Brussels: Inside the European Union




he would just arrive like two hours ago

when we came to our first meeting of the

day which is here at the American

Chamber what the Lubar headquarters here

in Brussels while we're visiting with

various officials from here at NATO and

we just had a meeting

rupal i think tank here in Brussels


every year is a very exciting

opportunity for our students to meet

with different officials at the

different new institutions that we visit

such as the Commission the Parliament

here at NATO and I certainly believe

that this trip is one of the highlights

of the MIR program they get to see in

person what it's like to work here what

issues motivate us what issues preoccupy

us I think for a generation and I just

spoke with him who were born after the

Cold War who never maybe had military

service it's important to have that

conversation with them about what it why

it's important to have enough time to

cater to the organization what it

provides and also for us to hear what

what concerns they may have about NATO

its role in its future



what you learn from the books is

different from what the real world has

to offer

I guess that the whole experience that

we're here living it by ourselves also

gives you a more real sense of the whole

experience for the next couple of days

we will be visiting the European Council

which is like a very important for us

very interesting because we have been

learning a lot about it during class

we've had a really good guest speaker

from the American chambers of commerce

we've been to the Commission today we've

been at the Parliament I thought it was

very interesting that ie was able to

pull together so many folks that you

know we wouldn't normally get to visit

with and you know visiting with MEP that

we met with yesterday was very

interesting as well at the European

Parliament seeing all the EU

institutions and myself as a non

European Union citizen was really cool

to go and how that experience we visited

the Commission we visited the Parliament

as well as important was nice to see as

well so we had a great trip it was a

nice break from academics we could

actually come and see what we've been


it's fun to learn about them and get to

know more but when you're physically

here it's a much more enriching

experience and it's something that you

kind of really you get a more tangible

benefit I think it also I think prepares

us for more of what our lives are likely

to be like after our masters we can't

always grasp that feeling when we're

studying in Madrid this is far more

stepping into the real world we had

plenty of golf Chloe got plenty of

frites so we've had some nice brace

getting to see the the nightlife and the

personal side of Brussels as well as the

function here very policy part