How to find backward slash (/) or forward slash (/) or € on keyboard

another another day another keyboard

problem so this time I want to find the

backlash but this is a American keyboard

and I'm using for UK and you can see

when I press this is actually is you can

see it's actually a hash so what's the

back lash how can I find a backlash so

the trick the three guys is to hold this

alt not this alt right to the right side

of the spacebar and then press and then

press this button above the enter you

can see by backlash appears and the

forward slash on my keyboard is here if

I just press that it creates the forward

slash without any holding alt but this

one you need to hold the alt and play

press and for example if you want to

change from a dollar into a pound you

should do the same using this alt not

this alt and pressing the dollar sign

and the dollar sign would become pound

sign so this alt is a special one

comfort to the other one and there are

some keys on your keyboard that change

when you press this alt when you pull

alt and press other buttons and same

with a shift as you know shift is the

obvious choice of changing the keys but

alt is also sometimes not for all the

kiss was sometimes result I hope this

video was useful and it fix your problem

as it fixed my problem and it was a

frustrating problem now I'm happy and

got almost all the keys on this keyboard

that I'm using frequently otherwise I

would mean lost okay and and again if I

press this this is actually a hash

it's a hash key anyways that was another

video I made a couple of days ago thanks

for watching see you next time