FERRARI got BUFFED! Roblox Jailbreak Update

so similan bad CC just released a new

Ferrari man and it looks ridiculous so

I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys

where it is like we're gonna test out

its speed and you know just play some

jailbreak with this new Ferrari okay

I've seen the picture that it already

looks really good out like a buff the

engine II said II increase the speed a

little bit as well there's only one way

to really test it out and that is to you

know just drive it around you know have

some fun here okay so let's go ahead and

I'm not gonna get myself the thing yet

I'm gonna get myself to volt CC because

you know volt CC is a pretty good

vehicle here I like me some volt CC

alright and you know obviously you gotta

use the vault by glitch can all agree

vote bike without the glitch is kind of

crap testing I don't know why people say

you know vote Michael he should be used

without the glitch basically makes it

off I useless at this point remember the

last time I saw it was I like the train

station or something actually know about

the gun store but then like they moved

it okay and I think people said it was

up the train station and come on move

this bruh car over here or look Brooke

bruster I guess you could call it the

bro roadster it's blocking the way so

here is the Ferrari guys look at this

Ferrari oh yeah we got ourself to

display we got herself the seats we got

herself an engine holy snap all right

let's neon fi it oh yeah that looks good

everything is glowing Mitrano okay let

me go ahead and uh you know maybe

loading this one okay this one might

look a little bit better

oh yeah look at this thing No alright we

got like the chrome exterior with the

neon interior man that is like sick okay

literally a highlighter at this point

but who cares I like high lighter

vehicles alright let's go ahead and the

bank CC open bank CC is not open here

what about the jewelry store is the

jewelry store open uh nope everybody's

robbed suffering whoa whoa whoa whoa

whoa there what that car you doing big

Rio Carlo whatever get out of my vehicle

already get or get off of it it's like

you're doing some funny stuff okay we

need to get herself the jet pack okay I

don't know if this is just me or not but

the lighting looks

he really messed up after this update

okay jewelry stores open

we gotta get herself the jet pack fast

and man we gotta come up here get

herself this jet pack like now all right

oh yeah it's so dark and it's 4:00 in

the morning so it shouldn't be that dark

I think I hear the Georges store in the

robbery all right now I was gonna you

know Jam this car inside but you know

there was a ton of criminals so yeah I

mean the joy circulate only works if

you're like already waiting by the gorge

okay and yup looks like Joey's done the

robbery do you have any cars glitch nope

they don't have any cars list in there

man I don't know why don't you don't let

your car I mean you don't have to do the

ahh be like that okay who walked into

the RV anyway right okay so we got our

so far a 5,000 cashier camera any police

officer camping inside the jewelry

hopefully not it's okay that would not

be good I don't want to see any camper

old man's here okay oh oh it's this

bacon air again is this the same guy

from yesterday I hope not man or I don't

really want you in here man you don't

belong inside of this place

alright do we get a keycard yes we

pickpocketed a key card from the random

copper I even know if them all right

yeah no camping inside a gorge today mr.

