At Fillmore East (Live) - FULL ALBUM - Allman Brothers Band | College Students' FIRST TIME REACTION!

hey guys we are here the 80k

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full album dude dude

live full album the almond brothers band

so if you were in the live stream which

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cool letters and some custom art that i

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for the situation orange orange slice


we're going to pull out the orange slice

for this dude i think so

there's a 23-minute version of what was

right when we did that song we were like

i wonder if they can do it live i wonder

if there's a good y version

23-minute version dude that's gonna swap


sue uh miss sue jones thank you again

for the orange slice guitar

uh we will hang it on the wall at some

point and it's going to be very useful

for this

uh this album i'm just hyped so i think

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that didn't feel like an ending it was

going into something else okay so

here's my thing i think earlier and i

could be wrong about this and one of the

other songs

it sounded like they were starting

whipping post but then it went into

another song where there was like that

fade out i think it's kind of all mixed

like mixed in yeah so i this is totally

a guess and i could be wrong

i think what happened was they mixed

this record

and they realized man whipping post is

like their

biggest finisher so it's like even

though they didn't finish the concert

with whipping post let's move it to the


um because that was the only spot where

there was a weird transition

and this song so it's like probably they

just moved it to the end popped it

which i kind of would rather it would

just in the middle and

like the last song we listened to that

felt like an ending that's so true

so it's like um was it a great choice i

don't know

i could have seen it get like flow right

into because i felt it they even in the

record kept in the doo

i kept the beginning of whooping post

yeah in it it's like

i don't know so that was interesting

yeah and it might might not have been

living post but it was a start of a

different song so

i don't know either way record was

amazing uh top to bottom

immaculate guitar immaculate guitar dude

the guitar

like easily i'm gonna i'm just gonna

like beat the show a little bit yeah

every you had the double drums the bass

the organs backing him up literally just

propounding the guitar forward

yeah the the whole concert was just

i mean it was flawless it was a great

concert as far as a live album this is

maybe one of the best live albums i've

ever heard

just really really powerful stuff

phenomenal their jams

their jams did really well from the

early i mean it was cool that they

started with blue stuff

and i was like i was a little worried i

was like man if they keep the blues

thing the whole time

i like blues but i don't know if i like

it enough for like an

hour to record yeah of just that

um they showed range dude we showed a

lot of range so the first couple two

three songs were blues and all of a

sudden they went out of that and they

still had blues elements but now they're

doing these weird ethereal these chords

that are like jazzy

um just all over the map um great rock


just killer killer songs kill her stuff

kill her i have one thing i wasn't huge

okay literally so the vocals and

whipping posts

right i didn't like how when the chorus

came around

it's he like delayed his voice delayed

on almost every part

i was not a fan of that i guess it was

intentional but it's like you look at

how impactful it is in the studio when

he's like on the dot

like there yeah like for like when it's

supposed to be there

yeah and then even the part where it

comes he supposed to go sometimes i feel

when he goes back into it like

they delayed it there too and then it

just felt like kind of it felt like so

i was listening to it and i had the

exact same thing where i was like man i

wish you would just do it on time with


yeah here was my thought he's probably

sung this song

a billion times you know yep and so to

him it's probably

i've done it on stage where i think i'm

now i'm not comparing myself to him by

any means but i've done stuff on stage

where i feel like

when i've played a song a lot and i go

you know what it's feeling more

passionate to me to play it in this way

that's like

slightly different than i normally play

it but you got to think the average

listener hasn't played this song

as many times as he's played this song

true but why on the live record

i think it was just him he was like man

it's really cool because he's heard it a

billion times so he's like

for me this is a more interesting way of

singing it this like yeah i'm saying it

this one time this way

and i sing it the other 999 thousand

times the other way

so it's like this is interesting but for

everybody else who's like i just want to

hear that song though

we don't play that song every night we

play it a lot we don't play it as much

as you makes it just like kind of like

feels like

even with what even with the differences

it feels like it was kind of like

rhythmically like a little unnatural it

was unnatural

um you know yeah i'll tell you i i

i felt the same way on that and i also

felt even even in the earlier songs it

almost felt like the vocal was like

not filler isn't the word but it really

did feel like it's like okay we need

vocals for songs

but it really did feel like the

instrumentals like show yeah

i was missing out on man's show i was

missing out on the vocals for most of

the concert

and it wasn't until whipping post

because i even thought about this what i

was hearing and i was like

you know what because my biggest thing

was all the false endings

which i can be a fan of i think they

used a little too liberally on the album

yeah um just because i felt like by the

end they kind of lost their impact

like you hear like four or five false

endings in a song and one of the false

endings lasted like

seven minutes of a false ending yeah and

and it's cool

but i think if you if you do that too

many times it starts to lose the

the effectiveness of a false ending like

a false ending should feel like oh my

god it's getting to an end

yeah and then no it's not going back um

not it's not a bad thing

but one of the things i was thinking is

i was like okay they've used a bunch of

false guitar endings like a bunch of

them where it just like breaks down just

a guitar

and it's like guitar for a while then it

goes another stuff they broke it down to

drums they had weird rhythmic things

