Where to Find GOLD in Computers!

hello guys I'm going to show you where

you can find gold real gold and your old

computer so you don't need any more are

just the computer use now which I

wouldn't recommend if you're just

curious about it so if you're doing that

what you're going to want to find

electrical outlet and so you have the

bottom or top secure you're going to

want to touch it so your finger makes

contact what's the metal showing inside

if there is and that will release all

that static charge so it doesn't ruin

any chips you may be touching or

anything so the first step to finding

your gold is it's not that much so don't

be too excited you need a lot of it to

make something take off your computer

cover and look inside so one of the most

common places you'll find it is in

memory stick gun Ram so take those out

there and I have so I know you'll get an

easier that feeling of

and we can't on it so where the goal is

is right there on those connectors right

here and most of our double-sided which

is good that can see all these have that

and not all Ram will have a gold-plated

come up here some older in like this one

has I don't know what metal that is

probably just I don't know but that

doesn't have the gold connectors so Ram

that's a facial fiber and another place

down in these expansion cards arm so

that was loud take these out swear okay

well hold on I'll try and get this F

because I'm challenged with this thing

and they're okay so on this as you could

probably tell ready right there is where

the gold will be and double sided so on

extra square that you don't need to on

that and these can be found on video

cards let's also have lots of copper by

being as a heatsink other cards such as

telephone things the TV cards you can

also get fans offices and what's this


Ethernet one this one's cool okay so

another as you can

another one of the most common places is

see if I can find an example here's the

older computer that I want to make work

good but time from so this expansion

thing which gold eg right there I hear

here right here to this is just one

built six night detecting is pretty cool

because it's broken right there so on to

what I was saying before I got

sidetracked so one of the other common

places is on ports like these out know

if you can see that or not but zooming

yeah gosh so blurry my camera doesn't

how to focus well it's taking a video so

not on this side because that's just

steel or whatever metal it is but right

here inside those is gold said that

sequel gold a hand you can pry this off

and get them like that that's just from

a few things I did you cannot see this

can such a blurry city camera that and

as you can see that's one cut off of an

expansion thing and those are just gold

prongs they're gold-plated so if they

weren't gold plate if they're just solid

you be rich but yeah and let's get on to

the next place so the next place is

going to be inside the on the processor

so let's get to that oh this is a

giant heat right there so I don't know

if everyone this processor out because

so right here that is all gold I think

that is but I know for sure all of those

right there the funk sticking up are all

gold-plated so processors contain lots

and that's what you get most of it just

you can't see it but there's that gold

from sticking out gold-plated prongs so

I'll put this back in I know how because

I never really even wanted to take it

out it just fell so okay whatever maybe

want to be smart people in the comments

can tell me up I figured out that's my

luck it's probably in like back into

something close that in case you're

wondering why you think so big this

computer's mitt for businesses that keep

them running like 24/7 so we want to

keep the processor cool so let's put

this back in and hope Jesus I hope you

guys learned about places in a computer

where you can find you so you can if you

want just for fun start selecting it

individually in tree house okay huh I'm

gonna do that later so after you have a

lot they're cutting it off and then

you'll clean it like was it called

burn it down with burek acid and

hydrogen peroxide and a glass container

I'm probably not gonna make a video on

that I might and then you're gonna have

a gold dust that you can either melt

down take gold ingots are are just tho

like that you know another place is

there in these cords like right there

you can see scope not much it's not

replacing a good giant VGA cord like

that and CD tracks in the back of it

they also have those okay so that's

going to be it for the video so I hope

you enjoyed it

and don't forget to Like comment and

subscribe if you want so thanks bye