89 k1500 electronic spark control module location

all right so I got here I've got a 89k

1500 Silverado it's got 350 in it now

I'm having a problem with my electronic

spark control module you see right here

that's what you're looking for and we've

got a Chilton here the Chilton's got it

nowhere in here is it going to tell you

where it's at so looked online had a

hell of a time finding it online so the

best thing to do is start at the

distributor so we took the air filter

off and if you look as soon as you take

your air filter off right here is going

to be your electronic spark control

module so pretty easy to find I figured

it was going to be up under the firewall

but it's not so it's going to disconnect

both of these bolts here unhook it from

here and you should be good to go