Unmasking the biggest medical myths you fall for - The Dr. Oz Show Season 11

hey i'm backstage

right behind these curtains is a mystery

guest getting ready for my biggest smith

show ever

we've been keeping the mystery guest

identity secret hey you ready in there

i'm ready all right by the end of the


we're gonna unmask who they really are

and also unmask the biggest medical

myths along the way

i'm gonna help put the finishing touches

on their mask in the meantime

take a look at one of the hints of who

it might be

hey dr oz i'm super excited to start

pulling the mask

off some super common myths that we both

want to bust

i have been one of your biggest myth

busting fans since back in the day

watching you literally blow the lid off




your belly is uncontrollably large now

this smelly glass

this flow to myth about chanting from a


that's why burning is never a good idea

if you want to get tan now in 2020 we're

unmasking myths some folks are still

falling for but first i know you want a

clue who's behind this mask

i'm on one of your favorite tv shows

that's all about the drama

all right let's bring out our masked


guest please join us


well of disguise so here's the question

for everyone here

in the audience here and at home can you

guess who is behind

this mask and unmask the biggest myths

in the meantime we'll do both the same

time all right we're gonna do a

countdown we got the five biggest myths

you play along

let's do it all right number five is the

belief that even dentists debate

you don't need to floss your teeth


is that a myth or is it fact audience

what do you think

myth you don't think you have to floss


all right this caused a lot of

controversy recently i mean i don't want

to be near anyone who doesn't floss i

don't know

i don't want to have any conversations

with these people but the question is

are you healthier

although i get it grant you've been

smelling better will be part of the

puzzle come on over

americans hate flossing by the way hate

it 35

of americans would rather do an

unpleasant activity than floss

things like clean the toilet i mean

things they really don't want to do

normally so let's find out if this

belief is a myth or a fact

we have an experiment that will reveal

the answer the mask mystery yes will you

be my assistant

of course okay so you get the brush all

right these are the teeth

right and here's the deal normally your


as you eat food will begin to accumulate

bits of plaque like this

right and you brush the tooth and you

get all that flak

off look at that that's a good job i

mean oh my goodness you're making a mess


you're doing great that's perfect that's

perfect you got rid of all the plaque

in the front right see that looks pretty

good there most of it's gone but what


up top here that doesn't look so good

does it guys no

no that's hidden black all right now

mask celeb take some floss okay

come on come over here hey when you

flush show me how you show me your


i mean you got to get in between right

you got to do a good job here we go hold


yeah oh that looks good doesn't that

feel good everybody ah

right you gotta get rid of all the

parsley everything that goes in between

oh oh don't you love when that happens

and the frost pulls something out

you get dirty celebrity guests you okay

i'm good how am i doing

you're doing great but that's the goal

right soon the stuff's gone now look at

it it's a whole different ball game in

there right

and a little bit more working and you

won't have much left so if you don't

take care of that plaque

then you get problems including bleeding

take a look at this photo it's a little


this is what happens with bleeding gums

and inflammation oh yeah you don't want

that do you guys

know gum diseases link to heart disease

brain health problems

premature births all kinds of problems

but you know what

don't take it from me i want to bring in

dentist justin rush bomb

come on dr rushbound join us nice to see


so break it down for us don't identify

our celebrity guest please

i won't now that you're close enough you

might be able to peek in there you think

we should be flossing

absolutely first of all it's free unless

unless you have a dentist that strangely

charges you for floss which i imagine

they don't

but when you get bacteria between the

teeth so i see

i treat thousands of of teeth for dental

decay per year

and the enamel is thinnest in between

the teeth right in here right in there

and has the shortest route to the nerve

in between the teeth

and obviously when we get decay that has

hit the nerve

what do we need a root canal and

obviously everybody

wishes they would avoid that yikes so

flossing is it is

extremely extremely that's a nice look

that's what you want

and kudos to your art department on this

this is that's what you want

no nerve i didn't realize that the

nerves are easier to get it's

impacted from the side that from the

middle exactly the enamel is thinnest

in between the teeth so obviously the

route to the nerve is shortest in that

area so decay progresses much more


in between the teeth than it does

anywhere else on the tube so the

statement just to be clear with

everybody that you don't need to flash

your teeth anymore it's actually a myth

we're on page with this how often should

we floss the american dental association

says you should floss once a day

uh for me i recommend flossing after

dinner because saliva

which is your best friend in protecting

yourself from dental decay

is uh at its lowest concentrations when

you sleep

so by removing that bacteria before you

go to sleep

is the most important thing to do you

floss it knife mystery yes

i i do i fast every day and night well

actually she's talking about t can i may

i see your teeth we took a picture of it

okay yeah reveal the teeth there she is

they're her teeth a beautiful smile

but i feel like we need another hint

give us something else what else do you


all right well i'm on a reality show oh

i'm on a hit reality show even better i

hit reality lots of drama

which reality show are you on but that

has a lot of drama

audience any guesses just yell out

oh there's some housewives fans out

there a couple other things all right


we're getting closer maybe we'll give it

thank you very much in the meantime take

a look

at number four on our countdown


that's a little nice when you crack it

no i feel like you're gonna break your


you gotta love doing that masked mystery

gift you crack your knuckles i

am so guilty i do it all the time so

what do you think cracking your knuckles

is a problem

well i hope not all right come on over

let's get cracking on this myth

see what i did there yeah cracking on

this man i got you yeah

okay so here we are with the hand which

is the most cracked joint of the body

it's the knuckle most of us go crack

like that all right so

let's go inside the knuckle when you

crack your knuckle there are bubbles

actually that are in there when you pull

on it

you release from that synovial fluid in

our joints the bubbles see them they're

popping they

and so it's not the bones cracking it's

not the joint the

cartilage cracking it's the noise made

when gas bubbles burst

so it's just like bubble wrap right oh

look at this

you like this sensation see like this

gives you a certain satisfaction

everyone likes this everyone likes this

all right study shirt oh she's gonna

fall so you show that knuckle crackers

have the same function the same range

as everybody else it doesn't actually

hurt your joints at all what really

causes problems with your joints

is wear and tear because you're doing

things that aren't good for your joints

so you almost always have pain

in that case so if you crack your

knuckles you're not getting pain it's

not a problem so

the unmask this medical belief let me

give it milk clear cracking your


creating arthritis it's a myth it's not


yes that's good this is good news now

the audience is getting anxious to find

out who you are so before you go

to break are you okay revealing your


here is my voice am i am i giving you a

good clue

looking for accents subtlety what states

she from think about it

up next can spicy foods give you an

ulcer i've got the spicy food challenge

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plus just who's under this mask stick