What Does The Secretary of the Treasury Do?

minute NPA what does the Secretary of

the Treasury do one he advises the

president as a member of the cabinet the

secretary advises POTUS on financial

policy in areas like trade taxation

borrowing and lending this is important

practice because if the president

vice-president Speaker of the House

President of the Senate and Secretary of

State all spontaneously combusted you'd

be looking at the new commander-in-chief

- he balances one of the world's largest

checkbooks the secretary is responsible

for keeping all accounts in good

standing with the largest holders of US

debt China will be one point 170

trillion dollars in Japan holding 1.1

trillion the Treasury pays for its debt

by issuing fancy interest earning IOUs

like securities and savings bonds 3 he

makes money literally the US Mint does

the printing but the Treasury secretary

is the one who decides when and how much

to print last year 974 million dollars

in new greenbacks were printed 95

percent of which replaced worn-out

overly faded bills heading into

retirement for he enforces the law like

a boss in addition to your standard tax

evaders the Treasury also goes after

counterfeiters and forgers with a squad

of elite crime fighters the Secret

Service and hey if you're ever in the

market for a gently used g5 the Treasury

holds auctions of government seized

property throughout the year 5 he kicks

other countries where it counts the

pocketbook went to Cuba North Korea

Zimbabwe Lebanon and Belarus all have in

common they and 11 other nations are

currently under economic sanctions by

the US Department of the Treasury

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