this is my first time shopping at the

Duluth trading company in Granville

Michigan it just opened up about a week

ago maybe even less I'll see if I find

something I'm planning on just looking

but you never know


I got some of that over here some

football colors Packers bears Lions this

is like for going out getting firewood

34 bucks the one thing about their

t-shirts is they make them three inches

longer in the front in the back and

that's why they say it covers up the

butt crack and the belly here's a

insulated vest that's the thing that I

prefer to wear when I'm outside chopping

firewood then underneath that wear a

hoodie this one's water repellent for

$79 I'd like the sweatshirt right here

this Alaskan hard gear sweatshirt caught

my eye

here's some various button-down shirts

the stuffed animal beaver this end cap

right here is a cool display it shows

the Duluth flex pants worn by the

Lumberjacks as they're a sponsor of the

steel timber Sport Series the axe here

isn't for sale but I just want to take a

close look of a professional axe up

close the five pocket jeans are their

most popular they run 50 bucks

the ball room carpenters jeans they're a

little more boxy and the fire hose pants

6450 this presentation jacket for 159

kind looks like a sport coat and their

t-shirts are 1950 okay so this is kind

of like a shoulder bag 154 bucks all

leather looks like room for like your

laptop that's the other thing from the

front here you put all your shoulder mat

and then let's see yeah it's a like a

laptop bag this is something else that

caught my eyes I'm looking for something

to wear this winter the sweater and the

button-down shirt together I think once

on sale they ran about $80 together

here's some premium leather wallets

premium leather belts all types of

different tools odds and ends the book

selection was pretty cool they have some

things I've haven't really seen in book

stores that are on their shelves just a

nice little selection of interesting

things this is just down the center of

the store some various items slippers

bags some flannel shirts I'm not sure

this stuff's on sale in the middle or

not and all kinds of different cups and

mugs okay actually found something I'm

going to try it on boom here's the open

toe tool bag for 169 very cool but yes

it is a little pricey looks like it

lasts a long time

it's very solidly built all kinds of

different pet toys mostly for dogs

this right here is something I have at

home before it's a shoe cleaner for 65

50 or boot cleaner car and truck trash

little pop-up trash receptacle

all right so it's a nice little feature

free coffee tea free water all these red

pins are Duluth trading stores we're at

this one right here I believe that one

is opening up where there's another one

open up there too there as far west as

Colorado far east is Boston kid sizes so

I get one of those red and black things

in come on chop wood with me


so this is my first time shopping at

Duluth trading company and I actually

found some time spent in just looking so

so far for outdoor equipment it's a

little pricey but I think it's pretty

awesome so check it out

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