bacon boy all right I don't really trust

any police officer died glitches in here

okay now we gonna get back into the

vehicle or our vehicle looks so

different in a day time okay it's like

shiny now or I look like the glowy

mature on interior okay now we can come

on this way and here we go turn this

thing in okay this guy seriously gonna

try camping me this guy seriously gonna

try it bro don't you dare block my car I

don't know why you would block my car if

he wasn't gonna arrest me I'm gonna play

it safe today alright oh yeah I don't

really want this guy to blocked my car

here you know doing funny stuff

alright guys the double P is wide open

alright this is gonna be very nice okay

and the body over here I don't think I

see anybody over there okay no police

officer campers or whatever okay

nobody's camping a double P right now

hopefully nobody does come in camp this

place circle I want to see how much

money we can get alright oh we gotta do

this stuff this one goes around

boom-boom-boom and here we go

very very nice okay Bank in there okay

hopefully he don't let you know cause me

to like you know not get that much money

from this robbery but let's go ahead and

just say you know cysmart over here

because you noticed like probably the

fastest way we can go get ourself the

money's all right no it's flippin don't

flip don't flip all right no no no no I

do not like it when it flips or in this

card oh that seems to roll like the

acerous does alright so that's a good

thing and I mean it is like double the

price of the other cars that like you

know came out with - the UFO I mean

technically UFOs not a car but yeah

double the price of the Souris and it

gives us you know slightly more money

than acerous alright 5450 it basically

like an army healthy robbery at this


alright museum is open they look like

they already pulled a lever which is

obviously a good thing wait how did you

get in here grab the stuff before like

breaking the glass or did the glass

actually break already items invisible

like what thing is going on here does it

seem own elite the items I hope not man

that would be terrible if you did okay

let's go ahead and grab another painting

over here like that one and now we can

come on this way where the heck is my a

vehicle is probably somewhere way back

around here okay let's get inside over

here no turn this stuff in okay

hopefully what I mean there's no like

timer tick so we are definitely getting

a 7680 bus certainly nobody comes in

camp stuff which shouldn't be too much

of an issue

much less cops than yesterday you

through yesterday I don't even oh man we

have like so many police officer those

ridiculous okay like actually a

ridiculous amount of camper oh man okay

so we're gonna go ahead and bro what if

somebody's trying to arrest me here yes

there is us bacon they're trying to

arrest me yes there is bacon errors

trying to arrest me over here okay where

the heck could he be alright let this

guy I don't know if it's this guy


I'm gonna go on and cook every police

officer I see because I do not trust any

more of these cops

okay they are probably gonna come and

arrest me anytime now all right I do see

oh yes where do you spell it boys what

are you doing what are you doing a

little sweaty salad boy get out again

get out of here all right G G Man G G

all right yeah well played but you're

not getting bacon today buy bacon going

to jewelry store now hopefully nobody

knows I'm going to joy so I'm not gonna

stand in game because otherwise

everyone's gonna go camp there man

brother these criminals man why do they

always run Joey stood before you know I

get inside with the vehicle okay don't

they want to skip the army

all right banks these C's under robbery

right now I'm gonna see if I can

into the bank without a key or actually

I do have a key but I want to try out

that glitch here okay can i glitched

down into the bank again or I want to

make sure it works of the mother I like

doing the bank glitch I don't know why

we're doing it when I have a key card

but who cares

all right write down over here and


nice we are in we are in hey that's

pretty good

we made it into the bank without a key

car robbery we did have a key card by

didn't use the key card to enter here

that was very nice okay I like that

oh now oh now hold up why are these guys

on shooting the salad air man these guys

didn't even shoot the salad I know

there's a lot of banking there over here

another bank in it yeah you gotta to

shoot down these cops coming in all

right you can't let those little bacon

or anyone in this bank vault alright

there's a cop right here pop right over

here man let's go ahead and clunk in all

right bye-bye see you later boy see you

later are you not coming in here to

arrest me okay you do not to come and

arrest me at all

dad that's bad okay no arresting all

right salad or died in the lasers breath

imagine dying in the lasers alright

let's go ahead and come on this way I'm

gonna go and just skadoodle on out of


so glad they allow us to check packing

Bank again because that is amazing

alright let's go ahead and come on this

way is this my vehicle I think okay this

is a UH Ferrari yup this is a very nice

Ferrari let's go check out the jewelry

store okay I really want to just make

sure that Ferrari works with the glitch

okay and hopefully these guys let me do

it by museum just open up boys let's go

ahead and come on over here get herself

by the museum I heard it was like

