UF Baseball Stadium

hey everybody

i got a chance to swing by the baseball

field here at university of florida


and all i can say is wow

i don't know any better way to describe

it i'm going to take a walk up here and

show you something else that they're

working on

they've got the the grass mounds here of

course for

pla fan seating and then the project

that's currently underway

right here on the back side of the


is an infield area

that's going to be synthetic turf for

workouts doing infield work for the team

and giving them a chance to spread the

wear out on something other than the

the field itself which i know that

visiting with the field manager here

todd he's

he's really excited about that having a

chance for the team to go

somewhere else when they do the infield

work and drills will give him a chance

to do that on

something other than the game surface

but as you can see

the field here is looking great and what

a beautiful

beautiful stadium for the university

florida and the florida fans to be able

to come out

and enjoy some baseball when we have a


i'm really looking forward to it i feel

pretty fortunate because

my office if we turn around here and


uh if you look right

there the brick building that you can

see through the trees right there

is my office so i'm only about 200 yards

away from the new baseball stadium

and i feel like that's gonna be just

you know a blast to be able to just walk

over here catch a game

see what's going on i just i i literally

can't wait this is going to be awesome


i hope you guys enjoyed this

let me know if you have any questions

happy to help answer them or

or let you know what's going on know

that uh

there's probably some people interested

in what grass is on the field here

the stadium has got tiff tough bermuda

grass planted on it

and it looks great the root system on it

is is looking great

i think this is going to play really

well when they get a chance to get out

here and start playing

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