THE FOSTERS Set Visit: Exclusive Tour & Chat with the Stars!

hey guys Audrey Cleo here and I'm going

inside the set of ABC Family's the

Fosters and getting a preview of all the

drama going down in season two

ciara thank you for hanging out with me

on not your bed yes of course thank you

for your time very comfortably like this

David Lambert hello this is a really

nice kitchen did your kitchen look like

this uh no I wish my kitchen was half as

nice we are in hey soos and Jude's room

correct we are last time I talked to you

it was only you was only hey soos and

now you're sharing your living space

how's that going it's been no it's been

just a fun start to season two and to

just see where the characters have gone

since season one is a lot of development

and it's just it's just been a lot of

fun to get to work with this cast and to

just go on this ride I was just hanging

out in your TV bedroom oh pretty cool

cool space at hey soos and Jude share ya

know it's pretty big what's it like

sharing a room like that do you share a

room at home I do share a room I have a

younger brother my oldest and I share a

room and it's not too bad hanging out

with me now Maia Mitchell who plays

tally Callie had a very big four season

yeah preview for me what's in store for

tally this season the last season was

leading up to this adoption will she get

a dub dub will she not and then

literally the day that she's about to

get adopted she finds out that Donald

who she thought was her father was not

actually her birth father so she's going

to now have to go on this kind of

journey of whether she even you know

wants to dig into a pause what's coming

up for Jude at the beginning of season 2

a lot of things are changing for him

obviously you'd take some changes that

are very interesting and are very

shocking to most people we don't really

know why he takes these changes in the

beginning but we start to figure out

towards the end of the season in season

two hey soos um has a girlfriend and he

okay I've been struggling with the

ladies and I thought really hard to I

mean and look at women hey soos is just

having a hard time but I think it's

something that who worked towards then

it is something that he'll get better

my season - and what about his

relationship with Mariana I think Zeus

and his sister are inseparable

um and the two of them really showed

their connection in the season Mariana

is going to go through a big change okay

sounds mysterious I know I can't give

anything away but you're gonna see her

become more involved in school and get

born about yeah get more girlfriends


those those girls will kind of influence

you know um what she who she wants to be

and um I don't know I I can't really

give too much away if you had to pick a

real-life sibling from anyone on the

cast who would it be

but to pick someone from the cast yeah I

guess um you don't be regulate really

close to me I would probably say David

the two of us are almost like brothers

uh I'd probably go Sierra I'd probably

have to go with Maya just cuz we already

act like sisters if you had to choose

somebody from the cast to be your real

sibling who would it be

um teri polo Sierra said you yeah I

think Sierra kiss charity she felt like

my sister before many bars she became my

fake sister so I must put on blast

she said Maya did she say no you know

you can change your mind it's not um all

right well let's take a closer look you

were gonna take me inside your TV house

yes okay I'm excited about it listen

this is the kitchen so this is um a lot

of time spent in the kitchen over here

is like a little nook it's kind of like

this little study area a little dark in

here right now but you know this is I

guess the siblings would do like

homework in here and stuff this is kind

of the foyer area okay there's a lot of

scenes that happen here actually this is

all honestly one set like it we usually

like a real house yeah it is gas is all

just like the first floor of the house

it's kind of cut in half and then on the

same stage is also the top floor of the

house they've just kind of separated

them so like these stairs right here

lead nowhere you'll probably see us

going up these stairs and we're acting

like we're going to our rooms and we're

going nowhere

part of the illusion guys TV magic one

and only living room here oh it's kind

of a little mess right now I think I

think it's probably left however we last

used it honest so that's kind of how it

go you were folding laundry yeah I guess

someone was folding laundry yeah is this


um let's see we got some pictures so

this is from I guess the Kingston Yetta

episode there's actually pictures all

around this house um yeah I guess

there's more pictures here's this piano

actually in the in the intro the title

credits of the fosters it's this piano

Wow is the tune and you play because you

do like odd play you do a lot of your

own fortunately this key this this piano

something yeah oh no and so this is our

patio and it's kind of cool because you

know we can literally film a scene

starting at the front door and we can

just walk right in to the house and now

you know it's everything's fully

functional you come out of the set and

you're suddenly just on the soundstage

which is kind of amazing I don't know

it's kind of this super like Hollywood

surreal kind of thing every time when we

started it was just the downstairs and

just the upstairs yeah and now we have a

few different additions some we haven't

seen yet what mics is a new one that we

have seen so Michael hello hello my

metro yeah it's going on I'm doing a

tour right now got a camera my face

everything like what everything looks

all the secrets everything okay this is

my favorite part of anything

yes craft service where you spend all

your time looking for things to eat but

you don't know what you need you want

cheap I would like it to please thank

you the pomegranate please I guess in

this this concludes I guess the cops

religion hurry up it's yeah pockets he

going Maya and you're distracting what

we're doing right now is a prime example

of how it would be on a soundstage just

it would be us standing here at crafty

having some spot water mmm

talking about eating your car waiting

for Maya so you fix our team always

waiting on my own this without saying I

get tea so I try not to eat too much

before like Oh like a you know have you

seen or something like that oh I think

our tea is ready my goodness


that's right thank you okay thank you so

much my initial series this is terrible

it's fine

it's really hot this is actually the

beginning of the upstairs right here

there's an interview going on over there

but this is the mom's bedroom now we're

in Brandon's room and you know I've got

an awesome poster of Gandalf so like

what up yeah I asked for you go through

the beads these are your these are your

idea we're inside and then behind the

beads there's usually like a keyboard

your TV mom has some things to say to ya

hi table

what okay I'm sorry I'm showing him

around I'm showing them around state

your bedroom young man I find that

highly inappropriate back upstairs to

the safe zone I want to be yelled at by

Terry polo

it's always so when can I move in I know

right i-i'll let you know when I do

whenever they're accepting invitations

okay I got dibs on Mike's couch do it

yes smart