What is the Garden City Movement and Why you should be using it

do any of you guys know exactly what the

Garden City movement is so today I'm

just gonna give you guys a very brief

example of what that is and basically

why it is good to implement that in

future city design and how it makes the

city function a lot better so just

quickly from the last episode this is

what we worked on it is a new basically

a new town and doesn't it look good I

personally do like this and this design

well I should I should probably say this

project is part of the Garden City

movement so what is it and why should

you use it and I actually do use it I

just never mentioned it before I feel

like there's a lot of things I do but I

just never mentioned it so the Garden

City movement is well my version of the

Garden City movement is based from the

old one but I've kind of changed it and

I'll tell you I'll tell you why it's


so the Garden City movement is basically

when actually you know what let's just

use trees to design this to show you

guys because that is the best way so if

we have where the trees this is so silly

but I'm using trees so if we have let's

say this is your downtown right you

might also have a smaller downtown

district here another one here another

one here here and here so basically this

is the Garden City movement and the

original design was for let's say for

example you have a main road connecting

it up here here here here and here and

then there's also a main road going all

the way around so so the original plan

was that between each major city point

there was like gardens and farmlands and

everything else that you need in between

nowadays you'll find in these areas here

it's just a lot of just suburbs pretty

much but the good thing about this is

that it's really spreads out your

downtown so instead of having so many

people coming into the downtown the

downtown you're basically creating mini

downtown's throughout your city so if we

look at in such that so far this is our

downtown right so if we go over here


is basically another downtown district

on the outskirts of the town there's

another one here another one here

a little one here and then I'm going to

make one over here as well so it's just

reducing the amount of emphasis or the

amount of traffic coming into this area

and it's just creating a lot more other

smaller districts so instead of people

have driving all the way out here trying

to go all the way into the downtown they

can basically describe from here to

there mini downtown area and it is it is

really common to find it nowadays it's

just something that's not really talked

about at all outside of the town

planning world so that is pretty much

the Garden City movement so you have

your downtown then you have mini

downtown's throughout the whole area

that have good transport good roads

linking them all up and it is quite

effective so it just reduces the amount

of huge downtown area so yeah that is

why you should use it if you guys like I

could probably go through different ways

and methods um cities have been designed

some that are effective some that are

not so that is something that I was

thinking about doing so anyway from the

last video I wanted to add in

residential areas this is what we have

well what I've done so far and it is it

is alright I think so I continued on the

fancy residential area from here over to

this side beside the castle and doesn't

it look good hi yeah so there is a nice

transition between the shopping area

into the residential area so these ones

around here are commercial a slowly

transitioned into residential and

there's a little bit of commercial here

we've connected up the bike lanes and

yeah doesn't it look good so now it is

kind of not so out of the ordinary

looking before I added in all of these

houses it looked really out of place so

the next thing we want to do is we need

to expand all of these areas out here

that is also still part of the Garden

City movement so you have the downtown

and then you have the surrounding suburb

areas so I might even do another mini

downtown area just here as well where

these intersections meet and we can also

rely on the trains

as well so that is a possibility so yeah

has anyone heard of the Garden City

movement before I feel like the actual

Garden City movement isn't really in

place specifically in terms of all of

the like the farmlands in between and I

think you really find that because it's

always been consumed up by urban growth

sorry so if in terms of how I've laid

this out so we have to buy quite

connections I didn't put any connections

in there just because I couldn't be

bothered and so we have this main road

with these trees that right these trees

right here so I used those trees just to

continue on with the same theme as the

shopping district and so this is the

main road going through you see there's

not really that many connections going

through there because I knew that it

would be a major busy road well it's not

too busy yet but I feel like it will be

in the future so we don't add too many

connections for now it is going quite

well and I liked the design I used as

well because it has the main road going

through going through over here this one

that goes directly through and I feel

like all of them probably have a good

view from wherever they are because it

is on part of a hill so yeah it is quite

good looking and I feel like soon we

really need to put into public transport

that is something I've been neglecting

for so so long and that's just demolish

this let's remove these trees because it

looks a little funny also down here I