where it was the bass

um they even had an organ part i think

but they didn't have any vocal parts


whipping post is the only actually i

liked i liked the vocals at the very end

what's what i'm saying when it wasn't

great when he when he came down i

actually like that a lot it was just

like when it came to the grit parts

where i'm like oh

show up on that one dot so that's why i

wish they would have utilized his voice


yeah because i think they use all these

false endings and it's like if you would

have traded out like two or three of

those false endings

performing vocals or some vocals like

even if you bring it down now he's

whispering and he's like

close to the mic like he did at the end

of whipping post i'm like man that would

have been so much more impactful

um but again i'm sure if i was there i

would feel totally different

yeah so just the guitar work man i like

this master class in guitar work

we'd heard the guitars play before but

not like that dude no

no i feel i feel like some of these

songs if they were in the studio i

probably wouldn't have care for them as


yeah but when they show up live with

them just insane

there were so many things that

guitarists did that felt like he

completely deviated from like

those like southern rocky roots and kind

of just went all these other places you

could tell he's you could tell he's

an immaculate like guitarist in general

he's virtuoso he's not just

i can pick this lane and i can play

blue's likes he's like no i'm very

knowledgeable in this field in this

field in this field like

he's playing from these different scales

and different modes and um

just very very interesting yeah and you

called it um at one point where like it

felt like atypical for blues

because we're expecting like the 12 bar

blues where eight of the bars are like

the exact same

yeah just like oh no i'm just going to

take this one out and plug that one oh

those chords were

the chord changes i've never heard that

in blues and to me that was maybe my

highlight of

the whole record or there were two

highlights the one i think uh hotlanta

was the second to last song

and there was a point where we were both

like both getting into it and it

was my favorite song i think it was my

favorite song that was my favorite song

my favorite moment might have been

hearing those chords because it was

i was like wow those are so different so

different to take these

i don't know what they are but they're

like these add weird ad insert weird


and you would think it'd be like a

common thing and maybe it is we just

haven't heard much of it because like

you have toolbar blues right think of

how easy it would be just to kind of

pull out that one and like pull out

these two and throw those two in to like

make it

feel super super jazzy or super

different when it's actually

thrown them in but i haven't heard it

too much what i've heard from the blues

the blues is pretty standard as far as

chord progressions go

yeah like that's part of the blues it's

pretty standard progressions you have

crazy guitarists and you have people

who because like you're like taking

advantage of like the predictable chord


oh i know i can just go ham on

predictable chord changes but the

predictable chord changes

is what blues is at least to me yeah um

or like a big portion of it

and so to hear these which are these are

chords that if i heard them in any song

i'd be like those are weird those aren't

normal chords

those are not everyday chords that

progression was super interesting um and

to put that in

a music styling that is specifically

like normalizes yeah it normalizes


regiment like rudimented chords just

very very cool

um dude i love the bass player yeah

because it was like not every

progression he did it but i feel like

almost like every third or fourth

progression he's like going

like going into it yeah he's walking

pretty hard i liked how hot the bass was

i felt like it

was more like it was good in the front

than like what bands usually do

but like which i think is important

because they have a great bassist so

i don't know his name but i mean he's

he's impeccable uh so i think having him

that hot in the mix was a great choice

studio wise

it was so crazy also just to hear a full

record of like

like what you can accomplish when you

have two drummers yeah i would say

there's so many things pulled back

so like we listen to some modern music


outside of like what we listen to on

here um and we also listen to this

outside of it too but uh one thing in

modern music that

i love is diverse rhythmic stuff

which for a very very long time when you


rock music especially your most bands

are stuck to

you have a drummer and you can only play

what one drummer can play

maybe add a tambourine by another person

yeah but

pretty much you're you're limited to

what one drummer can play and a drummer

can play a lot of really cool things

but when you have those two drummers

going back and forth and sometimes

they're playing the same thing but

they're just slightly off because it's

the human nature

it just makes it feel so much cooler and

you have some guys like like

it just felt orchestral at some parts uh

it it felt chaotic and energetic yeah

like where one drummer is playing really

quiet everyone's like doing a snare roll

to try to like

build the tension up it's stuff that is

impossible for one person to play

and i think modern music utilizes you


that concept a lot that i love and so to

hear it back then like this is

groundbreaking to me this is one of the

coolest things i've heard in a long time

yeah no

it's insane especially because you have

like one drummer who's playing like

let's say consistently for this section

another who's doing like this

rhythmically weird thing with the band

only with these stops

but the one drummer is keeping it

consistent so like they're able to

effectively do that and just like stay

with it

it's just it's crazy drummers what you

can do yeah

it's it's just cool um overall i don't

even know if we need to rate this like

this is a

i don't think i feel comfortable like

rating albums especially live albums i

don't think so either because there's

just so much going on

um but you know our thoughts i mean it's

a great album i think if you are a

guitar player you need to listen to this


this is an album that you need to listen

to absolutely so there are at least like

seven key points where i felt like oh my

goodness he just did that

yeah or he's oh he's currently doing

that you know yeah so that being said

uh 80k reaction done get us to 90k

and we can do another full album with

that being said we'll see ya