Elf On A Shelf Caught Moving On Camera!


now to those who don't know the Elf on a

shelf is a Christmas tradition or a

special Scout is sent to your home from

the North Pole

to encourage children to behave

themselves the idea is that this is

Santa's Little Helper which watches the

children by day and at each night he or

she returns to the North Pole to report

on whether or not children were naughty

or nice anyways in today's video we are

gonna be looking at 10 Elf on a shelf

caught on camera and spotted in real

life I can assure you that all of the

videos from this list will leave you

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I heard that by leaving a like you would

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get started at number 10 in this video

one kid decided to catch Elf on a shelf

on camera moving at night what he did is

he set up a hallway camera and he knew

to set her up in the hallway because

every night the elf would sneak out of

this one room after did catch a movie on

camera what he saw absolutely shocked

him back and forth the elf would move

past the camera and even would mess

around with it a little when this video

was first released it shocked the world

and definitely shocked the kid


moving up next onto number nine we have

this one vlogger who's filming his

morning routine when he noticed that his

Elf on a shelf was standing on his car

and that was only the beginning he

decided to keep on vlogging which most

likely angered the elf kissed elf

probably doesn't want any cameras

rolling when he's gonna be moving around

with his magic further into the video he

continues to film and it made his day

terrible what the hell man

give me some M&M bread come on we ain't

gonna start this already nothing - give

me some wine you must stop moving on to

number eight we have another sighting

recorded by someone's camcorder after

just a quick inspection of the time

stamp of seeing it being court in

December 1st 2018 we know now that the

elves are back and they're coming in

earlier this year so even though on the

25th when Christmas is finally over the

elves on this show might actually stick


it's a crazy hypothesis but many people

in the comment section of this video

agreed but anyways from the Canon

quarter not only was the Elf on a shelf

record on camera but the elf somehow

managed to place holiday music and that

was recorded through camera as well

check this out


I'll number seven we have another guy

who caught Alfe on a shelf moving on

camera this Christmas after he caught

the Elf on a shelf moving around the

first time he decided to install some

proper security cameras around his house

the video playing right now is something

he caught earlier in December if you

look closely in the kitchen corner you

can see the Elf on a shelf climbing up

slowly in the middle of the night this

isn't even the first time this guy's

seen the Elf on a shelf and move on

camera cuz he is installed cameras all

over his house the next camera he has

situated in his office records the Elf

on a shelf moving on his desk on the

camera the elf just takes a big yawn and

without any warning whatsoever he just

jumps off of the desk onto the chair

where is he going off to in such a hurry

you may ask well of course it's nowhere

else other than Santa to report on

whether or not the kids have been

behaving or not in this next video the

guy who set up all the cameras is

turning off the lights and going in

asleep and only moments later the Elf on

a shelf was spotted to be following him

if you look closely at the floor you can

see the Elf on a shelf moving towards

his direction now this really gets you a

hint as to how early in the night these

elves start to move now if that was

caught on these cameras did not like the

idea that he was being recorded so when

he found out he just stared at the

camera right in the lens and only

seconds later the camera died not sure

if it cut the wires or if it used its

magic just be aware that your expensive

camera equipment could get broken in the

process after I captured the Elf on the

Shelf moving last Christmas I've decided

to install some proper security cameras

and ran my eyes this is what I caught


certainly ons

and then without any warning jumps off

of the cameras all over the house this

shot shows what happens at night in my


it looks like the Alfa the Alps quite

cheeky too in this next clip you'll see

me turning out the lights on the chair

into my bedroom but then seconds later

the elf seems to be following me look

closely at the floor


I think eventually the elf worked out

that he was been recorded security

cameras look straight into the lens and

then and then seconds later it went dead

but despite this I'll be trying to cap

our number six we have this one Elf on a

shelf that was not only caught on camera

but it was also seen decorating the

entire house meaning that either this

elf is completely oblivious to the

hidden cameras or it voluntarily filmed

itself either way this video does bring

up some interesting questions you will

not believe this we caught up on the

shelves on camera decorating the kid's

room last night

clearly he needs some decor lessons but

nice try top number five we have another

video of this elf hacking up some

skittles into a box most likely this is

what the elves do once they're finally

done helping out a family on number four

we have a really creepy video of an elf

just sitting on its shelf however a

camera was placed right next to it and

one 12 o'clock struck it just turned and

stared the camera down but it's most

likely just annoyed that it was being

filmed continuously for many hours



number three we have this video of an

elf on a shelf messing around for this

family cereal now what happened is this

family accidentally left the camera out

recording without even noticing it so

they didn't even mean to catch an elf on

a shelf on camera so here's the footage

they found




next up on number two I just recently

found part two of the mailing video we

found earlier you know the one worth Elf

on a shelf was packing up skittles and

ready to go it was really hard to find

but basically in this video he packed

some more things and finally jumps into

the ball he also brought his spider-man

buddy in before shipping himself back to

the North Pole


and finally on number one we have the

video that tops them all not only was it

a time of day where the elf was using

its magical powers in an insane amount

but their elf was really special and it

let out sparkles every time it did

something hurt everyone those were ten

Elf on a shelf caught on camera in real

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