Duodenum | Introduction | Anatomy | Part 1

hello youtube this is Sam from tides of

schooling in this session of the video

we're going to talk about the deep denim

which is actually the part of this small

intestine the first part of the small

intestine which is dude in them so in

this section what actually we are going

to cover up is that we're gonna talk

about the denim it's four parts and the

their relations especially we're going

to talk about the relations and we will

be going to understand them perfectly

you know easily you know we'll be using

this diagram to understand the you know

the location where like the relation of

the do tanam with other structures will

be going to talk about that in the end

of the lecture of the do tanam we're

going to talk about the arterial nerve

supply and the lymphatics of the

duodenum so let's get started so first

let's talk about little bit talk about

the small intestine then we'll move up

to the you know the deal did in them so

this small intestine which is actually

considered as the longest part of the

elementary canal and which actually

extends from the pylorus you you know

the powers of the stomach the end part

of the stomach like over here that this

this kind of over here the stomach is

attached and over here it's the pylorus

of the stomach so and it ends this small

intestine i'm not talking about the did

you know i'm talking about the small

interest in the small intestine actually

ends at the ileocecal Junction which is

at the junction between the ileum and

the cecum and you know the girls part of

the digestion and the full absorption

actually takes place in the dude in in

the small intestine so we we have

divided the small intestine finally into

three parts that is the duty nam which

is the first part the second part is the

genome and the third part is the ileum

but in this section we are going to talk

about the did in them so before talking

about the genome I'm going to name all

the structures which are in the distant

in this diagram so it will be easy for

mean to talk about the relations and its

parts and everything so the dude in um

actually we have divided the duodenum

into four parts that this one is the

first part then this is the second part

this one is the third part and this one

is the four part so duty members

actually divided into four parts so this

one this long loop you can see is

actually D denim and I'm going to name

other structures in this diagram so it's

really easy for you to understand the

whole lecture so this structure you see

the long it just starts here and again

it's over here so this one is actually

the aorta this is your aorta alright and

this one is your inferior vena cava

inferior when I came up and in the in

the front of the inferior vena cave are

and here the inferior vena cava we have

got this guy which is called portal vein

this one is the portal vein alright and

I near by it we have got this duct

called the bile duct this is the boy

called bile duct and this one this big

structure which is over here and it kind

of goes pursue to the this big structure

called this one is a large intestine so

this one is your right kidney right so

this is your right kidney this one is

your transverse colon and this way here

is your ascending colon so we'll just

call it come on come on or come on

whatever you call it and this one this

big leafy structure in yellow color it's

your pancreas this is your pancreas

alright and so and these are the vessels

or you can see these superior mesenteric

vessels you can superior mesenteric

artery and superior mesenteric vein so

we call it soup in both structures we

call them vessels together they are

actually superior mesenteric artery and

superior mesenteric vein and the

superior mesenteric artery we say which

is actually the branch of the abdominal

aorta so this is the superior mesenteric

vein vessels together we call them


results right and down here you can see

these big structures these are actually

this is what is the inferior when I care

about going posterior to the pancreas

and the genome and this one is your top

the abdominal area especially and which

actually divide into the common alright

and this is structure this muscle which

I have made is actually your right sauce

muscle ri ght right swass muscle

I'm us and this one in light green color

made is actually you're right ureter

which actually coming from your kidney

from the Harlem of your kidney which is

prettier to the this second part of the

genome so right here ater so actually an

other structure which is over here this

is also the bile duct and this one is

also the pancreatic duct and that one is

the your excessive appendices accessory

pancreatic duct and this is your

pancreatic duct that is the real one and

this one is your bile not so they kind

of both come together and join together

as a nebula and which actually end into

the major digital peppy lab well because

what we are going to talk about that in

just a bit