Fountain of Youth - St. Augustine, FL - Travel Thru History

my name is John Stavely I am manager at

the founder youth archeological park at

st. Augustine Florida I think the myth

of the Fountain of Youth is thousands of

years old people have always been

looking for waters that create vitality

and use I think that's been

misinterpreted over the years I think

sometimes you can do healthy things like

drink a healthy water and not get sick

versus becoming younger Juan Ponce de

Leon set out from Puerto Rico on March

4th 1513 in search of undiscovered

islands that were rumored to be to the

north of Hispaniola pulsing Leon in 1513

was heading north to find gold and he

started here legends of healing waters

and so he believed that maybe there was

water that could be helpful to him the

rumor is that a lot of the Indian tribes

to the south were directing him further

to the north and so when he came up here

he found fresh water which was important

if you've been at sea for a long time

but also had a lot of minerals in it so

in a way it was a healing one throughout

the course of his writings while on

expedition Ponce de Leon never mentioned

the Fountain of Youth directly

nevertheless the spring that he

discovered proved to be essential to his

journey and to the future of Florida the

springhouse is a way to preserve the

fountain that was once here it used to

be a bubbling Club and the water would

have come up directly from the earth in

1875 they capped off that pond because

the water table was dropping they turned

it into a well and now the well brings

the water up to the surface so inside

the spring house you'll see the story of

pumping Leon you'll see the story of

Pedro menéndez and you'll be able to try

the water well it's funny when you first

taste water from the Fountain of Youth

they they have different reactions some

people say it's good because they may

have grown up on well one but we're

getting the water from 500 feet below us

say Mach 4 they would have drugged back

in the day it has a lot of minerals

sulfur iron and some people who started

used to it after testing the theory of

youthful water for yourself step outside

of the Spring House and explore all of

the other attractions that are available

at this historic archeological park well

we've got fifteen acres right on the

water our newest attraction is a 600

foot observation dock over the

and go out and see the wildlife and it

really takes you back we have the first

settlement site from 1565 you can see

where the buildings were in the northern

defensive wall we've got an Indian

program we can learn how to throw the

atlatl and see how the Indians lived

here for thousands of years you can see

Spanish weapons and learn about how the

Spanish lived we've got a planetarium we

just have so many things here to do that

really immerse you in history

my name's Bruce Harris known as Diego

and I'm a master gunner here at the

fountain of youth this is a 16th century

cannon it's a six pound breech charged

muzzle loader black cannon firing

demonstration is something people really

seem to enjoy it's a six pound cannon

that's a replica of one that would have

been here in 1565 and so we fire that

cannon there's lots of smoke there's a

big boom and everybody just really gets

a charge out it's the first stop in st.

Augustine for history as far as I'm

concerned it's the birthplace of st.

Augustine but also cloning European

America I mean the Spanish really should

be proud of the fact that this is where

what became America really started