Buttons in your Gmail toolbar

hello everybody I am Johnny when you

select an email you will see buttons

under the search box that let you take

action on your messages for example you

can use the buttons to delay the message

or mark it as spam in this video

tutorial I'm going to show you what

button items and symbols mean in your

Gmail toolbar and how to change your

balance of text instead of Ivins

first button mean that you can archive

that message report a message as spam

delay the message move the message to a

folder add or remove a label when you

click more you can mark that message as

some read as not important

add to tasks add star filter messages

like these or mute to change your

buttons to text instead of icons

navigate to gear icon and select

settings scroll down to the bottom label

section and select text scroll down to

the bottom of the page and click Save

Changes now you will see your buttons as

text instead of icons feel free to leave

me a feedback in the comments below and

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my channel and stay connected peace out