How to Type the Divide Symbol : Basic Computer Skills

hi my name is Brian and this is how to

type the divide symbol now apart from

the regular keys on the keyboard and

these sub keys on your keyboard which

you can access by holding down shift

there's also a number of different

option keys and symbols that you can

type just using your keyboard and one of

those symbols is the divide symbol so in

order to type that on a Mac all you have

to do is hold down option and then hit

forward slash and then I get a divided

symbol on a PC it's a little different

you have to hold down alt and then type

0 2 4 7 on the keypad now there are many

different options that you can select

there's many different symbols that you

can type out and there's a list of them

at this website symbol codes alt dot PSU

edu you can see all sorts of symbols

there's foreign language symbols it's

currency symbols there's math symbols

and they're all different for PCs and

Macs so be sure to select the correct