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it is october 26th and the stock market

is down quite a bit today hopefully some

of you guys have been able to see some

great gains today but as always

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how you guys are doing today so as you

can see i am down

quite a bit today 590 dollars or around

1.2 percent today so far definitely been

a pretty red day for me as you can see

most of my stocks are deep in the red

except this one stock right here semi

which i do have a

600 shares up so in this video i kind of

want to update you guys on what

positions i am holding

and what is happening in the stock

market right now so before i get into

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about what's going on guys so remember i

did sell my apple and microsoft

stock a couple weeks ago and i sold it

for this particular reason

i knew the stock was going to come

tumbling down i just wasn't sure exactly


if we take a look at microsoft and apple

right now they're not doing

so good so microsoft as you can see now

is that 209.63

actually sold a put earlier today and

then it ended up closing it for a four

dollar profit just because i

really don't want to hold such a large

position right now

uh same thing with apple i had sold a

put on it

on friday and closed it today so as you

can see apple now is at 113

80 and as you can see i sold a put

last week for 63 and i closed it today

for 55

so i took my eight dollar profit and i

ran with that because again i don't want

to hold such large positions right now

uh with everything that's going on and

so we take a look at

spy in general so spy remember tracks

the top 500 companies in the us

and so as you can see spy is down almost

80 dollars today which is about 2.3


so again just a complete bloodbath today

and so i am holding a lot of cash right

now again

about 35 000 right now uh

just holding their cash when you know

hoping that nothing

dips too much more but honestly a lot of

things can happen

very volatile market right now so in

terms of my own positions as you can see

i only have six different stocks uh so

semi 600 shares i've had this for a

while still waiting on approval

for its anti-body test kit which i think

that's why it's pretty green because

covet cases are rising

uh that test kit is definitely something

we're going to need and i think

news and approval is coming very very

soon and i think investors know that so

that's probably why that one's

uh still green now these other ones uh

you know kcac

sp qsb these are all spacks uh

you know it's not surprising that

they're down uh usually they're going to

take the biggest hit since

you know there's still spacks uh ttcf


merged into tattooed chef this one's

actually down quite a bit today

but again not surprising since again it

just became

uh it just merged into the public


of ttcf and then plug is down five

percent today

uh not too worried about that one so

again the good thing about all of these

is that you know i do have a hundred two

hundred shares of and so that allows me

to sell calls

and still collects some money even when

those stocks go down

right so you can see uh here's my plug

call i'm up fifteen dollars on even semi

i have one call at five dollar strike

i'm up five dollars

kcac sold the call of 47

spaq sold two calls up 89 ttcf

uh sold one call up 182

and i did sell a put on ttcf as well at

17.50 now this one i am down currently

125 dollars

since again ttcf kind of did drop quite

a bit today over

12 right now uh but again these are the

the only stocks that i'm going to be

holding here um definitely not going to

sell any of them

but i'm definitely not going to be

buying anything else until after the

elections and everything has kind of

uh settled off and so that leads me to

my next big thing what's happening why

is the stock market down

a lot today let's take a look here and

you know i've talked about this couple

times now

but i just can't stress enough uh how

volatile these things are going to make

the market especially as we get closer

to elections

so here's an article from today stocks

tumble as covert 19 cases surge

and stimulus is nowhere to be found so

kobet has been picking up

a lot a lot of new cases

uh every single day now especially here

in the us

and you know starting to get worse as

winter comes

you know usually in the winter people

also get you know the cold or things

like that and

you know all that stuff can kind of be

mixed up as well

for covid and so things can kind of get


very exaggerated and become very bad so

in general uh things aren't looking too

good when it comes to covid

no vaccine in sight yet and so

the other big thing like i've mentioned

for a couple of weeks now two

is that you know the only thing that i

thought would really help

spy and the market overall keep rallying

up would be another stimulus package

and we're literally eight days away uh

from the election

and there's still no stimulus in sight

right so that's not uh that's not good

and so if we take a look here at this


uh that the dao was down 950 points or

3.4 percent today not a single dow stock


in the green okay and so at this rate it

is on track for its worst day since

june the smp like we just saw

was down about 2.8 percent which is on

pace for the s ps4 stations the start of


the nasdaq which remember is basically

comprised of

mainly tech stocks so tech heavy uh

which had

which had briefly bounced back from its

lows in the morning dropped 2.7

which is setting up for the worst day

since late september

so again there's a lot of things that

investors are kind of grappling with

right now of course the election i think

being one of the biggest one

and again the election is only eight

days away and even with eight days away

again there's still no stimulus package

okay and i think remember that's what i

mentioned that is kind of the biggest

thing that

we need right now for the markets to

keep rallying

uh and then there's also the fact that

uh you know there are there are earnings

coming up

for a lot of these big tech companies

this week like microsoft apple google

facebook twitter

and you know with all those earnings

coming up that just adds more to the

volatility in the market

uh so like it mentions right here

earnings will inject volatility

in the tech sector uh ongoing u.s

stalemate over u.s

fiscal stimulus and rapid spreading of

covet 19 is going to determine the

direction for the wider

markets but again i think you know

the election coming up as well that is a

big thing

that is coming up as well uh so the ever

slimming chance of a new stimulus

package before

next week's election isn't a new factor

for the market yet it has been a big

driver of the action over the past

weeks even as nothing has really changed

that is a result of recent

negotiations it just shows how important

the recovery is for the market

covet infections are rising across


and governments have brought back

restrictions to stave off the spreading

once again

so all of this creating a cocktail of

uncertainty that the market doesn't like

one bit

and wall street open lower has gone


uh so with all that being said guys you

know just be careful right now

a lot of uncertainty in the stock market

with cobit with stimulus

with elections coming up a lot of

earnings coming up

uh so just be careful you know hold on

to a lot of cash right now if you can

you know i would avoid options because

you know

at least with stock you can hold on to

those for as long as you want options

will eventually expire

and we don't know how long this

craziness is going to continue so

again i am sitting pretty cash heavy i

don't plan on buying anything else until

after the election couple weeks after

the election and

you know after we've hopefully seen

another stimulus package or

covered cases declining again so that's

kind of my

portfolio update kind of what's going on

today why the stock market is very red

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