Skyrim- What To Do With The Elder Scroll After Quest

hey guys a scarecrow slayer and I am

just bringing a quick little Skyrim tip

video to you guys a big complaint that a

lot of people have with this game is

your inability to get rid of quest items

after you've done a quest or if you're

not interested in doing a quest you

can't get them out of your inventory and

some of them are really heavy and the

heaviest one of all is the Elder Scroll

it weighs 20 pounds and it takes up a

ton of your inventory space so this

video is going to show you how to get

rid of it so the first thing you need to

do is fast travel to the college of

winterhold ok and then once at the

college of winterhold need to run up

through here and need to enter the hall

of the elements once in the Hall of

elements you will need to go to the

library ok and once in the arcane ium

you need to walk over here and talk to

this orc which is the keeper of the

library you probably have talking room

before not read all this knowledge might

have and you must ask him would you be

interested in an Elder Scroll very funny

it entered which I'm serious it's yours

if you want it you really an Elder

Scroll yes really I would be honored and

then he gives you 2000 gold

college and then you get 20 new wait to

be able to carry stuff which is awesome

it's truly awesome take this ok so uh so

yeah now if you look in my inventory

there's no Elder Scroll and my carry

weight has been decreased by 20 pounds

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