all right you guys today I am gonna go

into the dump

it is a furniture outlet I never been

here before so this will be our first

time in here I've been to America's

Furniture Warehouse so let's go ahead

and come in here and see what they have

alright here's what it looks like when I

walk in this is the front let's see how

much this side table right here is this

is what it looks like right here

let's see they're asking for 291 for

this and at the American warehouse it

was a lot cheaper but this is kind of

different design right here so 291 that

is cool-looking this couch right here

we're looking at 1200 is it just this

piece for that that's a really nice

color right there and then to my side

right here we have a chair that is gonna

be 794 and I wonder if it comes with

that do you think it comes with that oh

it is separate

oh so 294 for that okay so here's the

stuff that they have here for that and

it has this really cool green chair I

saw when I walked in I kind of liked

that that is gonna be 500 I like that I

think it's cool let's see what else they

have behind me we have another set up

look at this weird sign up right here

this table in front of me is going to be

a 1,700 and then they have like these

decor pieces on top what are they like

horns or something those are going to be

71 dollars apiece and then we have that

couch right there this couch is gonna be

a 6000 it's actually nice

is it double sided Oh is just one or is

it part of this one big one it is double

sided okay I could see why no I see why

that is going to be that price you're

gonna have to have like a really big

enough like living room or something

because it is double sided here is uh

right here in the middle and then we

have over here so that's kind of


okay on this side we have a table right

here here is a set up the Hampton sofa

the Hampton sofa huh the Jessica Jacobs

collection so it looks like right here

that in front of me is gonna be nine

hundred and ninety four for that couch a

nice white one and then we have the

chair right here and that chair is gonna

be seven ninety four as well oh that's

cool oh look at that couch right here

look at that color oh I love that color

let's see the price I saw the price

around the corner here's what it looks

like for this couch in front of me it's

gonna be nine hundred it's a nice simple

modern blue is a suede yeah it's kind of

little suede

and then we have a Blue Chair right here

which we have seen similar chairs like

this in Marshalls and they're gonna ask

for 794 for that so that's gonna be 794

that's what that looks like right there

this table in front of me it's gonna be

379 hey that's what it looks like and

here's this one right here this blue is

gonna be 800 oh it's nice and this what

coffee table is $400 they do have a

yellow one like the blue one same price

900 and then over here we have a list

style which is really cute I like and

that one's gonna be a 1400 in front of

me I found this really cool game table

and they want 500 for that she really

cool-looking does it come with all the


oh I'm sorry they won 3000 okay I was

looking at something else

Wow 3000 huh okay does it come with all

the pieces that is a man's table for

their garage or their man cave right no

poker and it has drawers right here

hey at least give me the pieces right no

pieces for that one here's a very

interesting chair right here they're

asking for 691 and then we got a couple

of benches behind me but check this out

this table right here here's a set up

for this table okay this table is gonna

be 900 dollars just for the table itself

okay and each chair is gonna be 200 but

then if you go to the other side they're

asking for the bench alone it's 200 and

I think that's way too much for that

bench because it seems better quality

for almost a faint price but maybe a

little lesser on the bench we're coming

up to some chairs right here is this

actually really cool-looking one says

291 and then the

one behind it is 341 they look the same

to me what is the difference do you see

a difference but look okay yeah okay I

just saw that the 341 chair does have

arms and the 291 does not and right here

we have like a long bench

this is gonna be 691 for that ooh that's

a nice bookshelf look at that in front

of me oh yeah they want 1300 I could see

why and this carved with elephants let

me see if I could get closer let's see

oh yeah we got elephants here oh that's

really nice I like that type of style to

DVD she'll break it is nice and a couple

people asking me if I need help I don't

think I'm supposed to be filming in here

they keep asking me like every five

seconds this chair right here is gonna

be 141 very different and look at this

oval table that's different that is

gonna be one thousand right here is a

very interesting piece right here I kind

of like that I don't know what what I do

with something like that but it's gonna

be 1,000 and look at the inside it has

like a really neat design really cool

looking that is a very neat so in front

of me I found this really neat piece it

is eight hundred dollars and it opens

let's open that and it's called the

Lotus collection here we go it opens

right there that is so cool-looking and

then inside and that's how deep oh

that's really deep man they call it a

console box that is cool enter this

steel over here I mean that's a really

cool piece right here

so here is 940 this is a very different

piece right here is like a dresser so it

