Samsung Galaxy S7 - How to turn flashlight on / off

how's it going viewers thank you guys

for watching my video in this video I'll

be showing you guys how to turn the

flashlight on and off on a samsung

galaxy s7 the easiest and the fastest

way to access the flashlight is just by

going to your screen and sliding down

you guys should all have this preset in

your quick shortcuts whatever you guys

want to call them and mine is just this

is the factory phone and haven't touched

anything yet I just slide down from the

top and scrolled all the way over and

there's a flashlight if you don't have

that flashlight and once once you get to

the flashlight all you have to do is

just click on the button and as you can

see the light turns on and it's white

yellowish kind of light so turn it off

just go ahead and deselect it if you

don't have it there in that spot go

ahead and hit that little down arrow and

this gives you all of your other

different Quick Connect shortcuts and if

you want to just let us say move the

flashlight over all you have to do is

hit edit and this gives you the options

to move stuff around let's say I wanted

my flashlight at the very top let's say

something I use all the time I'll click

it hold it

then it gives you the option to move it

around so just like that you can move it

around hit done once it's done I'll just

go to the home page to show you guys I'm

over in the home page I slide down and

the flashlight is right where I left it

so that is how you turn your flashlight

on and off on a samsung galaxy s7 I hope

you guys found this video helpful if you

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guys have any other comments questions

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thanks for watching have a nice day