience in that area

so on the goldbrick set we have real

photos of the different cast members

when they were younger just throughout

the house and there's actually one photo

of the real Adam Goldberg that we have

hidden somewhere in the house here and I

think there's one over there too

but you know you got pictures of me as a

baby George Segal and another movie that

he did right next to Adam Goldberg