something with flying you know getting

vehicles on top of the roof here so

let's try this out the Ferrari here okay

I'm gonna drive the vehicle with it like

slightly dipped inside or something

because that's what people say works all

right it's gonna like me slightly this

way okay here we go

now I ragdoll no no no no no no no no no

okay don't do anything over there do not

open it

all right let's come on over here and

grab this stuff because people say we

could now like jump back into the

Ferrari to escape maybe it works maybe a


okay I'm seriously hoping it works I'm

sick and tired of people not pulling

levers okay all right so I think we

gotta just come on this way oh oh yo no

pull Museum with the Ferrari holy snap

guys that is actually good all right now

a lot of you guys get really really mad

at people don't pull the museum lever so

there's another glitch for you all right

enjoy okay because you know a lot of you

guys don't like waiting for people to

pull so yeah just skip them all right

well let them stay inside they can't

pull the lever all right we got ourself

this thing okay why they're stupid Ella

copter in my way get the heck out of

here you stupid helicopter I did not

like stupid helicopters in the way but

yeah this thing is a terrible right now

we're like spitting all over the place

last time I had just been a lucky run

because we are literally flipping

everywhere Ferrari I need you to stop

flipping man all right this was a

terrible run 47 like 50 holy snap

Ferrari you need to stop flipping out

man this thing just likes to flip okay a

lot of stuff we got literally like you

know 700 800 more than this okay this

Ferrari I just like think it's the front

or something you know it just doesn't

like Hills that well our suspension

height is yeah it's all high and it's

still doing a funny stuff man what's

going on

Joey's throw it open holy snap is this

style of their Sears they trying to

arrest me again come on get out of here

salad air

well they started the jewelry store

robbery again what is going on I wanted

to test out this glitch man Thank You

Sal they're for like you know making

people start it man come on okay my love

because okay they died they died in the

jewelry store when you start jewelry

selfishly but you die come on man what's

going on here okay apparently there's an

auto robbery in here let's go check out

the auto robber building okay you know

there's no no robber here when you know

they're inside of this building okay but

I think the bank's under robbery right

now and okay hold up let's go check the

bounty board

all right yup here's a crazy high bounty

okay even though I've robbed about the

same stores as him the servers literally

you look like fresh so yeah this guy

definitely looks like an author Robert

to me okay

all right thank you George for open up

inside of this small server here at I

joined let's test out this trick okay

here's all this thing all right I got a

decent chunk inside will it stick oh

yeah it does in fact stick very good man

all these new vehicle love to you know

dude a glitch Chuck it's just amazing

man I don't really see the issue of like

you know skipping the georeo be because

technically if you have the jetpack you

can skip it okay if you have like an

expensive Ferrari you better like you

know have a jetpack just say okay let's

go ahead and get herself another Ferrari

here and

yeah here we go another Ferrari let's

get ourselves some more fuel as well cuz

why not and here we go okay inside this

place and boom six thousand cash very

nice I didn't change it to low

suspension to get in okay all the things

of low suspension you can't drive over

train tracks okay we're gonna try this

Museum thing again okay there's a bunch

of people over here coming to the museum

member tackle attended last server yeah

it was so pretty cool ago I now have to

just figure out a way to get this car up

on the museum alright I think we did it

yup boom car on top of museum holes can

now all we got to do is just slide

ourself down in here okay boom there we

go we are now inside over here oh we

need us of this thing boom alright yeah

nice cut the gun is literally right next

to the glass we need the break right

okay now we get this thing and we got

ourself the gold as well and here we go

boom easy easy peasy man literally just

jump off spam EEE

that is how you get out of the museum

without holding those things and if you

don't have a helicopter okay so yeah

very cool glitch I don't see the harm in

down because like you guys even say that

a lot of people don't pull into museums

okay and you can see legitimately

getting yourself six thousand four

hundred so all Isis emo makes it sorta

you know both lovers have to be pulled

before turning into money then this

glitch is gonna work perfectly fine okay

I guess I'll go ahead and wrap it up

here because you know we've tested out

this Ferrari multiple times you can

glitch into like the jewelry store can

glitch into the museum the pretty fast

vehicle $200 cash I believe same price

as usual and got this cool interior

that's currently red by default okay

yeah I guess so a little to wrap it up

here if you guys enjoyed this be sure to

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you get yourself one of these cuz I

certainly would because I mean I already

have it so I mean most people probably

already have it and if you don't already

have it you might as well use it okay be

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