How to Check on Ebenefits VA Disability ratings (Vets)....

hey what's up to all the veterans out

there and today

thank you for your service and today i'm

gonna show you how to check

the disability ratings the pie the


okay to see where you're at so first

thing first you're gonna log into even

if it's dot

v dot

then you log in boom scroll up

you see this box right here check him


and then you log in so

my ds login okay

and and then it'll bring you up to this


then hit continue


all right

okay so now what you want to do

is click the dashboard okay

click the dashboard and then you're

gonna click

on your left hand side look for


okay you'll come up all right

give it a second right there

so that's the the circle so right now

i'm at 50 percent

and down below it's your what you're

rated for

for your disabilities okay

right there and then some pending


right there all right

easy peasy lemon squeezy