put in the education facilities so we

have I think these actually both primary

schools and that's a high school right

outside the bus stop so that's really

handy next and then I also put one up

here as well as of right now there are

six thousand people living in this

district but we can probably extend it

up to about there probably to about that

road there and that should probably do

for this mini downtown area and yeah so

I actually really like how it's turning

out to me it looks really realistic and

yeah I just like it so far

so guys for the rest of the video I

think I might just do some more

designing like this around the suburb so

I like using these these curves in this

area kind of keeping it in the same

style as these here

because I feel like remember in the last

video I said my inspiration is from

Robina town center

Robina town center has a lot of these

nice curves in the whole area so that is

why I am using this same type of design

and you know what as soon as I started

talking just then the construction

outside started grinding something they

do this every single time like a kid you

know it they're always doing something

as soon as I start talking like I just

sat here for probably how long was it

six minutes because they were doing

something the whole time they stopped I

start talking they start grinding so

annoying so over it oh so if you can

hear that please try to ignore that so

yes I want to do some more designing

around here I don't think I'll add in

many more large roads I want to rely on

what we have so far so this area it is

very car orientated I mean yeah we have

the bike lane here but still that bike

lane isn't really gonna go to many areas

because it's very low residential and

implementing the bike lane over roads

like that into the low resolution low

residential areas might seem not really

cost-effective so but we'll try to work

it in wherever we can




okay guys so that was actually a lot of

designing but the issue I was having is

what should I do underneath the train

line so four over here this is all just

going to be low residential and the

train line is just going to stay so I'm

going to put some trees through here so

that will hopefully reduce the sound

going through here and yeah that's the

only thing I could think of and then but

over here so you'll notice up here the

roads are kind of wavy but then when you

get back down here they're kind of a

little bit more straighter the reason

being is because of the train line so

for the train line area through here

it's going to be a mixture of commercial

and office just through this part here

and then once you get up here it's more

residential just because I think if you

lived right here next to the Train

that's up really high it's just not it's

just not very nice unless I feel like

it's really acceptable for really low

socio-economic people not fittest to

them but that's the only time I think

it's okay so yeah this is all going to

be office commercial and yeah so I like

these types of designs that wavy so we

could probably do some more of those out

through here they're kind of estate type

style building as well and I put a

little wall barrier here just to make it

seem a little bit more fancy and these

guys have actually quite a good view of

the city and the water it's actually

quite hilly through this area I didn't

realise but I like that it's makes it

more interesting to work with so um I'm

gonna end the episode here I'm actually

not feeling the best I do have a cold

right now so I might sound a little

funny and I kind of just want to go rest

and do nothing so this video is going to

end here but anyway thank you guys for

watching and um yeah let me know what

else I should build in this area there's

still these spaces here but it can't be

too noisy because it is a very

residential oriented area but it is also

very car orientated as well so we have

that option to do I don't know yet we

just have that space I feel like I can't

really think but um also just before I

go I just wanted to say I feel like I

want to start doing more of myself on

camera and when I say myself let's just

go to that view there when I say myself

I feel like I want to show my face more

but I do have a little bit of a fear of

putting myself on the camera and then

having to like look at myself editing

and stuff and then I don't know I just

feel like I have a little bit of fear

over fear but the best way to get over a

fear is to go head-on into it and just

get over it so yeah so I kind of just

want to do some videos of me talking

like you actually see me I've been

wanting to do that for a while I have

filmed some in the past but then I

looked at her and I was like you would

rather look like that really I really

look like that do I really do that with

my eyes or whatever so I don't know I

feel like I want to I don't know though

so if I said if I asked you guys what do

you think I feel like you guys would say

yeah just do it if you really want to do

it to your channel so I think I will do

it it's it's time I think and I I feel

like sometimes I really just want to

talk to you guys but I always just have

to use City skylines I'm as my

background instead of looking at me if

that makes sense like but I can't always

use city skylines as the backdrop to

what I'm saying sorry I feel like I just

need to put myself in the camera and get

over so anyway I'm rambling on but thank

you guys for watching and I'll be back

very soon with another video don't

forget to leave a comment outlining your

thoughts about and I think I said today

so that you guys watching and I'll see

you soon bye for now