has drawers that opens but the top is

like you know glass like a mirrored

glass and then it has like the metal

frame around that very interesting and

the side of that that's what's gonna

look like on the side right there

very interesting cool piece right here

and then each side has a design on it I

think they might be the same this is

gonna be $400 right here very different

very cool in my opinion I like stuff

like that and look at that right there

here's another decor piece how much of

that they are asking for 359 for that

one yeah it's a little different oh my

gosh look right here I see if I could

push this back look at that cart that is

going to be 349 349 and it opens right

there that's a very different piece

right there yes like a wine rack we got

the top what are this like a Oh fake

iron it is it's like a cart that's

really cool-looking

they got a lot of cool pieces right here

700 for that right there so here's like

all their wooden pieces like that right

here I'm in this section that is like

last stuff is just blows my mind away

look how tall that is it goes all the

way down and then we're gonna go all the

way up that is so cool-looking and right

here it's only 12 you're gonna pay 1200

that is definitely that price for it

really neat-looking and we have more

behind me this one is gonna be 12 so

close to 13 for this piece right here

and I believe it opens it has doors I

can't get it open

it looks like it does open though a cat

scratching post what is it this is $62

in front of me it looks just like a

decor piece I believe

here is another piece 1,200 very cool

these are just the coolest and look oh

my gosh look I'm walking further here's

another tall one right here it is huge

very nice a bookcase right how much

only 2 that's only 2

I would think something like that would

cost way more in my opinion see that's

what I'm talking about for the price yes

I think that price is what it's worth

but I was thinking it would be worth

worth more like those dressers that are

better that price no way but this is

that price alright you guys I made it

into the bedding section we have this a

leather chair under me it's gonna be

$1,000 and it does recline it's supposed

to but look at this bed right here

they're asking close to 4000 for that

I do love stuff like this actually I

love that

and this is the setup that they have

here that's what that looks like they do

have a dresser on the side let's see hmm

advertised price I wonder this like

including the dresser because the bed

alone Oh a five piece bedroom sold only

as a set oh okay so this whole bedroom

set is gonna be that price okay I can

see that does it include the leather

chair it doesn't okay

behind me we have another piece right

here here's the set up so it looks like

they only sell the bed frames in a set

does it look like they're sold

separately this chair in front of me

it's gonna be 750 and here's a price

six piece bedroom sold only as a set

okay that's the price I found a bad

price if you're looking for like a

dresser and all that stuff right there

so no I don't think so I am I am looking

for a dresser but I'm very picky I want

the real stuff so yeah but that's a nice

bed let's keep walking we had this one

right here for this set is gonna be that

price in front of me five piece sets but

this one on the bed it says is gonna be

like 15 this is a king very nice

here's another set right here that is a

smaller one let's see how much are they

asking 775 for that one here is another

setup right here it's asking for 19 it

is a queen here's what the bedroom looks

like and then here it's like their price

it says you know the market price will

be like 4,600 and their price is gonna

be close to 19 hmm and this for the

whole piece I sounds kind of really

cheap I don't know if that's the right I

don't know if I'm supposed to be filming

in here because they're watching me like

a hawk I'm gonna keep going right here

here's another setup let's see looks

like a king would be 800 a queen would

be 600 here's this if you want it as a

set I believe so that's the price for

that right here and then they have like

that dresser I've seen a dresser like

that at Macy's they want to 1200 alone

for the dresser and I have a mirror as

well and then they have a tall dresser

right here and they're asking for

closeness 800 so I don't know that price

is right for the whole set


here's another spin upper here is the

black line and then you know we had the

black dresser and the mirror as well and

there's a price for the fit huh

here is another setup right here that's

very interesting I kind of like that but

I'm more into the plush I really want to

get myself a plush bed frame and then

there's a dresser and there's that

person in front of me if I get closer

what that looks like

I kind of like in this piece right here

I am liking it it is gonna be 15 I do

not see a set like if it comes in a set

or anything with a dresser or mayor but

that's really cool now I am loving stuff

like this and my problem is this is a

leather one I did find one that's not

leather kind of like a suede one but I

do have dogs and my fear is them jumpin

at the end of the footboard and then

they're scratching it but if I didn't

have animals I probably would do

something like that it's a very nice

let's look at those prices and I believe

it has like the dresser in the mirror as

well here is for the Queen piece 5 piece

a bedroom so this is the price right

here here is the king one right here